2000 Toyota Corolla from North America


We have $32,881.00 invested in a $15,000.00 5 year old car.


At 75,000 miles, the motor had to be replaced.

There was no oil light to indicate any problem with our fairly maintained car.

The engine light will not go out, after spending over $600.00 to try and resolve this problem.

General Comments:

I am very disappointed.

I will not buy a brand new (or used) Toyota... ever again!

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Review Date: 25th October, 2004

29th Jun 2006, 23:40

I have a 99 Corolla. Don't look at it as an investment. The money you paid are sunk costs. It is not earning money for you.

7th Feb 2007, 11:02

How does one go about 'investing' $32k in a toyota corolla? I could have my mechanic completely disassemble and reassemble my car just out of sheer boredom and it wouldn't cost that much.

Maybe if you had your motor replaced 6 times it came to that total...

7th Feb 2007, 15:27

So if there's no oil warning light (affectionately called an "idiot light" by some people), then that means don't ever check the oil? No wonder it needed a motor at 75,000. That's pretty impressive for a car with no oil in it. You should understand that any car running severely low on oil will give you telltale signs, like motor tapping, which you WILL hear, even in a small 4 cylinder.

2000 Toyota Corolla VE 1.8L from North America


This car is a Lemon and I despise it


Had to have engine rebuilt due to Piston Ring defect.

Struts and Strut Supports have already been replaced. Mechanic says it is a common problem with model.

Serpentine Belt had to be replaced months after purchasing.

Uneven and rapid wear on tires. Wearing on front right is worse than front left.

Rear tires are beginning to crack and are bald. Replaced them in November 2003 and have to replace them again. It is only October 2004.

Wheel Bearings are failing. Loud squeaking noise when driving.

Loud knocking, grinding noise on front passenger side wheel when turning. Noise is being investigated.

Car shakes and is hard to control at speeds greater than 90 kilometres/hour.

Air Conditioner has stopped working, yet worked excellent in 2003.

General Comments:

Car body, interior and exterior in excellent condition.

Car is excellent on gas.

Unfortunately, the car seems to be in repair more than my old car which was a 1988 Ford Taurus.

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Review Date: 2nd October, 2004

3rd Oct 2004, 07:47

IF you're hearing knocking and grinding while turning, it's probably a CV joint. You should get that looked at soon since a lot of noise means it's in bad shape.

3rd Oct 2004, 19:23

Thank you for the advice. I was leaning toward that myself although when the struts were going before it made the same noise. I was also thinking it might be the tie rod ends or the axle. The same thing happened to my Taurus and it was the axle, the tie rod ends and the CV joints all at once so I'm not sure which it is in the Corolla. I was actually planning on taking it to my mechanic tomorrow morning to have it fixed. He's got a loaner car for me so that I can leave it there until it's fixed for good. I am truly bummed out though because I've heard so many people say excellent things about Corollas and here I am stuck with a money pit. I have the monthly financing for the car and on top of it, all the repairs that don't seem to be covered under warranty. I have to admit, I'm glad it's not the engine anymore or the transmission.

2000 Toyota Corolla VE 1.8L 4-cylinder from North America


Quality import, but has it's share of imperfections


The stereo died on me within 3 weeks of purchasing the car. Luckily, it was still under warranty and a Toyota dealership gave me a new one free of charge. I have since replaced that factory AM/FM cassette with a Sony CD player.

I had to replace the oxygen sensor in mid 2002 when the check engine light went on. I hear this car is FAMOUS for that.

The check engine light continues to go on frequently and I was told that a diagnostic computer showed that the catalytic converter occasionally is "inefficient", resulting in the light returning once in a while. I have decided to ignore this issue.

The car also loses a lot of oil between oil changes. It seems to require an additional 3-4 quarts between oil changes at the 3,000-4,000 mile mark. I find that interesting cause the car is only 4 years old. I don't really think it should be doing that so soon.

General Comments:

Otherwise, it's a great little car that I have come to really enjoy owning, save for the slight problems it has had.

It handles nicely, even at high speeds and has very good fuel economy. It is a comfortable ride.

It can get in and out of any spot quickly and easily... perfect for parking in a spot some other cars can't get into. It's a quality import, I believe, and I don't feel TOO disappointed with it's performance thus far.

Overall, I WOULD buy another Corolla... but since I have a short attention span with everything, I think my next car will be a VW.

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Review Date: 4th July, 2004

17th Jan 2008, 12:51

I think the details she/he mentions above are what was her car. You know, it all depends on your chance. You may pick this car and have trouble tomorrow and somebody else picks it and it will run for ever without any trouble. I have had a toyota collora VE for a while. Honestely, I like this car. I don't know whats going to happen in the future, but actually I like it.

1st Apr 2008, 13:15

My 2000 Corolla VE has 99,800 miles and burns oils like crazy. I have to add 2-3 quarts for every 800-1000 miles.