2001 Toyota ECHO 4 Dr Sedan 1.5 from North America


The best commuter EVER?


Battery replaced at 120 K.

AC compressor froze at 130 K.

Lost two spark plug wire/coil anchor bolts. I used some foam to hold the plug wires on, and never got around to fixing them.

General Comments:

The Echo is a great commuter car. I got about 35-40 MPG with 3/4 highway and 1/4 city driving in Phoenix. Highway speeds are about 70-75 here during rush. The 2001 was set too high in the air and handled poorly at high speeds. I installed lowering springs to fix this for about $200.

No tachometer in 2001.

The ECHO started every time but once for 5 years, as the battery finally died. The 5 speed is plenty fast if you let it wind up before shifting. I wouldn't drive an automatic 4 banger vehicle. The ECHO has an incredibly fast first 50 feet off the stop! Yeah, then the fast cars will catch up.

The engine always ran smoothly, I changed oil, replaced plugs once, air filter a few times, and changed the gear oil and coolant yearly. Other than replacing tires, I did nothing else but wash and wax and drive it.

Finally at 130,000 miles, something broke, the AC compressor froze. The final bill was $2,500. Not cheap, but the only repair costs I ever spent on the ECHO. In Phoenix we run the air about 10 months a year.

You sit high the way it's built, feels like you are driving a bigger car, headroom is ample, seats are comfy. It turns on a dime, stops just as well, and parks anywhere. The dash and interior have a lot of storage, and is well laid out with sturdy vents and knobs. The bubble like design makes for a roomy interior and big trunk with decent leg room to boot.

A quality, well built, utilitarian car. If you like, or can tolerate the looks, buy one! My son crashed mine. I didn't want spend new car money right now or I'd buy a Yaris or Scion for sure. I picked up a 1993 Toyota Paseo for my commute with 160K miles already on it and I like it almost as well as my dear ECHO.

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Review Date: 16th August, 2006

23rd Nov 2006, 22:36

It cost you 2,500 to fix an AC compressor? Um... ouch.

2001 Toyota ECHO Sedan 1.3 from Kuwait




Nothing, just a simple things, no need to mention, causing me I think a 3kd about 10 dollars.

General Comments:

I got the car second hand because I'm out of budget. The car was not so comfortable to drive, but when it comes to her durability, I will mark it to its highest rating.

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Review Date: 18th July, 2006

2001 Toyota ECHO from North America


Glorious and Magnificent


Very few problems through 138,000 miles. The car has needed to have one belt replaced and has had one engine tune-up.

The car was involved in a low-speed (25 MPH) collision and performed well.

General Comments:

This is an excellent model. Even at 138,000 miles, I still manage over 40 miles per gallon on the highway. High winds on the highway do blow her around, however, due to her low weight and weird shape. Very reliable.

I was shocked at how well this car performed in a head on collusion with a larger sedan. My ECHO needed only $300 of body work and I was able to drive her home. The larger car needed over $2000 in work and was towed away from the site.

Despite the low weight, I have no problems driving up steep mountain roads. ECHOS and snow, however, do not mix.

Even the car's shape is so bad that its kind of endearing, like the older Volvos. Reminds me of "Snakes on a Plane", such a terrible idea that I cannot turn away.

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Review Date: 18th May, 2006