1991 Toyota Camry DLX 2.0 4 cylinder from North America


Without words to describe this car


I have done all the work on this car. The previous owner was the original owner. He religiously maintained the car to the factory service schedule by a friend who was a retired Toyota mechanic with 25 years dealing with Toyotas. It was kept inside during the winter in the New England area. I don't see why, because he was so anal about the car's condition that he had the car sprayed with a very thick rubberized coating before it even left the dealer.

Since acquiring it from this gentlemen, I have used it during the winters in Maine. There is not an ounce of rust on it due to that undercoating. I have done all the work since I've had it. This consists of several sets of high quality tires, both front CV shafts, a high quality (no chain 3rd party brand) alternator, starter, distributor cap, plugs, and wires. I have religiously changed the oil as well using Mobil 1 Synthetic.

I also have repaired the master cylinder and done a clutch job once in all the miles. It is the 5 speed version. I've cleaned it religiously at a car wash or my house frequently during the winter months. I also have replaced all 4 struts since I've had it.

All in told I paid $2000 originally for the car, and $1500 or so in parts in the 7 years I've owned it.

General Comments:

I absolutely loved this car. Notice I said loved. Unfortunately today, while it saved my life or at least prevented me from drastic injury, this wonderful car was totalled by an idiot in a new BMW going way too fast and not paying attention to the road, texting on his phone. I was t-boned at an intersection, I'm fine, but the car is beyond repair body wise. It's a sad, sad day. If I had kept up my level of maintenance, I bet this thing would have easily gone another 100,000 or more before needing an engine rebuild or even a check to see if it needed rebuilding. Anyone want some near perfect parts?

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Review Date: 8th October, 2013

9th Oct 2013, 18:23

I know your feeling about your Camry. I had 5 of them; a 1988, 2x 1990 (one 5-speed stick and one V6 auto) and 2x fully loaded LE 1991s. I totaled the 1990 5-speed in a big crash (the car flipped many times) in 2006 and walked away without a scratch too. I miss them; they were awesome, comfy and super reliable.

I now own 2x 2001 Camry 4 cylinders, and they are great as well, so I give you my recommendation for these models (2000-2001 are the best in my opinion).

1991 Toyota Camry Spirit 2.0L 3S-FE from Australia and New Zealand


Cheap reliable runabout


General wear and tear really:

Clutch fork broke.

Driver's seat badly worn.

Speedo dials bent.

Gearbox clunky.

Drive shafts rattly.

Water pump went about 340,000km.

Hand brake didn't work.

Burnt about 1 litre of oil per 1000km (oil rings worn).

General Comments:

Reliable car, goes well for its odometer reading. I sold it a couple of years ago when I bought a BA Falcon, and I wish I still had it.

I got at least 650km out of a tank, no matter how hard I drove it.

It wasn't quick, had below average stopping power, it under-steered like pig, but it was built like a tank.

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Review Date: 24th April, 2012

1991 Toyota Camry DX 2.0 liter / 3SFE from North America


Great car, and easy to work on


The original radiator started leaking about 160,000 miles.

Steering shaft u-joint wore out and started to bind. Dealership fixed for $325.00.

Broken wires in driver's door make power windows / locks not work occasionally.

Due me not adjusting the valve shims as recommended by Toyota, I had a burnt valve develop, and it needed a complete valve job. A machine shop did the head, but I did all the tear down and assembly myself at home. $350 for machine work and $300 for parts (new timing belt, water pump, idler bearings, head gasket, antifreeze, cap and rotor, spark plugs and wires).

A brake line rusted out due to living near Buffalo NY and salty roads. Again, fixed at home.

General Comments:

When the car developed a miss, and after realizing the #3 exhaust valve was bad, I put it in my garage and worked on it over winter. I really missed the good MPG with the Camry that our Impala did not give me.

It has the best transmission that I have ever driven in ANY car. With over 263,000 miles currently, it shifts solidly, although the engine was never very powerful in the first place, but it has no rattles or squeaks inside the car.

It burns a quart of oil every 1500 miles, but gives me 34-37 MPG in summer, so I can't complain.

It is just an easy driving and relaxing car to use on a daily basis.

Toyota did a great job on this Camry! I hope to at least take it over 300,000 miles, if not more.

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Review Date: 29th January, 2012

30th Jan 2012, 09:34

They don't make em like this anymore, this is when Toyota was in their prime.