2009 Toyota Corolla Advance 1.3 from South Africa




Clutch was changed at 26500. Got it back after two weeks, and 15 minutes later an oil leak from the gearbox. Drove the car for a week, and the clutch burnt again, and a second clutch was authorised by the field technician.

The car now is sticky, especially in the morning in first and second gear. At times it feels as if it grinds in second gear as the car gets hotter while driving.

Toyota SA says after driving the car today, that it's right according to the spec., so it has to select gears like that they say. Spoken to just about everybody, and no help. The car is still doing the same thing. A courtesy vehicle I drove does exactly the same; even the sales manager drove the same spec. car, and agreed that the car he drove does the same.

What now? You can contact me on lewellyn1_chastity@hotmail.com

General Comments:

Fuel economy good.

Comfortable drive.

Feels safe.

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Review Date: 11th January, 2011

13th Jan 2011, 00:03

It is now day 2 since I last logged a review on my car, and just to update that the clutch is now starting to burn again, and I'm still swinging to get this thing resolved.

2009 Toyota Corolla LE from North America


I love it so far..


I have just recently purchased the 2009 Toyota Corolla about 2 weeks ago. The first time I washed it, a couple of flecks of paint came off (at a carwash, not the kind you drive through, but the kind with the hose and brush with soap), which was annoying, because it left two black marks on the bottom of the car by the driver door. Every time I get in the car I notice it. I have since bought car paint from a site online and took care of it. (I bought the primer, the paint and the clear gloss coat all for about 30 bucks with shipping.) Other than that, the car drives great, the gas mileage is great, and it's been reliable so far)

We did take it on a road trip from Mesquite Nevada to San Diego, Calif (about 6 hour drive one way) and for some reason I just couldn't get comfortable with the headrest. It actually kind of hurt my head... I dunno, I've never had a problem with any other cars I've owned to even notice or realize that it could be a problem. But it was actually hard to fall asleep or get comfortable... I even tried taking off the headrest.

All in all, just little things. I had read reviews about the paint job being kind of cheap, but felt I could live with that if the car was reliable and would last long. I don't count the paint issue as being that big of a problem, because of this.

I love the car so far, and hope it lives up and lasts as long as most all Toyotas do. :)

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Review Date: 16th October, 2010

2009 Toyota Corolla GLi 1.3 petrol/CNG from Pakistan


Best choice for everyday motoring in Pakistan


Nothing has gone wrong so far, just the routine recommended maintenance and replacements by the dealer.

There is one manufacturing fault with the car; its AC compressor makes unwanted sounds at low revs.

General Comments:


The car has a quiet cabin.

Very economical both on petrol and CNG. Does more than 160 km per cylinder in local driving, and 190 plus kms on long routes with air conditioning.

Can sustain the rigidity of the local roads and tracks. Has got suspension seemingly designed for Pakistani roads and tracks.

Has got very good resale value. Often now and then people keep asking if I wanna sell it.

Due to VVTi, produces massive torque at low revs.

Has got improved brakes as compared to the previous version. You just need to carry out its routine service and maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer.

Has improved ride and seats as compared to the previous Corolla. The dampers feel softer and so do the seats compared to the previous Corolla.

It's wider than the previous version, hence more stable on the road, especially at higher speeds.


AC compressor sound as explained above in the problems.

High price.

Average tyres.

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Review Date: 2nd June, 2010

3rd Jun 2011, 10:57

I think it's a better choice than the Honda City. I had an option from my company to choose either, and I chose the Corolla XLi, and never regretted my decision for a moment.

The City might be more sporty looking, but I chose graceful looks over a sporty toy :)