1997 Toyota 4Runner Base 2.4L 4 cylinder from North America


This vehicle is indestructible!


Throttle body replaced 30K miles under warranty.

Rear hatch shut stuck once.

Crankshaft pulley replaced at 235K miles.

Upstream O2 sensor came out of exhaust pipe.

No other problems.

Water pump and alternator replaced before failure as part of routine maintenance.

General Comments:

This car has been a great bargain. I specifically ordered the base model with 4 cylinder engine and manual transmission, no FWD, to avoid major repair problems.

The car has performed near flawlessly for almost 250K miles. I change oil every 4000 miles. It has made ten trips across the US, carrying two adults, a dog, and one or two grandkids in reasonable comfort, along with a load of luggage.

Additionally, we have pulled a 2000 lb. cargo trailer to several arts & crafts shows each year for the last ten years. It still has the original clutch. On trips, mileage averages about 23mpg, about 17mpg around town. Fuel mileage is about 17mpg pulling the trailer.

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Review Date: 6th September, 2009

1997 Toyota 4Runner SR5 3.4L from North America


Amazing vehicle, and I'm used to driving a Porsche 911!


Nothing ever actually went wrong with this car. I kept up with general maintenance, such as oil changes, air filter, brake pads, spark plugs, and timing belt and water pump.

Easy to roll over. It was totaled in a rollover off road a few weeks ago. Nobody was hurt though, it's a very safe car.

General Comments:

The 3.4L engine is light years ahead of the previous 3.0L. This engine seriously hauls, but also gets about 21MPG freeway. The engine is also pretty easy to work on and parts are relatively inexpensive.

This vehicle handles great off road. It turns on a dime and is very responsive. It's fairly comfortable too. I've done a few camping trips with the car and it's been great.

It was one of the nicest cars I've ever had, I'll probably be getting another one soon.

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Review Date: 4th April, 2009

1997 Toyota 4Runner SR5 2WD 3.4L from North America


Reliable and predictable


Replaced driver side wheel bearing and entire hub assembly. Previous owner welded the old bearing in place and didn't disclose the fact. The repair cost a lot more than just a wheel bearing replacement.

Replaced timing belt, tensioner and water pump - Part of scheduled maintenance.

Replaced battery, spark plugs and wires - Part of maintenance.

Need to replace oxygen sensor - Part of maintenance.

Front brake rotors are warping prematurely. Seems to be a regular problem with these trucks. My previous gen 4Runner had the same problem.

Vibration issues at highway speeds, most likely due to alignment. These trucks need to have an alignment done more frequently than most cars. But then again, they weigh almost twice as much as a regular car, so what can you expect.

General Comments:

The truck has been great overall. Compared to my previous Blazer, it has been very reliable and has never left me stranded.

Most of the repairs that I have had to make so far are part of the scheduled maintenance, many of which the previous owner neglected. One of the main things that I love about my 4Runner is the predictability of maintenance. Compared to the Blazer where various parts would just break randomly.

The cost of parts are little bit more expensive than a domestic vehicle. However, since you can plan for when the repairs need to be made, it's a worthwhile trade off.

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Review Date: 27th March, 2009

1997 Toyota 4Runner SR5 V6 from North America


An amazing well built SUV!!


Nothing major... usual wear and tear such as brakes, timing belt, battery, tires, etc...

General Comments:

Bought this car from a private owner in 1999 with 54K miles on it. It's 2009 and I have 230K+ miles on the car.

Never had any problems with the transmission or engine. Kept up with required maintenance, such as oil changes, tune ups, timing belt, etc.

It shifts as smooth as it did the first day I bought it. I still can't even tell the car is running while idling.. Amazing SUV!!

Other than the average wear and tear for a car of this mileage and years, it just keeps running!I am starting to smell a little oil now at this mileage, but if it were to quit running today, which I doubt it, I have gotten my money's worth and some.

Truly a well built SUV... you won't go wrong owning one.

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Review Date: 10th February, 2009