2000 Toyota Corolla CE from North America


Excellent value for money

General Comments:

I am using Toyota Corolla for the last one and half yesr. I bought used one 2000 model, but so far this car has not given me any trouble.

I was hesitant in buying this car because it does not look very good, but now I am completely satisfied and happy that I have taken right decision.

In few words, no doubt, it is the one of the best car of the world. Excellent value for money and resale value.

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Review Date: 20th March, 2007

2000 Toyota Corolla SE 1.3 petrol from UK and Ireland


A fine car, but not fault free


The clutch release bearing became noisy after 9000 miles. It was replaced under warranty.

The clutch has always juddered.

The brakes became squeaky at 3000 miles, but cured by a service.

I had trouble starting it once after running the engine a couple of times briefly and then leaving it for a day. Maybe it flooded.

General Comments:

I have always been a fan of Toyotas and this is a fine car. However it's not as well built or niggle free as the previous Japanese built Corolla I owned.

It has never let me down and is superior to any European car I have owned. I will definitely consider buying another and recommend this model to anyone who wants good honest A to B transport.

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Review Date: 31st May, 2006

2000 Toyota Corolla CE VVT from North America


Cheap unreliable transportation


The check engine light came on whenever we went up a hill and hit the gas hard. Had to replace two oxygen sensors, clean the fuel injectors, and clean out something in the air cleaner to finally remedy the problem.

Transmission pan gasget leaked fluid. Had to have the pan removed and resealed.

The Air conditioning compressor has now gone out. The car will not even run. My mechanic pulled the fuse out for the A/C so we can drive the car until we replace it, which is what we intend to do very soon.

General Comments:

This car has been the worst vehicle I have ever owned. I replaced my 91' Buick Regal with it because I thought my Buick was bad. But this Toyota is really a poorly made vehicle.

However it does get super gas mileage (46 hwy).

I have always owned Toyota trucks and 4Runners and have had great luck with them. This is my first and last Toyota car. My 86' 4Runner is far superior to this 2000 Corolla in every way other than fuel economy.

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Review Date: 15th April, 2006

15th Jun 2010, 17:51

Toyota Corolla's are probably the best made vehicle you can buy (in North America, anyways). I'm a lead footed 20 year old, and I beat the s@#% out of anything I get behind the wheel of. My point? I am now on my THIRD Corolla, only because I totaled the first two driving like a moron. I red-lined those puppies every day, BUT kept up with regular maintenance like oil changes and flushes and such.

My first Corolla - 2001 Corolla S $10,000.

151,000 km's when purchased.

Automatic/1.8L VVT-i transmission/engine.

Wrote it off at 200,000 km, not even an engine light. Hit a semi doing 50km/h, bent the front passenger wheel in. I could still drive the car if I wanted to.

Second Corolla - 1999 Corolla VE Touring $6700.

181,000 km's when purchased.

Manual 5 Spd/1.8L transmission/engine.

Hit a speed sign doing 80km/h front passenger side, rim was a capital D after all was said and done. Car started beautifully after, however the wheel was way too messed to drive.

I am now the proud owner of a 2000 Corolla CE Manual and love it. 222,000 km's on it when I purchased it for $2600. Looks great, runs even better.

Conclusion? If you hate fixing your car all the time, love getting good gas mileage and bagging your ride a bit, BUY A COROLLA!!! Or at least a Civic. Not American. I'm gonna pull out the stereotype card here and say ASIANS ARE BETTER AT ANYTHING TO DO WITH TECHNOLOGY I.E. CARS. Americans have a much larger margin of recalls and defects and such.

19th Jun 2010, 13:40

You have obviously NOT read a newspaper or watched TV in the past year. Toyota is recalling nearly every vehicle they've built since 1991. Also, the latest J.D. Powers Initial Quality Survey ranks Toyota 21st out of 33 auto makers. Hardly a mark of "quality". Ford ranks 5th (AHEAD of Honda). Ford and GM had more top-ranked individual cars than ANY maker, and the Fusion was ranked with the Mercedes E-class and Porsche Panamera as having very high initial quality.

19th Jun 2010, 13:46

"Americans have a much larger margin of recalls and defects and such."

Be GLAD THEY DO. U.S. auto makers issue VOLUNTARY recalls any time a defect (safety related or NOT) is found. Japanese companies only issue recalls under threat of law, usually AFTER hundreds of people have been killed by their cars (such as Toyota). There will ALWAYS be lots of recalls on domestics because they don't hide their defects and wait for the U.S. government to FORCE them to recall. I've had recalls on 7-year-old domestics with over 100,000 miles on them for PIECES OF TRIM that might warp in the Sun. Can you IMAGINE a JAPANESE company doing that??

8th Oct 2013, 19:04

Sure... That is why the Domestics went bankrupt.

9th Oct 2013, 09:52

Hey, that's a thought. Do away with a warranty to keep costs down. Or be subjected to dealers that claim neglect after producing receipts. Keeps costs low by simply passing the buck to the consumer. I have experienced this, and find it not very comforting. Smart consumers also look up recall campaigns before dropping a car off. I got denied for a new instrument cluster recall as my odometer reading is too low yet. It's a recall letter, and by the time the mileage hits, I will be out of warranty time wise. Nice!