2001 Toyota ECHO XL 1.3 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Economical plus


Nothing, but the car keeps draining the battery, but got it fixed.

General Comments:

The car is very economical, and the seats are very comfortable, and it flies, only going down hill, not up them!

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Review Date: 27th June, 2008

2001 Toyota ECHO LX 1.5 from North America


It is a great buy, for sure!!!


This car never faulted me except for 3 warranty recalls:

Back brakes' lines replaced for fear of corrosion and failure in Canadian winters (no cost)

Rust proofing of cabin floor which required front seats and carpet removal (half day - no cost)

Last and most important (make sure it has been fixed if you buy one of these, because the car could suddenly stop!!!), the crankshaft sensor was replaced in 2006 (?) again, at no cost.

General Comments:

Best of all, it's very reliable and fairly peppy.

Gas consumption has been great with an average of 42 (±), with lowest at 35 and highest, 2 fills in a row and mainly highway, at 57mpg (Canada's warmer west coast)

Lower points: small outside rear view mirrors.

Noisy raindrops on plastics by windows or roof gutters.

Front windshield pillar occasionally hiding pedestrians when at crosswalks.

Very roomy cabin, even for tall people.

I like the higher seating position.

Would buy again: great car.

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Review Date: 26th June, 2008

6th Mar 2009, 12:57

I have to agree with you about that windshield pillar. I have had quite a few occasions where I had to peer around it - I guess it's thicker than in most cars or something. It definitely creates a blind spot for the driver.

8th Aug 2010, 08:15

I also agree with your comment about the windshield pillar. I have learned to peek around it before pulling out - a LOT can hide behind that thing!

I REALLY like the higher seats - when I get into my daughter's car, it's like sitting on the ground.

2001 Toyota ECHO 1.8 liter from North America


The Smartest Car of 2007


Mass air flow sensor went out at 107,000 miles.

This car has 137,000 miles now and runs ABSOLUTELY perfectly, JUST like I bought it new.

General Comments:

36 city mpg, 41 highway mpg (at $3.15/gal a full tank on empty costs about $32.00 and drives 380-430 miles before the next fill up.)

Seats are positioned unusually high, and so is the roof. I'm 6'3 and there is plenty of head room and interior space; and I love sitting upright instead of the usual: diagonal.

Headlights are EXTREMELY powerful.

My Echo has a CD/tape combo with six speakers that originally came with the car, and the music quality is awesome! I've never had better sound quality in a car. The bass is great, and the equipment IS NOT cheap and dinky.

Very responsive, quick and easy car to drive; however weak when driving up mountains.

I drove this car from Jacksonville, FL to Kansas City, MO to Laguna Beach, Ca and back again and I was amazed at its tolerable comfort. IT WAS JUST FINE for that 100+ hours of driving.

Everything about this car acts new:

The ride

The engine feel

Interior looks perfect (and is seven years old).

NOTHING is falling apart.

I don't know if I'll ever go back to an American car again. This Japanese car is just treating me too well!

Thanks Toyota for making the Echo, even though most people don't realize what a great car it is. It's not like the gas price is rising out of control or anything...

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Review Date: 4th March, 2008

2001 Toyota ECHO from North America


ECHO is reliable, economical and fun to own!


My car has yet to need any service other than routine maintenance.

General Comments:

I am now in year 7 of owning my ECHO, and I'm still loving this little car as much as the day I bought it. I have a bright red ECHO, and apparently the only one in my small town, so my whereabouts are always visible. Some of my friends call me "little miss ECHO". This car is quick, easy to drive and park, reliable and economical. It's the perfect car for someone who doesn't need to haul around passengers or lots of cargo. I'm a working woman whose kids have moved out of the house, so I only need a car big enough for me - ECHO is perfect!

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Review Date: 15th February, 2008