25th Mar 2007, 06:13

I firmly believe imports were superior up to 2000. I had Toyotas, Hondas/Acuras in my driveway. 2002-2004 were the turning point for me. I saw quality diminish and expensive mechanical woes especially with the transmissions. Perhaps the increase in production dropped the level of care in the past I am not certain. I now drive larger 2006-2007 GM's and was pleasantly surprised and have saved money. I would like to see more comparisons 2002-2007 and experiences not all the 80's and 90's owners. I couldn't get the durability I once had even with overmaintaining them. I definitely would not buy another SUV import ever again. I do not keep any car 195,000 miles, but shouldn't feel I have to unload an import at 40,000 miles that had expensive out of warranty repairs. I found it uttering appalling and am not one for extra extending warranties with high deductibles that should be covered by the manufacturer. I think 36,000 miles is not enough faith from the onset.

25th Mar 2007, 07:18

Yeah, the fact that these junk domestics need 2 or 3 engines to get to 300,000 miles is usually the part the owners conveniently forget to tell everyone when they brag about them. I guess they categorize that under routine maintenance, or minor repairs. Not to mention having the tranny rebuilt or replaced at least once in that time.

The funny part is, even if you pamper a Chevy, and beat the living hell out of a Toyota or Honda, the Chevy still blows up first. No doubt people will write in and claim the exact opposite happened to them, but it's b.s. 99.99% of the time.

All you have to do to discover the truth is read a little of the Ford site, which is saturated with people who swear to never buy one again; same on the GM side of things. And they'll tell you the Toyota site looks the same as GM's or Ford's site. Sorry, not even close to true.

"Well, why do contractors use Rangers and F-150's in their fleet and not Toyota's?" Because why give your employees a good truck to beat up when you can buy a cheaper one, that's why. They usually get wrecked or traded up within 4 or 5 years anyway, and as bad as Fords suck, they can usually go that far. Why pay for a Toyota truck that will last 20 or more years when you can buy a disposable Ranger that you'll trade in 4 or 5? Besides, you can get a good deal on Fords because they're about to go under and they have to drop in price in order to sell any of that crap. Toyota doesn't have to bargain with people because they sell a good product that they know will move without compromising the price.

25th Mar 2007, 08:22

Yes, my agenda is patriotism, not being duped by hype, and caring for the environment. Pretty clear.

Funny ALL the cars you mention as being "so great" have all be featured all-stars on Consumer Reports used cars to avoid.

Oh, and as you continue to promote mediocre American products just remember whom you are defending. GM has announced it intends on outsourcing all vehicles except light trucks. Chrysler will be the first MANUFACTURER, foreign or domestic, to offer a Chinese built-car here (the Hornet). And the only quality-built Ford vehicles (if there is such a thing) are made in Mexico.

Meanwhile, Toyota, Hyundai, Honda, and others continue to put Americans to work.

26th Mar 2007, 08:49

19:32 is exactly right.

All this propaganda/garbage about Japanese autos suddenly not being reliable is ridiculous. This crap is being written by Big 3 patrons who just can't stand to see Ford, Chevy, and Dodge getting their %@#$@ kicked by Toyota and Honda every day.

It's not anti-Americans that buy the imports. It the opposite; hard working Americans that are tired of getting ripped off by the Big 3.

Chevy commercials with Bob Seger playing in the background while some cowboy throws bales of hay into his truck at sunset aren't fooling people anymore. They should have a commercial where a guy late for work stands next to his Silverado waiting for the wrecker to come drag it to the garage.

The imports offer a better product today, yesterday, and for the last few decades. People see that now, and are buying more of them than they are domestics, and the scales will continue to tip this way permanently.

26th Mar 2007, 09:15

I only had 2 vehicles since 2000 have very expensive mechanical repairs...Hondas. I bought Hondas almost exclusively prior. Its not a lie as I had to pay my credit card statement.

26th Mar 2007, 10:25

The 2006 Camry is one of the most unreliable cars ever built. Just read the reviews and comments.

As for fleet vehicles, companies want to buy RELIABLE vehicles. I own a small business, and my family owns two large businesses. We all use ONLY domestic vehicles because we know we can rely on our Ford and GM trucks to last 250,000 miles or more with routine servicing. There are Ford Rangers in our fleet that were bought in 1993 and still run perfectly. There are NO Toyotas in our fleets.

26th Mar 2007, 10:39

Let's see: My family over the past 30 years has owned about 30 domestic vehicles. NONE has ever required an engine or transmission (or any major repairs of ANY kind) in some that made over 300,000 miles.

On the other hand, our 3 imports ALL had major engine/transaxle or drive train problems well before 100,000 miles. Now, considering that only 10% of our cars have been imports and they had 100% of the PROBLEMS, I'd say that makes a pretty good case for the superior reliability of domestics. I'll never even look at another import.

Ford, GM and Chrysler (we've owned some of all 3) have never let us down. The ONLY cars that ever left us stranded on the side of the road were 2 Toyotas.

26th Mar 2007, 14:12

What was so costly? The timing belt at 110k? Seat Belt recall? Transmission recall? Aren't recalls free? What are you spending money on that you would not have to in a domestic. Fine if you want your G6/Grand Am so badly I cannot stop you.

26th Mar 2007, 17:39

Thanks for providing an excellent example of why Consumer Reports is a waste of time.

26th Mar 2007, 17:42

"Meanwhile, Toyota, Hyundai, Honda, and others continue to put Americans to work."

As they siphon profits from this country to enrich Japan, and further weaken our economy. There is no doubt that you are patriotic, but sadly not for the U.S. I wonder why you hate this country so much that you want to see its industry destroyed.

27th Mar 2007, 02:23

I think he should go with the award winning Fusion. OK I never drove one, but they look good!

27th Mar 2007, 08:53

Ah, yes, another bizarre definition of patriotism.

Please explain to us all how buying an American made Camry by a company that is REINVESTING in America (Toyota is building five plants here in the coming years) is NOT patriotic yet buying a MEXICAN MADE Ford Fusion (for example) by a company that is LAYING OFF Americans and NOT investing a dime here is.

Sorry, but my patriotism for America ends if it means I am supposed to pay taxes for welfare and unemployment for auto workers that would otherwise be EMPLOYED by foreign companies.