1997 Saturn SC 1 1.9 liter 4 cylinder from North America


This is a durable, reliable, and economical vehicle


Nothing so far for me.

When I bought it, it had:

Torn headliner.

Stereo failed.

Rust spots on hood.

Window column's black paint is chipping.

No mechanical problems.

General Comments:

This is my first car. I bought it for $1200 from my uncle. He was the first owner, and he bought it new. When he purchased this car, he got free oil changes for the entire life of the car every 3,000 miles. I live in Northern Indiana, around the Notre Dame campus. In my area, we have very harsh winters on cars. I got it from St. Louis. My stepdad is a mechanic, and he said he had never seen a car in that good of shape mechanically in correlation to its age. The car gets great fuel economy. I am averaging 27-30 MPG in the city. Do not use the performance button; it wastes gas!

My headliner is ripped, because my uncle was moving with the car, and some of his furniture ripped the headliner and the felt on the sun visor. The black paint on the window column's (the part that connects the body to the roof) paint is chipping (this is pretty common on GM cars, especially the Pontiac Sunfire). I also have some minor rust spots on my hood from extensive highway driving and the rock chips that go with it. The factory stereo failed, and my aunt replaced it with a Kenwood aftermarket stereo for my uncle's birthday.

The car has never had mechanical problems. It has gotten an oil change and tune up every 3,000 miles. The people who complain about mechanical problems on this car are the ones that abuse it. If taken care of, it can last forever. Thanks for reading!

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Review Date: 10th March, 2013

1997 Saturn SC 2 1.9 liter twin cam from North America


Wish I had kept walking


Valve cover and valve gasket replaced at 118,590.

PVC replaced at 119,000.

Battery, belt, tensor, starter at 122,000.

Alternator at 124,770.

Brakes at 125,500.

Valve cover and gasket at 126,000.

Radiator at 130,600.

Radiator at 131,000.

Starter at 133,650.

The valve cover and gasket have been replaced, but less than 10,000 miles later, it's leaking oil, and I've been told it's the valve cover.

Not going to spend another 200 dollars for another valve cover.

First a new radiator was bad; replaced under warranty. CD player stopped working, and the sunroof stopped working, causing water to leak into the car.

Power doors stop working, air has stop working, and just found out that the mileage on the car is not correct, and the last owner told me, and I asked, and was sure it was correct when I purchased it.

General Comments:

I really don't have anything to say nice about the car, other than it still looks nice.

Rattles too much.

Okay on gas; about 17.5 city and about 22 on the highway, and I don't drive fast.

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Review Date: 20th July, 2011

1997 Saturn SC 1 1.9L from North America


One by one, this car drains your savings


I have replaced within 4000 miles:

Inner tie rod.

Outer tie rod.

Outer tie rod.

Fuel injector.

Fuel injector.

Spark plugs.

Spark plug wires.

Oxygen sensor.

Four new tires.


Fuel pump.


Motored the rotors.

Replaced a rim.


Oil change.

Oil filter.

Fuel filter.

Air filter.

Stainless steel muffler.

Motor mount.

Replaced parts of the muffler where it was leaking.

There's still more, I have a master list waiting for when I sell the car, hoping someone sees the list, and thinks the car is half decent, so I don't take as big of a loss on it.

General Comments:

I bought this car in June 2010.

In July 2010 alone, I had spent 800 dollars in repairs.

It is now December 2010, and I have spent 2600 dollars on this car.

The interior is nice, and the car is attractive, but that is about it.

Has left me stranded twice in 5 months.

Costs far more than it's worth.

The repairs don't stop. One by one, something else goes wrong.

I also would not recommend this car to anyone who drives in snow. The car slides and spins even with brand new grade A tires.

Hydroplanes badly too in the rain.

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Review Date: 10th December, 2010