1989 Toyota Corolla DX from North America


A reliable, safe, neat and lovely car. Go for it!


Troubles already present when I bought:

Two rear speakers don't work

The rear defroster electric connection broken

Air vent for windshield did not work.

Troubles I had after I bought:

Practically nothing, except

1) A headlight bulb replacement

2) Muffler got rusted and came off!

3) The cloth covering for the roof started to come off a little, mainly because of high heat in summer

4) A door handle plastic piece had to be replaced.

General Comments:

Very reliable, compact, easy to drive, economical car. I love it. I regret it not having air conditioning!

March 2002: I came out without even a scratch when car's passenger side was crushed badly by another car that hit at 45mph. My corolla badly hurt : (

October 2002: I and my friend came unhurt when another car bumped on the back at a low speed. No damages to my car's bumper!

I simply love my Toyota corolla. After the first accident, the back wheel on passenger side had tilted a little, but still it runs at 70-75 mph on freeway without any trouble or drift. I have not replaced oil for months and months, and literally I have spent cash only for gas. Still no problem.

Even at this age, the car starts in one go. Till date, in spite of my zero maintenance, the car never left me in any trouble on the road. It runs like a rock. I love Toyota. Absolutely reliable and value for money. I paid $1500 for this car when I bought it.

The dash board is really very user-friendly and very intuitive. You don't need a Masters to figure out how to increase bass or where to look for volume control!

The engine and everything under the hood is really clean, no rust or oil spill. The body is also in good shape, no rust. The paint is almost gone on many places, as the car is not garaged.

Overall, as a student, I enjoyed every moment with my corolla. No wonder, Toyota beats other small cars. I would love to buy another corolla.

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Review Date: 30th June, 2003

23rd Mar 2004, 17:41

I own one myself. 182,000 miles. I've replaced some parts on it, but have definitely got my money's worth. It carried me home on a bad wheel bearing too, all of 650 miles without losing a wheel! The only time it wouldn't start was due to a bad ground connection at the trans-axle, easy fix. I also flew over a median curb with it due to my own stupidity, that didn't help the bearing, I'm sure.

These cars handle excellent, I replaced the struts with KYB-GR2 aftermarket gas struts and Moog cargo springs for the rear, rides smoother and handles better than ever! Nice car, it keeps me out of trouble with the law as well.

1989 Toyota Corolla GTi 1.6 from UK and Ireland


A high performance bargain, very reliable


The rear windows flew off, that was in the span of one month.

General Comments:

This car is seriously quick and handle like it's on rails. It's a shame they have stopped making corrolla GTI's.

I had this car for 10,0000 miles and did not service it once and thrashed the car, but it never gave up on me once.

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Review Date: 17th June, 2003

1989 Toyota Corolla 1.6 4AFE 16 valves from North America


Superb reliability!


Clutch was replaced, but only because previous owner didn't use it well.

Muffler keeps rusting, causing holes that needs to be patched up, considering replacing the whole thing.

Carburetor spring broke, but only because my brother try-ed to fix it, not his fault, replaced it by a vice grip spring (do not try this at home, too tight, the choke didn't come on at all) causing it to never start in the winter without a little fuel in the carburetor. Was just changed today, we will know how it works.

Rear right suspension broken, not sure what's wrong with it, will find out later, still runs well enough for now.

Oil sensor finished, will be replacing it next Tuesday.

General Comments:

I really love this car, the problems listed happened in a 14 year span, so it's very good, considering the age. this is a very reliable car. I wouldn't sell it to anyone. This is my 1st car, and I plan on keeping it for a long time.

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Review Date: 7th March, 2003