5th Nov 2010, 18:59

The Buick Riviera has not been available in the US since 1999.

6th Nov 2010, 08:10

I like my neighborhood and what it was. Friendly great customer service before boarded up shops and nice family businesses decimated. I am not so convinced the quality of life exists anymore. Unemployment is high. Putting a new cheap rattly beater in the drive may have been appealing when gas was 4 bucks a gallon. Look at all the recent recalls on the new imports failing. I guess we can get used to it though, rather than see quality of life erode away.

6th Nov 2010, 08:54

There are huge tax incentives for any large company because that large company provides many jobs for the local community where they set up shop. States have to compete for these large corporations so they can benefit from having them do business in their towns and cities. This is true with any larger business, and not just the auto industry. They get tax breaks up front to begin with, but then they become a huge tax generator for communities. It's not like they never pay taxes!

I am not sure why people keep going on about the lower wages import companies pay their employees. The domestics have more than proven they overpay their employees by going broke! Factory work is factory work. It is not a state job, government job, doctor, lawyer etc.

These UAW workers get ridiculously high salaries, and then they are paid after they stop working in pensions along with other benefits. Sorry, but that is just crazy. How can you possibly continue to operate a business that pays employees after they retire when you already paid them too much to begin with? The short answer is "You can't!"

This is why you will continue to see outsourcing of domestic labor to companies overseas, and in other countries here like Canada and Mexico. Americans feel like they are so entitled to have so many benefits. We are spoiled on fat salaries, and no one wants to be responsible and live within their means anymore. It is easy to get caught up in the whole "beat the Joneses" contest and drive a brand new car and talk on your iPhone etc., etc. If we concentrated more on saving for the future and cutting back to realistic financial spending, we would all be better for it. The whole economic meltdown is based on this problem. People buying houses they couldn't afford and living lives they didn't earn. Now the norm is for people to expect to be paid for nothing after they retire. How about investing properly, while you are a contributing employee that is an asset to your employer, so you'll have plenty to retire on without sapping off of your old employer. I guess if you are so entitled, then who cares if this is driving your employer into the ground. UAW workers don't seem to care about that, but then again the government will always be there to help them out, huh?

Import companies keep their pay at a realistic level in order to keep the costs of their product in line with the costs to produce it. They run leaner, so they can stay viable in the marketplace. The domestics need to start following this formula so they can stay afloat without looking for more bailout cash down the road when things even out again for the auto industry. I would much rather have a salary that is realistic, working for a solid company that I can rely on, rather than an inflated salary in a company that goes down the tubes on overhead costs.

Oh, and start-up businesses provide little to no added benefit to communities, as far as new jobs, tax revenue, etc. etc., so they don't receive any freebies. It is the sad truth, which is why so many start-ups fail. You gotta have a great plan before opening a business these days, which actually will most likely make the business a better one in the long run. You shouldn't be looking for free handouts when you are only offering financial benefits to yourself.

6th Nov 2010, 11:31

So what do you invest your life savings in? People invest in companies, buy stocks, take chances and take a bloodbath with companies and banks being sold. Buy CDs make 3 percent. It is or was nice to work hard and be rewarded with a pension. I have bought properties since the 70s, and got out of that recently, wondering if my tenants will have jobs to pay their rent. I have issues with giving 4 years no taxes for companies that I am not allowed to receive. I have lost a lot of money in stocks that can be worthless after feeling solid dividends would remain for my retirement. I really feel for small businesses especially that cannot survive, when companies come in and have tax breaks and free rides. The jobless rate is up. If you are simply moving some workers to work elsewhere, is that growth or going backwards? The standard of living is going down. I wish my home's value would rise. There's opportunities to buy from those that have defaulted on their loans. You can also buy cars people cannot afford as well. Great.

6th Nov 2010, 11:43

So your whole argument is that a company should continue to pay you when you do nothing for them anymore? Maybe that is why companies are closing and the stock market is a rollercoaster?? The dream is over and it is time to wake up to the reality that we've all been living beyond our means and there just isn't a sustainable economy here in the U.S. at the levels we are at. Yeah, it hurts!

24th Sep 2011, 01:27

Hi everyone!

I haven't read all 118 comments related to this V6 Camry original poster... BUT!... In 2008 there were no timing BELT but a CHAIN on ALL V6 engines made by 'yoda'... oops!. Since 1997 Toyota's V6 engines have no interference... meaning no pistons popping valves... even when timing belt is breaking.. How come he paid that much money when the car is supposedly guaranteed until 60k miles???.. hmmm!

So maybe he made a mistake for the right year of the V6 Camry, or he's just trashing!

I'm 50 years old and I had my share of cars... I was a GM nut.. Many Buicks, Chevys, Pontiacs, Olds, etc.. Always did my own DIY repairs on all of them, 3.4 (junk!), 3.8 (1995 and after = JUNK!) 1994 and older are very tough!.. Olds 307 (JUNK!), Pontiac 301 (JUNK!).. Best engines for me were big blocks.. All 454 and 455 (especially Buicks); they were practically indestructible! But too thirsty and very hard on my wallet, and not to forget the famous small block Chevy 5.7L or 350 (the mighty mouse!). No engine yet have been sold that much!

But! Since a couple of years, I'm riding Hondas and Toyotas... What a shame!.. The best 4 cylinders are Honda's and the best V6 are Toyota's.. Just basic maintenance and it goes and goes, and goes! Never go back to the dealer from new.. I'm too old and don't feel DIY repairs any more.. I still have my 1968 Olds Toronado.. 455!!.. What a joy, to fix things on this gem! I just bought in March a 2011 Toyota Sienna.. Went to see Dodge's Caravan.. forget it! I saw myself being a DIY mechanic again with this JUNK!... I know that 'Yoda' V6 had its share of problems with the 3.0 and 3.3, but the 3.5 is an absolute GEM... With a timing CHAIN!

24th Sep 2011, 08:21

I know many working 2 or 3 jobs, low pay, no retirement vs 1 decent one . I also see the future as higher taxation to pay more unemployment benefits. Get out of college and live at home or pay high rents. Sorry, prosperity has more appeal than losing jobs overseas. Try working in a car plant before saying a pension isn't necessary. I like silver and gold by the way. If you can buy any with working the 3 jobs.