2009 Toyota Corolla CE 1.8 from North America


Toyota; I want my Sonata back


The car does not start almost 20% of the time.

Already 4 trips to the dealer (2 of them), and each time they mention a new reason for, and fix it (!), and it's the same story the next day.

Brake pads replaced at 15000Km :(

The automatic transmission is anything but smooth; specially between 1 & 2. The dealer finds it normal though!

General Comments:

I should damn my stupidity of buying a Corolla. Believe me or not (if you have also heard all those myths about quality of Toyotas), I have had Chevrolet, Chryslers (2), Volvo, Buick and Hyundai before this, and none of them have given that much trouble as this small Japanese junk has given in only 10 months!

You hear noise from every piece of the car (including the horn; thanks Toyota!).

The material is cheapest I have seen (well, after a Saturn I tried once). It looks more like a chinese toy than a well-known real automobile!

I will replace this junk before the winter arrives, as the handling is horrible, specially on the snow and rain.

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Review Date: 14th October, 2009

2009 Toyota Corolla CE gas standard engine from North America


Good commuter car with a reasonable price


Nothing wrong with car.

General Comments:

Road and engine noise are very low, I like it.

Fuel economy is good, engine has enough power (a little more will not hurt), enough space, plastic interior could look better.

I do not like how it feels on road. Suspension is hard and you feel every bump or small hole on the road. It feels like it's tuned up for younger people, with a sporty note.

Least satisfying thing are seats. There is no lumbar support and they make you tired much faster than i.e. Echo seats.

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Review Date: 27th September, 2009

2009 Toyota Corolla G 1.8 from Australia and New Zealand


Yaris sedan is better!


Nothing, it's a Toyota.

General Comments:

I don't like my Corolla. Hope I can trade this car with Civic. It's not comfortable, the cabin is not quiet (the commercial said it's really quiet), and the most disappointing thing is the handling.

It cost more than Yaris sedan, so it should be better, but I was wrong, I hate it! Yaris sedan's leg room is only like 5 cm shorter than Corolla.

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Review Date: 18th July, 2009

18th Jul 2009, 10:56

I don't want to be rude but couldn't you have determined all this on the test drive?

18th Jul 2009, 18:20

So why did you end up buying it? Didn't you take it for a test drive?

18th Jul 2009, 20:44

And that is what Test Drives are for. Maybe you should have driven one before you bought it.

9th Aug 2009, 06:22

I'm the original poster of this. I never test drove it before because I borrowed this car from my company, so it's not really my car, but it will become my car after 7 years of owning it.

4th Sep 2009, 05:35

Hi, it's me, the real poster, I also found out that the rear seats at the right are uncomfortable. The weird structure makes your shoulders feel tired.

26th Oct 2009, 04:42

I got mine a year ago. Superb car. Far more advanced than most other cars. Was looking to buy another car, but most models seem like 10 years behind in technology of the new Corolla. I am not talking about luxury cars here of course, but about cars like Honda, Mitsu, etc.

4th May 2010, 08:51

You have got to be kidding; more advanced than what exactly?

I had one of these as a hire car in Adelaide with only 5,000 KMs roughly on the odometer; total piece of crap.

Handles like a tin can on wheels, the seats feel comfortable when you first jump into them, but later your back starts to ache, and I am only 30.

The handling is boat like, and it feels every bump in the road. The brakes are horrible.

If I was in the market for a small car, I'd steer clear of these; shut the doors on these, and they have no solid thud, unlike other small cars that have a solid feel, and are built more solidly.

There is much better out there; try a VW Polo or something else.