1997 Toyota Corolla 1.8 from North America


Reliable and nice vehicle to have if you do not have to impress anyone.


The only significant complaints are with the suspension. The replacements have been expensive, as identified below. But this might be a problem with driving in Dallas rather than the vehicle itself. Dallas has the worst roads of any place that I have driven.

Replaced rack-and-pinion at about 100,000 miles. This cost somewhere around $600.

Replaced struts and strut towers at 110,000 miles. The mechanic said they were the worst he's seen in a long time. This cost $1,100. I debated on just buying a new vehicle, but I figure the car will last another 100,000 miles.

Because of the suspension problems, I have had two or three alignments done.

Replaced rear seat belt when it was under warranty.

Replaced timing belt at about 60,000 miles out of precaution.

Car seems more susceptible to paint chips and rust than my other cars.

General Comments:

Other than those problems identified above, the car is great. The engine, transmission and other systems seem to be in good shape.

I regularly replace the filters and do tune ups.

I have the 1.8 Liter engine and I think performance is fine.

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Review Date: 9th November, 2004

1997 Toyota Corolla Linea Terra 1.3 from Greece


A car you won't regret to buy!


Nothing at all!

General Comments:

Very good value for money.

Reliable and economic to use.

Good handling and 1300cc that can move the car comfortably or quite fast if somebody wants to.

One of the best networks to have it serviced or repaired. People there are very friendly and helpful.

Nice to drive, easy to park.

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Review Date: 31st August, 2004

1997 Toyota Corolla DX 1.6 (The common one) from North America


Perfect for school and supermarket


Light went off at 180 000km

Starter doesn't work at 198 000km

Problem with Muffler at 170 000km.

Other than that, nothing goes wrong.

General Comments:

My family is happy about the corolla 97.

It has some minor problems since we drive a lot. But I consider this as acceptable since the first problem occurs when my car reaches 170 000 km.

The problems are easy to fix and doesn't need a lot of money.I spend less than 700 Canadian dollars for all the fixing.

It is ultra reliable, I drive from Toronto to New York 2 times. From Toronto to Waterloo at infinite times.

The car drives smooth and stable in both city and highway.

Some people says Corolla is a gas miser. Yes, it consume less gas than a Accord, Camry. But those are faster cars. Can't compare with that. My mom has a Nissan Sentra, and we discover that they both consume similar amount of fuel. So I will say Corollar consume average gas.


Weakness of Corolla:

Performance is not good. Horrible acceleration and cornering (at high speed). It is cleary seen as you enter a highway. The car is not easy boost up to 120 km/h.

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Review Date: 6th August, 2004

1997 Toyota Corolla SD - special 1.6 gas from North America


A classic and very reliable commuter


The only thing that has ever gone wrong with this car was a rear strut that needed to be replaced at 220000k. Its hard to believe, but this car has never caused a single problem - nothing! I still can't believe it!

General Comments:

With the exception of having to replace tires, brakes, filters, and general maintenance, this car has never needed anything. It certainly isn't a performance oriented car, but it has the toughness of a Mercedes Benz. I have a Chevrolet - its garbage. Forget US manufactures they're no good. The Japaneese know what they're doing and it shows in this car. This little four cylinder has driven from Eastern Canada to North Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania - anywhere you want to go it will take you! Make sure you undercoat, because they do have a tendency to rust. I will definitely buy another Toyota product - the quality is unparalleled.

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Review Date: 21st July, 2003

1997 Toyota Corolla SE-G 1.6 Twincam 4A-FE from Indonesia


AC idle up was bad, it made engine dead when idling or accelerator was released.

Overheating due to loss of water caused by rusty water plugs.

Weak engine mounting created lots of noise and vibration. Replacing right engine mounting made it smooth again.

General Comments:

This Corolla is not as reliable as my previous Starlet and Celica.

I felt like wasting money to fix this and that, while keeping my old Celica GT-Four in good condition was like investing.

Responsive engine, short-stopping, but squeaky brake.

Corolla WRC AE111 was the last Toyota Team Europe's rally car after successful years with Celica GT-Four.

Possibly this SE-G AE111 is my last Toyota, unless I can import a GT-Four.

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Review Date: 7th March, 2003