2004 Toyota Corolla t spirit 1.6 from UK and Ireland


Great spec and a great drive



General Comments:

Sharp in every way,cabin quiet and handling has grip

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Review Date: 6th May, 2004

2004 Toyota Corolla XEI 1.8 from Chile


It's a great looking car with serious quality assurance issues


Crackling noise in the roof lining.

Rattles and noises in the dash.

Rattle in the driver side door.

Rattling in the back of the car.

Very loud engine at 3.600 RPM (120 km/h in fifth gear). Dissapears if you go under or over 3.600 RPM. Normal for all new Corollas (according to Toyota service).

General Comments:

Bought a new car and from the first day had rattles, noises coming from the roof, doors, dash etc.

Went to service several times, each time they fix one rattle appears a new one.

The engine is so loud at 3.600 RPM it is impossible to drive the car at 120km/h (72mph). The moment you pass the 3.600 RPM (4.000 RPM for example) the loud engine sound dissapears.

Toyota service confirmed that it's normal for all corollas.

Corolla really feels comfortable, easy to maneuver, with enough space for a driver (I'm 1.91m high) and passengers.

My previous car was Toyota Echo. It managed 150km/h with less engine noise than Corolla at 120km/h.

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Review Date: 3rd May, 2004

12th Mar 2005, 03:26

I have had similar rattle issues with my Toyota though mine is a Camry. The car is great except for this. Toyota needs to look into this.

2004 Toyota Corolla CE 1.8 from North America


Not sure yet...2004..hope it makes it to 2005


Cd bezel, this is the plastic piece that holds 2 front vents and radio into the dash. This piece warped after 5,000 miles and left unsightly seems in my dash. Warranty item.

Rear seals on driver/passenger side rear dores failed. Replaced under warranty.

Tires out of balance from factory, Warranty...

General Comments:

Great brakes, ice cold A/C, extra hot heat, great stereo. Great fuel consumption along with fair acceleration. Worried about E-brake and clutch.

Fuel filler is very wobbly. Seems strange... a lot of "creaks and moans" for a Toyota.

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Review Date: 18th April, 2004

16th Aug 2007, 04:09

Sell it before 75,000 miles. The manual 5 speeds seem to have known problems. If you start to hear a slight whirring sound the transmission is on its way out. Not the quality you should come to expect of toyota!

1st Sep 2008, 15:38

I've rented a number of Corollas over the past few years. They were all great cars except for one - I can't remember exactly when but it was probably 5 years ago.

This car felt like it was going to fall apart very soon. There were squeaks and rattles and it felt like a very poorly built automobile. So I guess it proves that Toyota is not perfect but, for the most part, they still make good cars.

2nd Sep 2008, 22:50

The Corolla is a great economy car, and gets great mileage. However as a used car they are very overpriced and they do tend to develop lots of squeaks and rattles early on due to poor construction.

The manual transmissions do tend to be a little short-lived, though often this is due to people not keeping the transmission lubricant at its proper level. Unlike domestic vehicles the Corolla tends to lose transmission lubricant, usually by very minor leakage. I have never known anyone who made 100,000 miles in one of these cars without some pretty expensive repairs.

In the used market you can't beat the no-longer-built Ford Escort ZX-2. These cars can be bought cheaply and will easily make 150,000-200,000 miles with routine maintenance. They are also far more comfortable to drive.

2004 Toyota Corolla LE 1.8 from North America


Good quality, reliable sedan


Nothing has gone wrong yet!

General Comments:

The car handles well and has decent acceleration.

Finding the footrest that they have put in the drivers side a little annoying, but when spoke to the dealer it cannot be removed as something is underneath it, but getting used to it now.

Nice Fit and Finish throughout the vehicle.

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Review Date: 22nd December, 2003

2004 Toyota Corolla CE 1.8 from North America


Good value


The car has a rotten egg smell (sulfur) when the engine is cold. I've read it's a rampant problem for this model.

Other than that not much has gone wrong.

General Comments:

This is a good car. It's very fuel efficient. I average about 8L for every 100km or about 35mpg in mixed driving.

Interior is very ergonomic except for steering wheel being to far.

The engine has good power for everyday driving, but is a bit noisy, even when idle. Don't believe what the magazine say.

Speeds over 120k/h makes it a bit twitchy.

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Review Date: 17th December, 2003

18th Dec 2003, 14:02

The Rotten Egg Smell you are experiencing is almost certain to be a Failing Catalytic Converter. No problem for you as it is still under warranty. I would attend to this before your car fails completely.

23rd Dec 2003, 19:14

My '04 Corolla also has a sulphur smell. I've had the catalytic converter and whole exhaust system replaced, and am now using low-sulphur gas, but the problem is still there. Not just when the engine is cold - it happens intermittently. The sales and service people all admitted it was a common problem with several Toyota models including the Camry, 4-Runner, Sienna. It is rare in the Echo, but does sometimes happen with those - so the only way out is to forget about Toyota. This is incredible as they have been considered #1 by so many car experts.

I was very disillusioned with Toyota after having this happen. The car is supposed to be the best in its class. I am probably going to sell it at a loss because we cannot live with this stench and pollution - but the whole issue is what will go wrong with the next car I choose?

I've learned my lesson - don't believe hype. There are no perfect car companies. Toyota may build with more quality and care than other companies; the car may last longer than a Korean car with fewer repairs, but at the cost of a mysterious problem that even the company cannot figure out.

They will not take it back because it is not considered a lemon since so many of their cars do it and people are just tolerating it. They will buy it back at the depreciated price (25% in just four months). This is so disheartening to have the first new car I bought since 1984 prove to be so stressful. It makes me see why some people lease. It makes me think about selling the car, investing what's left, and going back to taking the bus.