2004 Toyota Corolla 160i GLE 1.6 petrol from South Africa


Good car


Engine Noise - This was high from the start, especially between 3000 and 5000 rpm at any speed or in any gear. I complained to Toyota South Africa, but they seemed to agree that the engine noise was the right one!

General Comments:

+ Car is extremely reliable. Never a single problem from purchase time at 0km to 90,000km.

+ Only complaint is with engine noise, which is a bit higher than I think.

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Review Date: 30th July, 2007

4th Dec 2017, 19:00

Is it 3 speed? I've read 3 speeds are noisier.

2004 Toyota Corolla CE 1.8 from North America


Utter disappointment


After the warranty expired things started going wrong.

At 27,000 miles the charcoal canister assembly had to be replaced. Cost: $200.

At 28,000 miles the filler neck assembly and gas cap had to be replaced. Cost: $450.

Now at 28,500 miles there is a fast oop, oop, oop sound coming from the left front wheel area when I drive over 30 mph. I have to go get that checked out now. Terrific.

General Comments:

To say I am disappointed is an understatement. I bought the Corolla because I thought it would run like a horse and have minimal maintenance issues.

Toyota quality has taken a plunge and their reputation is sullied in my eyes. I would not buy a Toyota again.

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Review Date: 1st July, 2007

23rd Nov 2009, 18:18

These things should have been covered under the 3yr 36000 mile warranty. You need to complain to your dealer as to why you were charged for these things.

29th Nov 2017, 05:51

Charcoal canister failure is due to topping off the gas after the pump at the gas station has automatically stopped. Overfilling the gas is your fault, that's what killed your charcoal canister.

2004 Toyota Corolla T2 1.4 from UK and Ireland


Solid, safe, economical, but just a little bit boring


Just after I got the car one of the front door speakers started to distort slightly. Even though the local Toyota dealer couldn't hear anything wrong, they agreed to replace it under warranty (great service)

Front passenger seatbelt warning buzzer sounded... not a fault, but due to my wife placing her handbag on the seat. Fooled me and the dealer for a bit.

General Comments:

I bought it as a pre-registered model with just 9 miles on the clock. At nearly £1500 less than list price I thought this was reasonable. It regularly returns 40mpg on country roads and will do 50mpg at a constant 60mph on the motorway. The mpg drops rapidly at higher speeds due to the low gearing (see below). The post September 2004 T2 has curtain airbags and air con, which is effective. Servicing is reasonable and the local dealer has improved from incompetent to OK in the last 3 years (previous Yaris delivered with dangerously mis-aligned headlights). Road-holding is good, though the Michelin energy XV1 tyres aren't that great in the wet.

On the negative side it's the 4-door saloon, which will make private re-sale difficult and will probably result in a low part exchange price when we come to sell (no time soon). It does however have a huge boot (more than 400 litres) and have split folding rear seats. I find the seats a little narrow and uncomfortable after a couple of hours. The biggest negative for me is the noise at anything above about 65mph. It's very low geared, which makes for spirited performance, but lots of noise. It's really not a long distance motorway car.

The bumpers mark easily and could really do with the optional protectors. It's not easy to park as it's hard to tell where the back ends (and it's not me I've owned 7 saloons and not had this problem before).

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Review Date: 29th April, 2007

2004 Toyota Corolla XLI 1.3 VVTI from Egypt


The Corolla is the car of the century!


Nothing wrong has ever occurred to this car.

General Comments:

I love my Toyota Corolla. This my second Corolla and my third Toyota (my wife's car is a 2000 Echo), and my fourth car will be probably a Toyota (still considering between the new Toyota Avanza or the new Yaris).

Why do I love my Corolla? Because:

1. It is a very reliable car, built with excellent quality, never let me down.

2. The car performance is great and it is fun to drive, although it is only 1.3, but the VVTI technology is really a break through; it is making the car alive.

3. It is ride is very comfortable. I drive it for about 500 km continuously (about 5 hours).

4. The car is very roomy for its outside dimensions. It has enough room for me and 4 more passengers with all our luggage.

5. I love the car's image, Toyota really scores with its new car designs. My Corolla feels like a Mercedes without being a mirror image of a Mercedes (know what I mean?!).

6. This model in Egypt is one of the most sold cars, about 50,000 units have bean sold since 2002. This is a very good number considering that the overall cars sold in Egypt are about 120,000 units per year.

7. The advantage of the 1.3 VVTI engine is not only its great performance, but also its very low gasoline consumption, which is about 6.25 liters for 100 km.

8. Toyota Egypt is one of the best (if not the best!) car agents in Egypt.

Need to say more?

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Review Date: 13th March, 2007

3rd Aug 2007, 07:48

I agree that In Egypt Corollas are the safest choice in their price bracket due to their reliability and excellent dealer, I used to run a 2002 model and replaced it only 4 months ago, the 1.3 VVTI engine is exceptionally smooth and quiet for its size, the build quality is top notch nothing ever rattled or buzzed just typical Toyota... the negative thing about it was some cheap plastics on the dash-albeit well screwed together- and the handling which can be described as safe and soul-less in fact it applies to the whole car, for all its strong points I never connected with the Corolla and never loved it, it was just an appliance to me and a very good one at that.

21st Mar 2009, 10:09

I'm the Corolla owner, now the car has made 87000 km, it is still as good as new, I did not face any problem of any kind (minor or major) with the Corolla, the only maintenance I do is oil and oil filter change every 10000 km and the 40000 km maintenance at the dealer.

I know that if I want to sell it I will get the highest price, so although all these great things about the Corolla (most of which are absent from many other cars) still I hear the comment that the Corolla is soul-less or other frustrating comments that has no proof, I don't understand what people want with a car?? Or what is so cool about other cars that they consider more fun, but have many problems by their confession?? Will anyone tell me!

18th May 2011, 16:40

Original reviewer:

My Corolla now has made 140 000 km on the clock, and the car is still as good as new. Nothing has gone wrong with the car.

Also I had several road tests with some cars recently like the Kia Carens 1.6 petrol and found that my Corolla is a much better car in every aspect like performance, comfort, engine noise. I also tested a Skoda Octavia Fantasia 1.6 petrol and I found nothing more than my Corolla the performance is the same as my car but with less economy, and personally I don't care about the extra options.