1995 Toyota 4Runner SR5 3.0 V6 from North America


The ultimate Sport Utility


I have had to replace the head gaskets and the occasional tune up, brakes, etc... The head gasket blew at 143,000 miles and the radiator went out at 145,000 miles.

General Comments:

I love my Toyota 4-Runner!!! If I had a chance to buy a 4 wheel drive I would. Mine is just a 2 Wheel Drive and gets arounds great in the snow, mud, and rain here just fine.

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Review Date: 4th November, 2002

1995 Toyota 4Runner SR5 3.0V6 from North America


Expensive Toy and severally underpowered


The head gasket blew about 600 miles after I purchased it. After a long argument with "no-name" dealership they agreed to paying the repairs.

One year later I'm having the same problem. I'm obviously out of the warranty period and will have to cover the repairs myself and it will be expensive.

There is also a oil leak through the rear section of the block.

There is slight rust on the rear window.

I'm having electrical problems. It seems to be a sensor or the alternator, the voltage drops when there is more loads.

The steering/suspension makes a screeching noise when turned to it's maximum.

The console close to the transmission shifter gets hot. So does the area close to the gas pedal.

General Comments:

There is definitely a problem with the head/head-gasket in this engine, a bad design in my opinion.

The gas mileage is horrible, for the lack of power.

The leg room is not good, especially in the rear set.

They seem to hold their price very good. I hope I can sell it without loosing to much on it.

Definitely to expensive to maintain.

I recall the TV ads that mentioned Toyota's would run for 200000+ miles, not true in my case.

I'm truely disappointed with the overall experience.

Cargo space is good.

Looks are very good.

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Review Date: 23rd August, 2002

22nd Mar 2005, 06:03

Hi sounds like you had a bad experiance with this truck. did the hiundi have as many problems?

1995 Toyota 4Runner 2.4 from North America


Reliable, fine machine, unfortunately rusty


Electrical rear window arms rusted and had to be replaced, expensive.

Electrical rear window motor stiff when cold, most of the time not working when cold, and this is the only way to open the rear door, so you live it close all winter, too expensive to replace.

Rear window wiper not very efficient. Spring had to be adjusted to wipe properly on the window, but still not efficient.

Rear door rusted on top where it joins with the window. Sanded, fixed with putty and repainted.

Rear door window rubber lip torn and not sealing properly, filling the rear door with water and sand, had to replaced the seal.

Muffler tubing connector came loose.

Front fender both rusted out, had to be replaced.

Rust starts to show behind rear doors and at bottom of rear doors.

Rear bumper rusted, chrome peeled off completely.

Front left outboard constant velocity joint boot replaced.

Rear axle leak, replaced the seal.

Start switch broke, had to replace it.

Both doors key locks broke, had to replace.

Enable to remove the stowe spare tire, had to cut the wire. Cut the bolt and removed the assembly, cleaned, sand blasted, repack with grease and re bolted on.

General Comments:

I live in north Canada, cold in winter and salty road to melt the snow so when you have a Toyota, rust eat it like hell. The truck runs great even at minus 30 weather, starts every time.

4X4 is excellent, driving is very smooth, even out in the bush.

The rust on this vehicle is it's worst enemy, a real turn off. You have to treat it with anti rust special oil at least twice a year and treat the rust spot right away. Specially inside the doors. Even the dealer tells you to oil the rear door twice a year.

The dealer has good service.

Gas millage is very good with the 4 cylinder 5 speed manual. Very dependable engine. Some people find it not very strong, but I drive it slowly anyway.

Overall if it would not be the rust, it is a fine vehicle.

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Review Date: 8th April, 2002

27th Jul 2010, 17:23

I know what you mean by rust eating it like hell. I've got a 94 Toyota pick-up, which is the same as the 4runner, and the frame looks like Swiss cheese... except for rust, this truck is indestructible.