2004 Saturn ION Level 2 2.2 gas from North America


Cheap, good on gas, and that's about it


The wiring in the driver's door broke, causing the windows to go down but not back up. Fixed at home, rear window and power lock are now not working.

Clutch switch (used to start the car by pushing the clutch all the way in) is temperamental. Sometimes takes 5-6 tries to get the car to start.

Suspension system constantly makes groaning and squeaking noises, despite having new parts. The windshield wiper arm snapped during a cold winter storm (not fun).

General Comments:

Overall this car has been reliable. The major components (engine transmission, etc.) have been very reliable. It gets good gas mileage and has decent power. However, the build quality is quite poor.

As mentioned in other reviews, the seats stain with just water being spilled on them, system components (wiring, HVAC controls) are very cheap and prone to break.

This was the only car that I could afford at the time (wonder why), but it gets me from point A to B. It is definitely nothing to brag about. Proceed with caution if you are looking into one of these. They look nice, but can empty your wallet quite quickly with constant problems.

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Review Date: 8th March, 2015

2004 Saturn ION 2 gas from North America


The worst car I have ever had!


I know this car has some high mileage on it, but I have had so many problems with it. The biggest problem is it won't start ever! It is very unreliable. Cold weather or extremely hot weather, it doesn't matter. I have replaced the wheel bearings, fuel filters & ignition switch. There was only one other owner besides myself, & he had many problems as well from the get go! I would never buy another one!

General Comments:

The seats rip and stain easily. It never starts, & is very unreliable!

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Review Date: 7th July, 2011

8th Jul 2011, 01:57

Well it must have started sometime to get to 150K miles.

2004 Saturn ION 1.3 from North America


Saturn needs to recall the starting issue


I would never buy this car again, and suggest no one else do either.

The power steering went. I spent 450 dollars to get it fixed. It got recalled a month later, but I didn't get my money back from Saturn.

My car randomly won't start in hot or cold weather.

It's an unreliable car. Saturn needs to do a RECALL. So many people are having the same problem and taking it to numerous car shops and never figuring out the issue is a pain! It's a cute car, but not reliable!

General Comments:

The car would be great if it would always start! RECALL!

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Review Date: 30th March, 2011

2004 Saturn ION from North America


I do not live in cold weather, and my 2004 Saturn Ion at totally random times will not start. If I leave the car and come back later, it will start right up.

Other than the occasional not starting, the car runs fine. This is very frustrating, and since it only does it at random, it's kind of hard to take it somewhere and get any answers.

This has to be some kind of defect in this model of car; way too many of the same complaints on this issue.

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Review Date: 23rd February, 2011

2004 Saturn ION 2 2.2 from North America


I love it


My ION2 is a great car.

I love everything about it, but within the last year, the front turn signals have stopped working.

I would love to know if anyone else has had this problem and how they fixed it? I have been told it was a DRL jumper kit any ideas please help.

General Comments:

I love the power and handling of my car, and it goes when you want it to.

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Review Date: 15th February, 2011

2004 Saturn ION 3 2.0 from North America


Great for first 6 years / 135000 miles


It has been a good car until last year when it would not start in cold weather. Like some others that had starting problems, it happened in cold weather when outside overnight, but never when in garage. It makes a partial crank, but is like the crank is stuck. Replaced starter with no change in occasional starting issues. Jumping does not help and the battery is new. After waiting it out and trying over and over, it will start and then run rough and immediately stall. After that, I try a few more times and eventually it starts rough, but finally runs OK, and no problem after that.

I can start consistently in the garage, and even when outside, but occasionally, it will fail to start when it is not all that cold and the car was parked outside. It always tries to crank and if I push car in gear, engine turns. It seems like valves are stuck closed and the starter cannot crank against pressure locked cylinders. Any more clues?

I like the car and wanted to keep it another year, but working out of town occasionally gets scary when you can't depend on it starting. Been lucky so far, and only needed to challenge the battery for 15 minutes before it starts on 3rd or 4th crank that actually cranks.

General Comments:

The car has been economical overall, and runs well almost all of the time except when the cold start problem issue exists.

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Review Date: 4th February, 2011

14th Sep 2011, 20:48

You had 135,000 trouble-free miles (6 years) and now you get a problem... so it becomes "the worst car you ever had"???

18th Nov 2011, 11:52

Yes!! I wondered what the deal was. I replaced the battery & starter. I had a mechanic check the sensors. Nothing. For whatever reason, the car does not want to start when the temp is below 32. I realize it has what is considered high mileage for an American car, 112,000. But I sold my Ford Ranger, with 262,000 miles, to get this car. As a single mom, I really expected more from a GM car!