1999 Toyota Camry CE from North America


A terrible investment in the worlds most reliable auto


After 10,000 miles the check engine light came on. The dealer said it was nothing to worry about. He cleared the computer and told me to drive on. The service engine light soon came back on in a matter of days. I returned to the dealer and he told me I may have put bad gas in. They told me to put dry gas in to take out any water or residue. Over the next 10000 miles the check engine light came on at least 10 times. The car would smell like a sewage plant. The dealer told me nothing was wrong as the computer codes would show everything OK. Finally the northeast area mechanical tech looked at my lemon. He said they were having a problem with the computer board and replaced it. The lemon began to stink soon after. As I now was just outside of the warranty I called toyota to register a grievance. I was told to go away. I traded the lemon for a honda and have been happy. About a month or so after getting rid of the lemon I recieved a letter from toyota. They said that their cars were having a problem with something called oil sludging. Apparantly for no reason the oil in the car would gel killing the engine. I did not have that problem becauseI got rid of mine due to other numerous problems. My toyota did not experience oil sludging rather only cesspool smell and warning lights galore. I wonder what toyota executives drive?I did enjoy the peppermint candy the dealer left after each and every service. They smelled better than my engine.

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Review Date: 18th July, 2004

30th Aug 2005, 06:43

Great review! Very funny. I am thinking whether to buy Honda or Toyota, I guess it's safer with Honda...

2nd Sep 2005, 13:14

I had a similar problem with the check engine light in my 19999 Camry. It first came on at around 50 miles and I brought it in and it was reset. This happened several times until I just decided to skip giving the Toyota dealer whatever he was charging to fix it. Recently I planned to sell my Camry so I brought it in to get the check engine light turned off one last time. Even though there is nothing wrong with the engine just telling a buyer not to worry about it is not an easy sell. This time with the computer that sets off the check engine light past its warranty I was told that the device was defective and could be changed for $840.00. I can not help thinking it was always defective.

1999 Toyota Camry CE 2.2L from North America


Mechanically problematic, I made a bad buy


I have a 1999 Camry purchased new. It has bad brakes. I have never had brake issues on any car I have owned. I have been through 3 sets of pads in less than 20,000 miles over 18 months. The dealer refuses to repair the brakes again for free even though the last set lasted only 11 months, two sets were replaced in the previous 18 months. The dealer has not been responsive. I had to start photographing the pads in the service bay to get them to repair the brakes under the original warranty the previous time.

The car has a smell like mildew if you run the vent with the Air Conditioning off.

It also gathers dings easily due to a very thin body.

The CD player has always skipped.

General Comments:

I usually run my cars for many years, my Caravan is 15 years old and I have done nearly all the maintenance. It runs like a top. I am seriously thinking of selling the Camry because it is faulty and the dealer will not cover any of the repairs.

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Review Date: 14th November, 2003

20th Aug 2004, 09:02

I agree with this one.

I have same 1999 that I bought at 51000 miles.

I took to the dealer for the engine check light for which he charged me 91 dollars and found nothing wrong with it.

Instead, he said that, there was water pump leak, and required the seals for the engine must be done, as well as the motor belts and the timing belt since it has 90000 miles on it.

He gave the cost for all these four items about $700.00 and when I went to pick it up after repair was done, he charged me $868.14 for it.

When I asked him to explain it, his reply was that, others charges are computer calculated charges.

How can you trust a dealer such like this one?

Do you have any suggestions, please?

Thank You.