1995 Toyota Camry LE from North America


With this milleages, this is still in good shape


- The "D" light in the dashboard is burned out.

- The power locks do not work except the driver side

- The power window on the rear driver side does not work, but can still be controlled from the driver control panel.

- Rust on the windshield rim causes leaking during rainy days

- Seats becomes less supportive, and no good for long hours drive. Back-breaking ride.

General Comments:

- I just hit 300,000 km, the car is still running quietly and smoothly

- I fixed the leaking problem, and have the rust proof to the body

- I even fixed the air conditioning

- The car is even more quiet with the air-conditioning on.

- I am expecting the car to run for another 200,000 km, as there are no major break down. I did have the radiator fixed before. Other than that, it is fine.

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Review Date: 25th October, 2006

1995 Toyota Camry LE Sport 3.0L V6 from North America


Legendary Toyota Reliability


Over the 9 years I had the car...

I replaced a CV Joint around 150000kms.

Brake Rotors once.

The power antenna a couple times because of ice burning out the motor.

I replaced the starter around 300000kms as the solenoid was sticking.

General Comments:

This was probably one of the most reliable cars ever built. It was the first car I'd ever owned from new, and the maintenance for it was probably the cheapest I'll ever have.

I was 16 when I got the car, and I abused it like most teenage boys would. Did you know a Camry can reach 130mph on the right stretch of highway? But the Camry took the abuse in stride and never let me down.

The last year I drove the car down muddy logging roads, spending most of its time sliding on it's undercarriage, other than a new bracket for the muffler, the car held up.

I feel bad for what I did to this car that looked after me so well, but it's a testament to Toyota quality after all that, and with the high mileage, I was still able to sell the car for $5000. (The down payment for a sorely needed truck)

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Review Date: 25th September, 2006

1995 Toyota Camry LX from North America




Every last thing that you could ever imagine. This car made me so depressed I couldn't begin to imagine a worse experience. This car is a complete lemon. And the customer service sucks. I had to replace the rotors and axle. Struts and the transmission, battery and starter. Hmmmm oh yes and the radio started to malfunction and play and an obnoxious level until I disconnected it completely. The dealer then tried to somehow blame the malfunction on me. This was a horrifying experience, stay away if you want to keep your sanity. Oh yeah an the moonroof stopped working as well.

General Comments:


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Review Date: 6th December, 2005

7th Dec 2005, 11:56

I can't really defend the dealer, but, come on, we're talking about a car with 112k-129k miles. Things will happen. Things will have to be replaced. And maybe the previous owner didn't take good care of it. You can't really blame a car with high mileage for not running quite as well as a 60k mileage car that's certified or whatever super-high standards you judged this older car by.

27th Nov 2009, 22:58

Thanks for an honest review. A very dear friend of mine was talked into buying a used Camry with 80,000 miles on it. In just a few months he was having nothing but trouble with everything on the car. Then the transmission went out (common for Camrys) and he was told that repairing it would cost $3000. His wife was sick and he was very short on money. He junked the Camry and paid virtually nothing for an old Chevy Celebrity wagon with over 200,000 miles on it. That old Chevy has performed flawlessly for 4 years. Toyota might once have built a car that came close to the Ford or GM cars of 20 years ago, but in the past decade they have built VERY unreliable vehicles, especially the poorly built Camry.

28th Nov 2009, 08:42

I saw poor dealer customer service, and the exact parts indicated. Imports do have issues, however flabbergasted that may seem to you.

3rd Mar 2010, 05:29

Sounds like you got ripped off by a crooked dealer selling you a lemon. This says more about the dealer than about the car. You'd be better off buying a 1 owner vehicle from a private party than buying ANYTHING used from a stealership, I mean dealership.

21st Sep 2010, 18:25

I had a Camry for four years and it never gave me as minute's bother in anyway shape or form. The only reason I traded it in, was to get a newer car. That's all!...I daresay my trade-in will still be making someone very happy.