1997 Toyota 4Runner Base 2.7 from North America


Great all around vehicle!


Right after purchase, the starter went out. Nothing else has gone wrong with vehicle.

General Comments:

We bought this Toyota because of their reputation for being bullet proof.

The ride is nice, but the cabin is a little narrow. Other than that, the 4runner is a great vehicle.

It runs and drives great!

It has the 2.4 4 cylinder with a five speed. I wouldn't recommend buying one equipped with an automatic behind the 4 cylinder. It will be a little under powered.

It does 18.5 miles to the gallon driving in town.

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Review Date: 13th February, 2012

1997 Toyota 4Runner SR5 3.4 from North America


Very good compared to others


I bought my 4Runner knowing the rear window and wiper did not work. Other than this issue, the 4Runner works fine.

Toyota automatic transmission's seem to be a far better tranny than other manufacturer's. One simple reason is the fact Toyota puts a drain plug on the tranny pan, which makes it a lot easier to drain the oil, which keeps the oil cleaner, thus extending the life of the clutches, which usually wear out prematurely if the tranny oil is not changed.

My only complaint now is I cannot find the fuse that regulates the power to the window switch and rear wiper switch. Toyota 4 & 6 cylinder motors in the automatics are a little sluggish first starting out, in the 4x4 models. They lack low bottom end torque in high range.

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Review Date: 21st July, 2011

1997 Toyota 4Runner Limited 3.4L V6 from North America


Best SUV on the market


Rear left E-brake trigger, and then fixed.

Clock died and fell, then fixed.

Driver's side support switch fell, and then fixed.

General Comments:

Straight up, I have been a Toyota lover since the beginning. Have had 4 different Toyota trucks, and a Celica and Corolla.

The 4runner since the beginning has been the best on and off-road. Does not feel like a small crappy SUV like the Ford Escape or Nissan Pathfinder.

Handles nicely, but at the same time feels like you're driving a truck.

Power was lacking a bit, but does have great throttle response. Investing in an intake is a good idea if you want a little more power. Or in my case a supercharger, which is insane.

This truck OFF-ROAD is so much better than any vehicle I have driven off-road, and will never fail.

Overall, favorite SUV ever.

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Review Date: 9th February, 2011

1997 Toyota 4Runner Limited from North America


I love my '97 4Runner


I broke the mast off the radio antenna in a car wash.

I backed into a storage pod, and knocked off a mud flap.

Leather on the driver's seat split on the side.

General Comments:

Every time I drive this 4Runner, I'm reminded how much I like it. The doors are easy to open. I don't have to step over a large obstacle to get in. The ignition is situated properly for someone with hand problems. This is all unimportant to the average driver, but can be a major hindrance for one with arthritis issues.

Other than routine maintenance like new tires, batteries, oil and other fluids, I have had no repair expenses in the 14 years I've owned this car. I'm not a high-mileage driver, just one who wants to feel safe and relatively comfortable. It rides like a truck, because it is built on a truck chassis.

I do not like the drink holders. Toyota has improved the placement. On the '97, they are in front of the clock, AC control, and air vents. Liquids fly out of their containers. After 14 years, this is a minor thing to dislike about a vehicle.

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Review Date: 21st December, 2010

1997 Toyota 4Runner SR5 4X4 3.4 V6 from North America


A good friend that's there for you


I bought it with a blown head gasket.

Since have replaced the head gasket and the U-Joints.

The brakes and alignment have both been done recently.

The following has been replaced.

Fuel pump.


Water pump.

Timing belt.

Axel seals.

Tie rod ends.

Fluids flushed, new hoses, tune up.

All of these things done by previous owner.

General Comments:

This SUV handles like a truck to me under my first impressions, but after reviewing other SUVs the handling is so much better, very precise steering and not a high amount of body roll for sitting so high.

The 3.4L engine seems underpowered at first, but you will find it hard to believe, but it behaves more like a sports car, power comes in really strong at higher rpms, low rpms are not bad even when towing, but the 3.4 comes alive above 4,000 rpm.

I am also impressed with the 4 wheel drive abilities, it tackles mild trails with ease.

It's not huge inside, but it's very comfortable and is amazing when driving in tight places with excellent turning radius, which makes backing in a trailer night and day difference.

I also love the rear power window, which also helps when backing in a trailer with limo tint windows at night.

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Review Date: 6th September, 2009