19th Jul 2013, 15:03

There is enough negative stuff to say about the Corolla, that bringing in examples of Toyota's poorly built trucks is hardly necessary. Every comparison test of cars in the Corolla's class have consistently ranked it dead last. That has been the case for the past three years. The Corolla is a very poorly built, outdated car.

21st Jul 2013, 10:08

My drivers ed in the late 60s was in brand new Chevrolet Impalas, when the economy was robust and gas 34 cents a gallon. I bought a 69 Camaro SS from my summer jobs. If you stay away from entry level cars, the quality is typically better. I wasn't a fan of Beretta or Corsica models as well, but they were cheap to buy I guess.

22nd Jul 2013, 11:26

The Corolla and Toyota trucks are not "poorly built". It's super-easy to make generic claims as such, but you'll need to back those claims with facts if they are to be taken seriously...

24th Jul 2013, 00:20

The probationary employee at my workplace who was let go for "absenteeism due to unreliable transportation", is someone who knows for a fact that his unreliable Toyota Corolla cost him a good paying job.

As for the trucks, comment (17th July 2013 17:58) is not a claim, it is a fact that this highly regarded reliability study does not even mention Toyota trucks.

24th Jul 2013, 08:06

If you buy according to what is most popular, you will be driving a Ford F150 today.

Also, why discuss Lexus on an old Corolla review?

The best idea is to test drive on your own. I am 6'3 so I have to test drive, versus just reading a review. If a car gives me backaches, it isn't going to win me over with MPG alone.

26th Jul 2013, 11:55

Actually the best selling car on Earth (for the second year now) is the Ford Focus.

29th Jul 2013, 20:17

GM actually outsold Toyota in JAPAN last month!!

1st Aug 2013, 23:35

For a driver in Japan, owning a G.M. vehicle would be a welcome change, just for the ease of locating it in a parking lot that is row after row of Corollas.

2nd Aug 2013, 15:50

1) I own a 2005 Toyota Corolla, and it is a decent car and I am happy with it. So far so good.

2) North American cars, especially GM have improved immensely in recent years. I rented a 2013 Chevrolet Impala on my recent vacation and it was a very good car, I am actually considering Chevrolet for my next car. I wouldn't touch a Ford with a 39 1/2 foot pole, though mainly because of the complicated My Ford Touch... I am NOT a techno geek.

As for Chrysler, I don't think they will ever be all that good.

3rd Aug 2013, 06:10

I am a GM guy with personal vehicles (own 4 some show cars), but highly recommend the Ford Edge. We have 2010 models in our company; many near or at the 100000 mile mark. We have had many domestic vehicles both cars, SUVs and trucks. This is our first experience with crossovers. I know some of our factory people have Traverses and tow equipment trailers. And some with Enclaves. If you run into anybody with a company vehicle, ask their experiences. They do not own them. As a result, they do not have to justify or defend a purchase, whether it was a good or bad decision. I am impartial on work vehicles. If they fail, I will complain as I lose time and money.

Also we have new Ford trucks, and Ford is the best of the 3 manufacturers we own. Overall, we keep every vehicle on a tight maintenance schedule, especially filters and fluids. Then turn the key and drive 200 miles a day all day long.

3rd Aug 2013, 19:21

Ford definitely shot itself in the foot with the ridiculous My Ford system and the fact that you have to pay $2000 for it whether you want it or not (and I DON'T).

As for Chrysler, I've never had a second's trouble with any of mine, including a Dodge that I sold running flawlessly at over 240,000 miles that had never had anything but routine maintenance.

4th Aug 2013, 09:18

Really appreciate the heads up on the 2011 up Edges. We have 2010 models as company cars. I read about the Ford Touch System. This is the value of reading Car Survey. I am due for another company car and will simply request a different manufacturer or model. Some people will defend a buying decision, either out of former loyalty, or they are afraid to admit a mistake. I have had many vehicles, domestics and imports. If they screw up or have recalls all the time, I get a different new one. Eventually cars wear out. You can have a great year like our 2010, and the next year is far worse. I worry when an engine or trans goes, when a decade earlier there were no issues at all. Thanks again for the info.