6th Dec 2007, 09:58

Have you heard any reviews of the new Camry? I've read quite a few from real people, not some yuppie San Fransisco 'auto journalist' who is in the tank for Japanese automakers. Try epinions; you'll find some pretty down to earth reviewers who say the new Camry actually has a pretty poor interior compared to the new Malibu and Honda Accord. Interior plastics were poor, and the transmission is horrible and can't make up its mind what to do, and the 4 cylinder engine is really weak. It sounds like a pretty lousy car to me.

6th Dec 2007, 15:25

I would like to add that the guy with the Dodge Ram with 261,000 miles was laughing at me when I had 240,000 miles on my Accord a year and a half ago. I am laughing because now the car is damn near to 300,000 miles and now I have passed you. So much about throwing up stuff about your Dodges. BTW. Chrysler is taking more spins than a whirly bird, so how could you recommend a new Dodge to anyone?

6th Dec 2007, 15:42

17:13 The difference is, that kind of mileage is common for a Toyota and extremely uncommon for any domestic.

6th Dec 2007, 15:44

Bad review can be found for almost any car if you look for them. The Camry always was and still is a far better car than the Big 3 have ever produced. Like it or not, believe it or not; makes no difference to me. That's just the way it is.

9th Dec 2007, 21:38

Someone needs to be a little more careful with their "facts". The V-6 Fusion literally blows away ANY 4-cylinder Toyota or Honda, and competes on an almost equal level with the new 2007-2008 V-6 Camry, while being considerably faster than ANY pre-2007 V-6 Camry.

If one is looking for "good" reviews, virtually every automotive authority on the planet, as well as millions of American drivers, rate the Fusion as light years ahead of the declining and problem prone Camry.

The Honda Accord is a fast and well built car, but unfortunately it looks amazingly like a decade old Saturn LS.

10th Dec 2007, 19:38

I would hope that a V6 could blow a 4 cylinder out of the water. But can a V6 Fusion beat a Honda or Toyota? We'll see. I will rent a Fusion and see.

11th Dec 2007, 17:25

Oh really? I've had a dozen American cars that went from 200,000 to over 250,000 miles. That doesn't sound "extremely uncommon" to me. But, you believe what you like. Makes no difference to me.

12th Dec 2007, 10:29

I'm glad that all of the domestic-happy people here are now starting to accept imports, because the Ford Fusion is actually made in Mexico with Mexican, European, Chinese, and Indian-made parts. The car is about as American as a bottle of Scotch Whiskey.

12th Dec 2007, 12:34

Our tally of import versus domestic over 30+ years:

3 Japanese imports imports: 2 made less than 100,000 miles without major engine failures. 1 (A Toyota Celica) WAS a good car. It was sold at about 110,000 miles and had required only minor repairs. It WAS NOT any better built or reliable than any of our domestics, however, and cost more to repair.

30+ domestics: Never a problem with ANY of them. Never a transmission or engine rebuild on ANY, including one (Ford) that we kept for over 300,000 miles, several that we kept for over 200,000 miles, (Pontiac, Dodge, Buick and another 2 Fords), and a whole slew that went well over 100,000 miles with virtually ZERO repairs.

This is why it angers me to see people making false statements about the reliability of domestics. If you have EVIDENCE to support your claims, then present it (such as actual frequency of repair records). If not, you are simply expressing an opinion, and for me it carries little weight.

I've owned and driven the cars I'm commenting on. You haven't.

12th Dec 2007, 12:38

I really do not get why there's such a massive argument that pops up anytime that a discussion about a Toyota or Honda product on any number of automotive review web sites. The exact same thing happens on almost all of these sites now where someone comes on to review their Toyota/Honda/Nissan cars and trucks, only to be browbeaten by a whole slew of people who seem determined to disprove the reputable quality or satisfaction that the person reviewing the said vehicle has had.

Why is so difficult for some of you to realize that indeed - a large percentage of us who do happen to drive Toyotas actually have very good reliability and longevity out of our cars and trucks? Why is it so important for you to try and disprove anyone who might be considering one? Yes - we're well-aware that there are Fords and Chevys that have gone hundreds of thousands of miles with no problems. There's also probably a lot of Hyundais, Yugos, Fiats, Land Rovers, BMW's, and Mercedes that have done the same. That is not the point. The point of this site is for people to review their cars and trucks, remark upon their experiences owning that product, and be done with it.

Something tells me that people who enjoy spending their time trying to convince others not to buy a product, without any real defining evidence to prove their claims, except a few paltry reports of a handful of faulty C-clips, or 20 or so faulty cams, must mean that perhaps they don't actually have all that much faith in the very cars and trucks they themselves own, because perhaps they also realize that there is indeed a real reason why GM, Ford, and Chrysler are losing market share... and it doesn't come from building the kinds of cars that people want.

18th Dec 2007, 10:28

30 cars in 30 years? So does that mean that you bought a new car every single year? This is what I find funny about an awful lot of Domestic car owners is the fact that they crow all day about how great their domestics are, yet since they buy new ones every 2-3 years means they seldom kept them for long enough. What a total waste of money. You could have bought several houses and retired for all of those rust belt beauties.

On the other hand, in 15 years of driving, I've had exactly 2 cars. A 87' Celica which I traded for my Tacoma that I still have. I'm 32 years old and will have enough saved for retirement by the time I'm 40. If I was as car-crazy and bought a new car every few years, I'd actually be in debt.

This is why some of us who drive Toyotas and spend nothing on repairs and keep them 10-15 years or more might actually have a bit more money in our pockets. Guess we're a bunch of misinformed stupid import drivers aren't we?

18th Dec 2007, 15:41

Remember, 30 cars in 30 years doesn't have to mean one guy driving one car per year. He's probably talking about his whole family, owning multiple cars, so they probably own several cars at the same time.

My parents generally own three cars at any one time, each for a different purpose, with one taking the brunt of the daily driving. I myself have owned only two cars in 20 years of driving, both Dodges as a matter of fact. And yes, I have saved a fortune by not buying new cars, and my house was paid off in 10 years on an original 30 year mortgage. My early mortgage payoff, my maxed-out Roth IRA, my maxed-out 401k, and my other mutual funds I can all lay at the doorstep of owning two well-maintained, cheap to operate, reliable DOMESTIC CARS!