1993 Toyota Camry LE 2.2L 4 Cylinder from North America


The best car you'll ever have it is a masterpiece


Transmission went out at 96000 miles.

Power windows failed 86000.

Power locks failed 86000.

New shocks 77000 mile.

Extracting antenna failed twice in Alaska winter.

General Comments:

This car has lasted me years and I still plan to drive it it is very dependable. Very smooth to drive. Great on gas.

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Review Date: 23rd March, 2004

1993 Toyota Camry SLX 2.2 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


A fantastic and reliable car


Steering wheel became loose.

Air-Conditioning has failed many times.

Wheels weren't aligned properly which resulted in the tires wearing thin and then a massive blow out.

The upholstery is quite worn out.

General Comments:

Although it has been an amazingly reliable car, it is starting to show its age. The engine is quite noisy and the gearbox sometimes is clunky.

If the engine is cold, the car sometimes makes a grinding noise when it goes into third gear.

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Review Date: 29th December, 2003

22nd Feb 2005, 10:45

Poor wheel alignment and consequential tyre wear and blow-out CANNOT be blamed on the car, but rather on an owner that cares little for the car or for their safety.

1993 Toyota Camry GX 3.0 V6 from UK and Ireland


Luxury car at Ford Mondeo money


Air conditioning condenser leaking.

Wiper switch was broken when I got it.

I found one in a breakers yard.

Electric antenna mast doesn't go up all the way. About £35 for a new mast.

A bit of rust around RH rear wheelarch & windscreen top caused by poor accident repair & pattern windscreen being fitted.

General Comments:

Build quality is the best I've seen in a Japanese car.

Although the mileage is high, the engine & transmission are fine, neither using oil.

A bit unwieldy, but it is a large car primarily designed for the Americans. The estate is a rare sight in Britain & its exclusivity & twin rear wipers are very satisfying!

Secondhand parts are hard to find, new parts are pricey, but you have to pay for quality!

24mpg on a run, about 18mpg when towing my caravan. Ideal for towing despite being front wheel drive.

Engine doesn't use any oil, sophisticated transmission is very smooth.

I reckon that the build quality surpasses anything the Germans do & I would highly recommend the Camry, a very underrated car.

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Review Date: 7th November, 2003

1993 Toyota Camry LE 2.2 from North America


Bless you Toyota!


Severe engine oil leakage at 150,000 miles. $1200 to fix leaks.

Good quality oil became baked inside the engine, but never resulted in a problem...however, it's not normal. Engine discontinued after 2002 model.

General Comments:

Fantastic car overall. Absolutely no rattles or squeaks or buzz after 150 k miles. RELIABLE AS A STONE AX !

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Review Date: 7th June, 2003

1993 Toyota Camry LE 2.2 Four Cylinder from North America


This is a reliable, capable, comfortable family sedan that drives like new after 259,000 kms


The air conditioning unit was reconditioned at 170,000 kms.

The timing belt was replaced at 180,000kms, along with the water pump.

I had a problem with wheel alignment that wore out a new set of tires after only 40,000kms of use. I now have the alignment checked every 20-30,000 kms.

There have been no problems since with alignment.

The power antenna quit after it, s first winter. I now have a non-power version.

The center arm rest is wearing badly.

Small signs of rust on one wheel arch.

I got a new battery at 157,000 kms.

I use a Toyota deal to service the car. I have spent $4,000CAN. In maintenance costs over the 125,000 kms I have driven this car.

General Comments:

I travel 50,000 kms a year. This car has been fantastic. Unless it is full of people and going into a headwind it passes effortlessly on the highway and cruises comfortably and quietly. It gets 32mpg on the highway. It has only let me down once when the timing belt went. My fault I did not get in in quick enough. There was no engine damage at all when it went.

It looks great and I have total confidence in the car despite the high mileage. It's characteristics have not changed since I bought it. It is very stable at speed and is confidence inspiring when passing semi's on windy days in the rain.

I plan to replace it next year, but only because I like change and I think I want a sun roof. Also maybe a V6 for those passenger laden windy days. Then again, maybe I'll spend the money on other toys and drive it for another 125,000kms.

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Review Date: 3rd June, 2003

16th Feb 2004, 22:46

Good review. I have just purchased a 1993 Camry with only 111,000 Km. It is now 11 years old and is in pristine condition. Your review gives me confidence that I have made a good buying decision.

Oh, buy the way, my other car is a 1988 Camry wagon with 420,000 Km. It still refuses to burn oil after all those klics, but does have a little rust around the fenders.

16th Jan 2005, 09:11

Nice to see all the positive comments about the Camry, as I just purchased a 1993 Camry LE with 279,000kms due to the demise of our Subaru wagon. Even though it has quite a few kms on it, it still runs like a new car, is quiet, tight, and rust free. Whomever owned it previously (bought it at a used car dealer) looked after it and didn't let problems slide. I've owned Toyota's before, but nothing this new. Nice to see they've never lost their touch for quality!

19th Mar 2005, 13:20

Thank you for the good reviews, I bought a 93 Camry with 73,000 miles this morning for 3,000 US and after your comments I am happy with the purchase.

I chose this over a 97 Jetta largely because of the reviews on this site and Consumer Reports.

Thank you to the people who operate this site, Great Job!