4th Oct 2009, 09:56

I was in a car show over 300 cars, and saw quite a crowd gathered around the new Hurst Challenger Camaro models and new Corvettes last night. I am very proud of the enthusiasm I saw with our new domestic cars together. I saw one new Nissan Z twin turbo 450 hp nice car, but I disliked the styling, but at least it was one decent fun car from Japan.

4th Oct 2009, 16:05

13,000 more people are now jobless because the Big 3 outsource their jobs. Those 13,000 people could now get a job at the U.S. based Honda and Toyota plants.

5th Oct 2009, 08:02

To the "Patriotic" Ford enthusiast - Your idea of "Patriotism" is very scary. Perhaps you would like to start your own dictatorship, where the markets are closed, and everyone is forced to buy your products.

If so, please do it far away from the USA.

5th Oct 2009, 08:57

"The Ford used car lot now has two more late model Japanese cars to go along with the half-dozen 2005-2007's they already had."

Yes, and most likely they purchased the other half-dozen at auction, because they know which used cars sell.

5th Oct 2009, 09:24

Well the worst vehicle I've ever owned was an American built Dodge.

I've had great domestics and great imports, and I've had bad imports and bad domestics. The worst of my imports happen to have been German, but I've also had excellent German cars.

None of the Japanese cars I've owned gave me any trouble whatsoever.

I've had a few really nice American built cars as well.

Nothing is black and white, everything has shades of gray.

(Stop attacking Japanese built cars, you lose any credibility you might have when you do that)

5th Oct 2009, 12:37

Problem plagued Toyota is now CLOSING plants. They are currently battling hundreds of roll-over lawsuits and two huge recalls of hundreds of thousands of vehicles for major safety defects.

Honda's sales dropped by more than FOUR TIMES what Ford's did in September (20% versus only 5% for Ford). No doubt word of Honda's disposable" transmissions did them no good. I doubt either of them, or the notoriously unreliable Nissan will be hiring ANYBODY.

There may yet be a tiny trace of patriotism left among car buyers in the U.S. It's just sad that those who choose to destroy our own companies are so unconcerned about their fellow citizens that they have to make attempts to justify their lack of compassion for their neighbors.

5th Oct 2009, 18:07

" (Stop attacking Japanese built cars, you lose any credibility you might have when you do that) "

So now reporting problems with Japanese cars causes "lost credibility", while bashing domestics DOESN'T??

I don't think that that reporting a problem with ANY car causes "lost credibility". I do agree, however, that there is very little difference between the reliability of most domestics and most Japanese cars. All are reasonably good (Toyotas massive recalls and roll-over lawsuits not withstanding).

5th Oct 2009, 18:15

Nope. All but one was traded in on a Ford Fusion. The one exception was a 2007 Honda Ridgeline that had been traded in on an Explorer Sport Track. I know a couple of the customers who traded them in, and one of my friends works for the dealership. Besides, what would 2006-2008 Japanese cars be doing being sold at auction. If they were so wonderful why didn't the owners keep them?? Ford is currently selling Fusions as fast as the trucks unload them at the dealership, and virtually EVERY trade-in is a Camry, Accord, Maxima or Altima. The huge drop in reliability of Japanese cars is causing an awful lot of buyers to ignore the ad hype and buy the more reliable Fusion (which has a higher reliability rating than any Japanese competitor).

5th Oct 2009, 18:35

We do not own a Japanese vehicle at this time, we own 2 GMs & a Jeep, however I must say that I owned a Nissan Pathfinder for 13 years (purchased new) and other than normal oil changes etc., the only things I ever did was put on one new set of tires and one muffler.

I also owned a Geo Prizm (Toyota Corolla) which also needed NO REPAIRS during the entire time that I owned it.

Therefore in my opinion the attacks on Japanese vehicles are unwarranted and way off base.

Sounds like a sales pitch from a Ford Salesman or Dealer to me. But then, that is just my humble opinion. (However "unpatriotic" you may consider it)

6th Oct 2009, 13:30

12:37 I am done reading your posts that call Americans "unpatriotic" or "unconcerned" about fellow Americans based on the vehicle that they drive.

6th Oct 2009, 14:45

Me thinks you might have more than one friend who works at this dealership, come on, do you own a dealership or are you just a Ford dealership "groupie"?

7th Oct 2009, 13:21

I prefer a GM Silverado. Great full size, better warranty, ride, comfort and capability. Next choice a Ford full size loaded. Not a truck on a car platform that would concern me with bed loads and towing. Buy a small car but go with a nicer full size. I can't see having a compromise limited use truck and pay insurance for one. Get a real truck in my opinion.

10th Oct 2009, 11:04

Now, in addition to massive recalls and hundreds of lawsuits, Toyota is also appealing a lower court decision that they violated the patent for the technology for the Prius hybrid from an AMERICAN company. A Florida firm won a suit against Toyota charging that the technology for the Prius was covered by their patent. The evidence was obviously strong enough for the court to rule against Toyota and order restitution be paid to the American firm. Gee, and we all thought all that good stuff came from JAPAN!!

12th Oct 2009, 12:53


Since when is working hard and doing what is best for your family "unpatriotic".

I do not think it is "patriotic" to try to dictate what others should do, based on your ideas.

13th Oct 2009, 08:55

One can work hard and spend all their money where it does not help anyone else collectively in this country. I am spending as much as possible to offset imports, not just cars by the way. I use to buy 2 new imports, but no longer, so maybe I can offset this specific loss.