1999 Toyota Camry Conquest 3.0L V6 from Australia and New Zealand


With excellent power, comfort, ride and reliability the V6 Camry is great to drive and superb value


I have replaced the fuse for the cigarette lighter once and the dealer fixed the lighter on another occasion due to some other problem.

General Comments:

The vehicle rightly earns the title of white goods on wheels, but I improved my Camry's looks with some simple inexpensive aftermarket items such as window tint and chrome wheel covers.

The dash layout and presentation also is unexciting, yet pleasant and functional with good quality materials used.

Interior space is very good for a medium to large car and seats are reasonably comfortable. Improved with some woolen seat covers. The cabin noise (or lack of) I feel is a tribute to the designers of a vehicle in this price range. I thought my 87 Magna was quiet, but in comparison the Camry is streets ahead.

Ride is exceptional, but handling is a little disappointing and could be improved with some minor sway issues when cornering.

Toyota seemed to have geared the Camry for low down torque and I believe the fuel economy for city driving has suffered for it. The fuel economy for highway driving using overdrive is very good. I have achieved 700 plus kilometres on a tank of fuel.

The power from the quiet mid-size V6 is brilliant, matched well to the relatively smooth auto gearbox. The engine is so quiet and its noise so insulated from the cabin that sometimes I wonder if the car is still running! This car absolutely sprints to town and highway speed limits.

After my previous vehicle the Camry is a pleasure to own and drive. With the proven Toyota reliability... I love it!

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Review Date: 4th October, 2003

1999 Toyota Camry LX from North America


Good Car, bad customer service


Check engine light comes on very frequently. Each time the dealer tells a different answer and it cost about 40$ each time. Extended warranty doesn't cover it. Even after the gas cap is turned tight, the problem exists. Sometimes it goes off automatically after driving about 1/2 tank. But I don't know whether I am spoiling car by doing that.

General Comments:

Little bit more description in the manual about frequently occurring problems and preventive measures would be appreciated.

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Review Date: 28th June, 2003

3rd Mar 2004, 17:44

The Check Engine Light is because the gas cap is too tight, not because it is too loose.

1999 Toyota Camry LE V6 from North America


Besides a Mark IV, the best car I ever owned


Persistent plastic buzz in sun visor slide extensions and at the top of the front seat belt assemblies where they connect to the inside of the pillars just aft of the front doors.

General Comments:

The car has many addictive qualities. You can't lock your keys in the car or forget about the exterior lights. (Totally automatic) 4 wheel disc's are phenomenal. Rear end hit by high speed vehicle was more than satisfactory. Damage barely noticeable though not cheap to fix by (their) insurance company. If Toyota keeps the quality at current levels or better, I'll buy them forever.

251K and it doesn't burn oil and gas mileage is the same as when new.(Close to the old VW bug on the highway) Starting to leak a little oil, but what machine lasts forever?

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Review Date: 7th June, 2003

5th Jan 2006, 15:03

Sounds like you've taken good care of your vehicle and also had good luck possibly too!! However, we all probably intrinsically know that good maintenance goes much further than luck towards the longevity and reliability of any vehicle. I just bought my first Camry, a 99 recently after much research and some consternation about the oil gelling problem and the mixed reviews here regarding their quality and reliability. I was fortunate to find one which had been meticulously cared for (complete with all records) so I took a chance. I will report on it here once I've had it long enough to have an opinion. 250,000 miles is great!!! My goal is to get 200,000 safe miles from all my vehicles. So far my pinnacle is 189,000 on a Taurus I just scrapped, but it was my fault as I procrastinated on a radiator problem and blew a head gasket so I had to scrap it. It probably would have made the 200 K mark.

My questions for you are: Since you did so well with your Camry, do you have any main tips or secrets for the rest of us?

Any suggestions on oil viscosity? Owner's manual prefers 5w30 but will 10w30 give longer engine life?

Thanks for the help and congratulations.

24th Aug 2010, 00:13

1) Use fully synthetic Mobil-1 oil and the best filter you can find every 5000 miles. "$30-50 to do your own oil-change?" Yes, absolutely. That's the BLOOD of your car. If you beat on your car, then use 15W-50 in the summer for better protection, although you will lose a couple mpg. In winter that oil is too thick, so go with 10W-30.

2) NEVER NEVER NEVER beat on your car or let it race when it's got a cold engine. 100 degrees in the summer just starting it up is STILL A COLD ENGINE relative to the normal operating temp it likes. Let it get to normal operating temp before giving it any real go or abuse. Cars run better if you drive them with some gusto. ("Grandma cars" always die with 60K miles on them.)

3) Luck. Sheer luck.