1997 Toyota 4Runner from North America


Great Yoda


Power Antenna and water pump (covered by ext warranty). I let the power antenna broken, but still receiving perfectly fine. Dealer wants to charge too much for it.. 60 just to remove the part.. : (

I have a SR5 auto. I am able to get roughly 26.5 on highway by driving solo (average 55 mpg). I have 95000 miles on it and running very strong.

General Comments:

Newer Toyota made from the US kinda sucks. I owned a newer Sienna and not quite happy with it. I would buy a Toyota, but imported model.

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Review Date: 30th December, 2006

1st Jan 2007, 19:05

Are you sure that you have more than 50 mpg?

Is your engine hybrid?

2nd Sep 2007, 13:22

I think he means 26.5 MPG @ 55MPH.

1997 Toyota 4Runner Limited 6 from North America


Worth every penny... and then some


I have had to replace the tire after 30000 miles, maily because the dealer put cheap BF Goodwrich tires on the vehicle. Replaced them with Goodyear radials.

Leather seats are cracking, especially on drivers side seat.

Engine light comes on because of the gas cap sensor, which means you will have to bring it into someone to reset the computer and buy a new gas cap. I've had to have it replaced twice in the past five years at a cost of $200 each time.

Hood latch catches and will not allow you to close the hood. I managed to get it closed by following the hood cable and to the firewall and gave it a tug to make it taunt again.

The rear hatch handle gets difficult to open. Just spray some WD40 in the inside of the handle and it will work again. Had to do this twice over the years.

General Comments:

I love this vehicle and would buy one again in a heartbeat. The engine has never needed work even after 125000 miles. Although I don't have the acceleration I would like, this SUV handles like a dream; I love the turning radius and ride. Often I travel cross country over several hundred miles at a time and never had any worries from the vehicle. The Toyota dealers always seem to get me in to the shop the next day and then have my vehicle back to me that same day. I am a larger man and have plenty of room in this car. I plan on having this vehicle until it dies and then will buy a Toyota again.

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Review Date: 18th May, 2006

9th Oct 2010, 11:44

You can buy your own scanner for 89 bucks.

1997 Toyota 4Runner 3.0 turbo diesel from Nicaragua


Very reliable SUV with very few needed improvements


Power steering seals had to be changed at 110,000 Km.

Steering rack ends had to be replaced at 110,000 Km.

Air conditioner evaporator had to be replaced at 185,000 Km.

Power antenna has had to be replaced 3 times.

Airbag steering sensor had to be replaced at 130,000 Km.

Starter had to be repaired at 190,000 Km.

General Comments:

It does not have a pollen/dust filter, so a noticeable amount of dust enters the cabin when traveling dusty roads.

Too much engine noise enters the cabin.

Suspension is a little too firm, yet the rear suspension bottoms up too easily.

The engine is fast for a diesel, very durable, and very reliable.

The transmission is very solid, even after 7 years it is still like new.

Fuel economy is good, 38Km per gallon in combined cycle.

Useful third row seat for emergencies with kids.

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Review Date: 8th September, 2004

1997 Toyota 4Runner Base 2.4L 4 cylinder from North America


Best vehicle I've ever owned


Suspension Recall - Dealer Replaced

Shocks - replaced under warranty

Power Antenna has broken twice.

General Comments:

Best vehicle I've ever owned.

Seats are uncomfortable, but it is the base model. SR5 had more comfortable seats, but I didn't pay the extra.

Power Antenna breaks every 3 years (irritating and bad design) Uses a monofeliment belt which gets brittle with age. $200 to replace. Must remove right fender to get to unit.

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Review Date: 14th April, 2004