2001 Saturn SC SC2 1.9 from North America


I will never buy an American car again


This car seems to have fell apart recently. The car was going smooth with the normal maintenance until this year when all hell has broken loose. The radiator has cracked, all of my bushings need to be replaced, the motor mounts collapsed, needed new breaks, and it just feels rickety if that's a good word. While I drive it it really feels like it's going to fall apart.

General Comments:

I don't like this car. I had a 1994 Saturn SL2 before this and it ran like a champ and still felt quality after 180k miles. This car feels like it's going to die at 70k. Saturn has started to use really cheap materials and the cars just don't feel like they used to. This seems like every American car as of late and my next purchase will either be a Honda or a VW.

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Review Date: 14th December, 2005

15th Dec 2005, 07:57

I'm a big Saturn fan, but I sympathize with your experience. Lots of owners who previously had early models (like your '94) had more problems with later model years. I would encourage you to make the repairs to your current car... once corrected (and none of those repairs are THAT expensive) you will be happy to own it again.

As for trading it in on a Honda or VW--stay as far away from VW as possible. They are more trouble-prone and cost a mint to repair. Honda would be a better choice.

15th Dec 2005, 10:58

Please do your research on VWs before you buy. it could be even worse than this saturn...

12th Jun 2008, 23:09

I've had no problems yet, it's only been about a month. The only thing is, this car REALLY needs a rear windshield wiper!

7th Aug 2009, 13:34

I recently bought a 2000 model SC1 and it has tinted windows... I have close to zero rear visibility. I think I'd be blind with a rear wiper going as well.

27th Apr 2010, 00:33

Rear window wiper is a definite MUST, rain or snow, but I got a solution :) RAIN-X. It makes a good difference.

15th Aug 2013, 17:01

I agree about the Jetta advice. I had one, a 98. Love my 2001 SC2, which I bought two years ago.

2001 Saturn SC from North America


I love it.


Idles really roughly. Back seats not very comfortable.

General Comments:

A very nice comfortable ride if you happen to be in the front seat.

It rides smoothly, but tends to shake a little at red lights.

This is my first car and so far it's been really reliable and good on gas mileage, which is a must here in Florida!

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Review Date: 1st November, 2005

2001 Saturn SC SC2 1.6L DOHC from North America


Anyone wanna dream car?


The car has so far "knocking on wood" been great. No severe problems yet.

Slight leak on drivers side front door, but not bad enough to cause any major discomfort or awkward situations.

General Comments:

This car was definitely built to perform in a similar fashion to it's sporty looks. Handles great, and good pick-up.

Gas mileage is good, best on the highway where I am set at some point in the future to attempt 400 miles on one tank of gas. Have already made 215 on slightly less than half the tank. Will be happy to achieve 300-350 though.

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Review Date: 17th December, 2004

1st Nov 2005, 17:10


I have a 2000 SC2 and think it's a pretty good car. I bought it brand new. However, the gas mileage I get isn't nearly as good as people say theirs is.

I only get about 200 miles to a tank of gas... which to me isn't very good especially since it's suppose to get 36-38 miles on the freeway.

Any suggestions for me?

Thank you.

2001 Saturn SC SC2 1.9L 4 cylinder from North America


Reliable daily driver, not a racer


Front rotors had to be replaced.

Coolant temperature sensor was fouled.

General Comments:

Other than a few very cheap repairs, I have had no serious problems with this car.

Regular maintenance is what it takes. I have changed the oil every 3k miles and have had to clean out the throttle body once, and replaced the engine cooling temperature sensor once.

Other than those few normal items, nothing at all has gone wrong with this high mileage car. It still gets about 30-35mpg on a regular basis.

If you are looking for a street racer, this is not a car for you though, it has very slow acceleration and doesn't really kick in any power until at least 3500RPM.

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Review Date: 15th June, 2004