2002 Saturn VUE AWD V6 3.0 from North America


An unsafe SUV. A true LEMON!


1. Noise from the Front End.

2. Water coming in from the AC into the passenger side.

3. Corrosion on the roof.

4. Gas gauge stopped working.

5. Engine misfires at start up.

6. Transmission downshift roughly on "stop and go" driving.

7. Strong noise is HEARD and FELT on the steering wheel as you turn to a sharp left.

8. Sun-visor does not move up sufficiently to allow you to see the road clearly.

General Comments:

Most of the problems I have reported to Saturn still remain unfixed.

The Front End noise worries me to the point that I will not let my wife drive this car.

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Review Date: 20th February, 2003

30th Apr 2003, 23:04

I have had all the same problems. I have a 2002 AWD6.. I believe the Vue is a LEMON...

10th May 2003, 18:18

The sun-visor clips need to be replaced. Early VUEs clips did not allow enough range of motion and have been changed. The dealer will replace them for free if you ask.

The front end noise sounds like the famous strut problem. I have had mine replaced under warranty no charge. Visit and read the forums at www.edmunds.com (Town Hall) for additional VUE problems/solutions.

I have a 2002 VUE that was built in February 2002, and have had my share of problems. I can say after repeated trips to the dealership, most of them have finally been resolved at no cost to me. Remember there is always the 800 number to assist you with getting problems resolved.

All of that being said, I agree, the VUE was not developed as well as it could have been, and I will not recommend the vehicle to people.

2002 Saturn VUE FWD 2.2 from North America


A thinking man's SUV is spelled V-U-E


There were no problems at all until the VUE reached about 5,000 miles. At that time we began to hear a strange noise on the driver's side front of the chassis. The dealer said that the factory failed to put the grease in the strut area properly and corrected it.

It took two trips to the only dealer in the Oklahoma City metro area to get it fixed.

The next problem ocurred shortly thereafter when the windshield seemed to rattle going down the road. This time the dealership corrected the noise in one trip; they installed some padding between the "A" pillars and the windshield. Primitive, but, its worked fine.

General Comments:

After being "burned" by a Chrysler product 21-years ago I had sworn off new cars, especially domestic ones. Thus far I am very satisfied with this Saturn.

We bought this VUE without haggling and with a lot of options (I've had a harder time buying a television set).

Yes, I checked out Honda, Nissan, Geo, KIA, Suzuki, Mazda and Ford vehicles similar to the VUE. When you added on the more luxurious items the competition usually soared over the $18,000 mark. We paid $16,500 for our VUE loaded with creature comforts.

This "SUV" averages between 20 - 30 mpg in a variety of driving conditions.

It doesn't accelerate like an old Trans Am, but it handles better than they did, and you don't feel like your depleting the earth of natural resources when you drive it.

Frankly, I like unusual cars and I am glad no one else has discovered how much of a bargain the Saturn VUE really is!

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Review Date: 13th February, 2003

29th Sep 2009, 12:21

I am considering buying a used 2001 Vue with 46,000 miles on it thus far for a decent offer... however, I am wary about all of the negative comments read thus far. Your review seems unbiased and pretty trustworthy... what is your personal opinion?

29th Sep 2009, 18:12

You can basically expect to have to replace the wheel bearings and sway bar link bushings by the 50,000 mile mark. If you're looking at a car of this age, maybe the previous owner has already done it. The good news is that GM apparently cut corners on the factory parts, but once they wear out by 35,000 miles, the aftermarket replacements actually seem to be durable.

You can also expect the hazard flasher button to fall into the dashboard, unless the original owner had it fixed under the recall, and most likely the sun visor will fall off at around 100,000 miles.

Your alternator will probably also need replacing by 85,000 miles.

And the big one --- the CVT transmission is a gamble. The complaints are all true. Be gentle with it, and get all the manufacturer's recommended maintenance done religiously, and you might be okay, but it will always be hanging over you: Is this the day it goes?

My wife bought one before we were married -- she babied it, drove it carefully, had it serviced on time, kept records, and had all those problems except thankfully the transmission is okay as yet. She has managed to put 117,000 miles on it, which makes her far luckier than most. However, getting to that point has made this thing a money pit that makes her swear no Saturn ever again.

Bottom line: no matter if you are being offered a marginally good deal (a couple thousand off Kelley Blue Book), this will not be an inexpensive, cheap to run daily driver.

30th Sep 2009, 11:45

"soared over the $18,000"...

Wow! $18,000 was a lot for an SUV just six years ago?

What can you buy today for that?

30th Sep 2009, 18:48

"Wow! $18,000 was a lot for an SUV just six years ago?

What can you buy today for that?"

A fully loaded Honda Civic. SUV prices have sky rocketed. You won't find a good SUV for anything less than $25,000 unless you're buying used.