1991 Toyota Camry DX I4 from North America




The radiator blew up at 270000 miles.

It is on its 3rd battery in the life of the car.

IFS rocker arm mounts went bad at 290000.

Power steering pump hose exploded at 296000.

General Comments:

This car has been in my family since new in 1991. My mom had it, and then my sister, and now me. It cureently has 297000 miles on it, ALL ORIGINAL! It even has the ORIGINAL calipers on the front. Everything on this car works. The seats are amazing; eazy to clean up. There is no rust, and the paint is not even faded. It has had 3 sets of brakes on it, and it is due for the 4th set. It gets great gas mileage; I average about 20mpg in the city and about 26 on the highway. It has an electronic transmission. I press the button, and it says "pwr" and it goes faster and revs the engine higher. I can say this is the most reliable car I have ever had. I just got back to Arizona, from Ohio; a 4700mile trip and it still runs like new.

My 2001 Explorer threw a rod at 96000 last year and I was the original owner. My sister now has a Prius; Toyota are amazing!

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Review Date: 3rd March, 2008

1991 Toyota Camry DX 2.2 from North America


One of the hall of fame used cars!


Replaced a battery and a headlight myself...

Many service items were dealt with by the previous owner in hopes of keeping the car for many more years, then his wife decided she really wanted a Jeep Cherokee!

Most importantly, the timing chain was replaced right before I purchased the vehicle.

General Comments:

The '89 - '91 Camry's are just about perfect cars, especially if they have been well-maintained. If not, there are plenty of used parts around and they are easy to work on.

I had the four cylinder and a 5-speed, would get up to 33 or 34 on the highway on trips; usually averaged about 26 - 28 mpg.

Just a great car and I only sold it because I was moving across the country.

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Review Date: 30th January, 2008

12th Mar 2010, 23:44

Had original 1991 DX 5sp man Camry sedan. Built like tank and only minor problems, rusty muffler after 5 years, wheel well rust after about 10. Got 34-35 mpg highway, mid-twenties in town.

Roomy enough for this single guy, and then newlywed. Smooth ride on OEM tires, replaced 4 years in with Michelins for better all-weather grip. Replaced crappy cassette/radio with a Sony. Very smooth and slick 5-speed stick, but wished it was a 6-speed. Firm and light body was very fun to toss through tight turns. Wished I had replaced original steering wheel with something a little thicker and more padded. Just wished that 2-liter had a little more muscle. About 115 horses I believe.

Only thing I would have changed (tried, but failed) was to have received the steering wheel aligned vertically when going straight. The wheel was canted to the right about 30 degrees when going straight at delivery. Had service techs attempt fix, but still had about 15 degrees canted afterwards. Just personal peeve.

1991 Toyota Camry Prominent V6 from Japan


Not so great car - maybe it was just old


The doors wouldn't open right. The windows also wouldn't close right. So had to get all those fixed.

General Comments:

I had to sell the car quickly before too many things went wrong.

It was also huge on gas - expected as it was V6 2.5 liters.

I recently bought a Toyota Spacio now - so I can feel the difference. I am thinking about getting a 4X4 in the near future.

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Review Date: 26th November, 2007

1991 Toyota Camry LE 2.0 V6 from North America


Money pit


I only owned it for 10 months, or 9,000 miles. During this time...

The hood latch broke. Couldn't go over 40mph without it flying up.

The power windows all went out.

The power locks all went out as well.

Tape deck broke.

Huge oil leak.

Torque converter failed.

Rotors had to be replaced, along with calipers.

There was a constant thumping in the steering wheel anytime I braked, and on a couple occasions, the car simply wouldn't stop (I thank the hand brake for my life - and all this was after extensive brake work).

Speedometer and odometer went out (so the 185k is an estimation).

Reverse gear stopped working.

Transmission had trouble shifting gears.. would slip shifting up into second and third.

The steering was very loose and unstable.. a lot of parts had to be replaced, with very little improvement.

The power steering went out on a regular basis.

The A/C went out.

General Comments:

Mechanically, this car was awful - it was one problem after another. I was extremely impressed with the interior and exterior, however - after 14 years, the body and paint looked brand new, and the interior was in stellar condition. So comfortable, too. There was ample room inside, and seemed well equipped.

The engine was great.. the V6 really had power, accelerated very quickly.. but it came with a price. Gas mileage was terrible! 18mpg.

I was expecting a lot more out of this car, as all I ever heard were rave reviews about Camrys.. but I sold it less than a year later, very disappointed.

It's possible that this was just a bad egg, or wasn't taken care of properly by the previous owner.. though that doesn't make much sense, considering all maintenance records were complete on the car, and the transmission had been replaced a couple years before.

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Review Date: 10th July, 2007

12th Jul 2007, 17:06

I'm no fan of Toyota, and I hate Camry's, but let's be fair. This thing was 15 years old, and it sounds like a Mexican biker gang had trashed the crap out of it. You can't blame wear and tear problems on a beat up old car that was never taken care of. Next time you'll be more careful when buying a used car.

27th Sep 2007, 22:34

I'm the original poster of the review. This was my first car. I bought it when I was 16, with the money I saved up working at a restaurant. To be honest, I didn't know any better, and didn't have much money to work with. My limit was $2,200.. Every car my father and I looked at in that price range was in very poor condition - over 200k miles, the body in terrible shape, an unreliable make or model (Geo, etc.), poor mechanical condition.. We spent months looking to no avail. So when we saw this car, it was like a godsend. We swooped in immediately. During the test drive it handled wonderfully, and as I mentioned, the interior/exterior were superb looking. I didn't think twice. We never bothered to get it checked out by a mechanic - my dad didn't think it was necessary, and I trusted him. Not to mention the excellent reputation of Camrys.. But the car just fell apart almost instantly after buying it.

Also - the maintenance records were complete, everything looked well taken care of. We didn't have much reason to doubt the car..

Anyhow, lesson learned. :)

Your first car is supposed to be a junker anyway. I've since moved on to bigger and better things.

27th Jul 2008, 01:04

There was a factory recall on all Camry's of that year saying the tape deck would short circuit and blow the electrical. which is why most had problems.