1997 Toyota 4Runner SR5 from North America


A good looking vehicle that performs nicely


The power antennae became stripped and would not go up or down. We purchased a new antenna and changed it out ourselves. It now works fine.

The water pump recently developed a leak and is leaving a puddle of coolant everywhere we go. It is getting replaced at a dealership to a tune of $500.

General Comments:

I always considered the Toyota 4-runner my ideal car. I like the bodystyle and the vehicle clearance makes it ideal for off-road.

The lumbar support has very limited adjustment, which makes long trips uncomfortable.

The seat belts do not retract and are always getting caught in the door when shut.

The 4-runner can turn on a dime and is great for maneuvering out of tight spots.

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Review Date: 21st January, 2003

1997 Toyota 4Runner Limited V6 from North America


A bumpy, expensive ride


Sunroof constantly leaked and had to be repaired every 5 months. Had to be completely replaced, along with the roof lining once because of mildew.

Have had to replace shocks twice a year for the past three years, and have also had to replace struts multiple times.

The CD 3-disc changer has broken and had to be replaced twice.

General Comments:

Extremely uncomfortable ride. Does not absorb even normal road bumps.

Cup holder very inconvenient. Drinks spill with minor bumps, and block view of clock in dash.

Looks nice from the outside.

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Review Date: 18th December, 2002

10th Dec 2003, 18:23

Good grief Charlie Brown! There should be no reason to replace shocks on a 4-Runner twice a year. You are either getting scammed, using ultra cheap shocks, or you live on the moon. Quit messing around and put Bilstein shocks in that rig. I put them in my '95 when the stock ones wore out and have been a happy camper ever since.

3rd Jun 2005, 21:58

You complain about the ride being bumpy a lot of that has to deal with your tires. Maybe you should put some Continental or Perrelli tires on it. On any car you shouldn't have to change the shocks no more that maybe twice through out the vehicles life time, and if it's 4x4 it will ride a little bit more stiff.

4th Nov 2006, 04:04

You probably are not a 4x4 fan. Maybe you have to quit and stick to salon cars. Changing shocks once a year means you are just driving hard in some remote part of Africa, Shocks are ment to last so watch your driving style.

30th Dec 2006, 20:24

I am still using the stock shock and perfectly fine. I do not even see any obvious wear and tear by the shock. You definitely being scammed or you are not suitable for SUV. Even cheap shocks will last you a long long time.

18th Feb 2009, 21:01

I had a sunroof on my old Corolla... if you read the sunroof manual, it tells you to get it serviced every now and then, because the drain tubes get plugged... I ripped out my headliner because of mildew, but it could have been avoided by shooting compressed air down the drain tubes... which are usually easy to get to in the front of the sunroof frame, but the ones in the back are tricky.

Hope that helps.

1997 Toyota 4Runner SR5 V6 from North America


The best mid-sized SUV


The only thing that has gone wrong the entire time I have owned this truck was the motor that makes the power antenna go up and down. I had it fixed right away where I bought the truck (not at a Toyota dealership), and it only cost me $70. Not bad for what it would have cost me at the dealership. They gave me an estimate of $300.00.

General Comments:

This truck handles well, both on and off road. It also handles nicely in the rain, which is more than I can say for the Ford Explorer. It has a very comfortable interior, large exterior mirrors, and impressive ride height. Women may find it hard to enter/exit from due to this, but side steps are an option. I bought this truck because of the reputation Toyota has for reliabilty and ruggedness. I expect to have at least 150,000 miles by the time I'm ready to sell it, and I don't expect any problems. Basically, all you need to do with these trucks is change the oil and put gas in them. Minor things might break, and they are not cheap, but it will outlast any American made SUV out there.

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Review Date: 28th September, 2002