30th Dec 2006, 16:12

To 14:50; that was my comment, and thanks for actually admitting the truth, but Hummers being like a fine piece of art? No. GM's unquestionable reliability!?! What planet do you live on? GM's gradual, slow, but steady decline is because of their notoriously sloppy quality and their poor workmanship. QUALITY is the key word, and it has been long lost in GM plants. It gave way long ago to the curse of mass production, where cutting costs and corners allow more quantity, which ALWAYS means less quality. Again, I appreciate your honesty; most people who drive those things would be too insecure to admit that they are a status symbol. That's the funny part though! There's nothing special about them! I can see buying a Mercedes or a Porsche to show off, but a Hummer says to me that the person driving it doesn't normally make good decisions, or at least not when it comes to choosing vehicle.

30th Dec 2006, 20:05

The reliability of Ford and GM now exceeds the reliability of ALL Japanese makes. The myth that they are unreliable is as silly as the myth that little cars are safer than big cars. People need to look at real world experiences, not fantasies of Japanese ad departments. To refer to the "unquestionable reliability" of a Hummer (or GMC or Cadillac) is totally valid. My brother-in-law traded his totally boring Toyota Sequoia for his Hummer because the Hummer was a vastly superior vehicle, not because he was stupid. He didn't become a millionaire by making dumb decisions. Most of my clients are millionaires several times over, and I can't think of ONE that drives a Japanese vehicle. Virtually ALL of them own one or more Hummers.

30th Dec 2006, 20:16

Where people keep coming up with these silly (and blatantly FALSE) statements that "GM quality has been declining for years" is an interesting question. It surely doesn't come from facts. J.D. Powers has rated GM cars as higher in customer satisfaction than Honda or Toyota for years, and the spate of safety recalls and massive mechanical problems with Toyota would seem to indicate that quality decline is a Japanese car issue, not an American one. Consumer Reports now rates Ford ahead of Toyota and Honda in reliability, and even the lowly Ford Ranger is rated as equal in reliability to the over-priced and over rated Tacoma (and has been for YEARS). Apparently people don't read much these days, otherwise they wouldn't be making such wild and unfounded claims.

30th Dec 2006, 21:20

Lamborghini DID make an SUV, the LMOO2, and you will see my review in that section.

31st Dec 2006, 07:22

Sorry guys, Honda and Toyota have always been better; I know it's hard for some people to accept, but that's just how it is.

31st Dec 2006, 09:52

Who said Lamborghini didn't make an SUV?

As for this ridiculous talk of Hummers being "works of art" and the "choice of the rich", just goes to prove new money has no taste or self esteem.

31st Dec 2006, 10:07

Funny, they said the same thing about tobacco, asbestos, radiation, and the rest. And the facts proved them wrong, just as they do with SUVs.

I care too much about my family to subject to them to a deathtrap in the guise of a "safe" vehicle.

31st Dec 2006, 11:23

The Ford Fusion is their only reliable car pal. And plus it does not top the four cylinder Honda Accord in reliability. You know that the Fusion will probably show up other defects in the next couple of years that will make it hell for its owner. If you think I am crazy, then look at the history of the auto industry and all the other cars declared reliable engineering in the past that turned up to be deadly or hell for its owner. My brother in law has a 2006 Ford Ranger with 14,000 miles. It has spent most of its life at the dealer getting the defective transmission replaced, defective clutch, defective flywheel, defective slave cylinders, and everything else that is associated with the transmission and yet Ford cannot figure out why it is having so much trouble. Ford even had to call an engineer in Detroit to figure out where all the trouble is coming from and yet the engineer has no idea what is causing the problem. I can tell you that my brother in law was a Ford man, who will never buy another Ford vehicle again and we are trying to get help from the lemon laws of Minnesota.

31st Dec 2006, 15:45

Single fact? Get your head of the sand. Frontline did an extensive investigation on the SUV death/injury rate as did other independent sources.

But it's like talking to a brick wall because you people will never believe any of the TRUTH until your SUV suddently careens out of control.

SUVs are sold on the PT Barnum theory, and you people prove it in spades.

31st Dec 2006, 17:25

Why would anyone want a Highlander? Or did the Toyota owners reclassify it now as a car?

31st Dec 2006, 18:11

The comment regarding Hummers (14:50) doesn't SAY that Hummers are a "work of art", it says that LIKE a fine work of art, they show that their owners have wealth. I notice a definite inability to read among the import crowd. I suppose that is why they make so many false statements and adhere to such a plethora of myths regarding cars. As for the much ranted about "poor quality" of Hummers, I can't imagine who in their right mind could regard them as poor quality. Obviously none of the commenters making such silly statements has ever even sat in one. As for reliability, no Hummer owner really cares. If you can buy a Hummer you are able to trade every couple of years anyway. Lasting 300,000 miles is NOT a consideration, though with proper maintenance the Hummer will easily do that. Wealthy people prefer style and image to practicality. Their buddies at the country club will tease them if they drive a car more than 3 years old. Methinks the venom being vented at Hummers is simply another case of sour grapes from people who wish they could afford one, but since they can't, they attack those who do.

31st Dec 2006, 23:36

I do not think they are expensive at all and if I had an extra 60 g's sitting around I would have bought something a lot better!

31st Dec 2006, 23:47

We just had a snow storm today in Minnesota. Everyone in the Northwoods thought that their Yukons and Silverados were safe to drive on very icey roads at 80 mph. What these people do not know is that they are only good for a lot of snow: like driving through a foot of snow!!!

As for those crazy truck drivers on the freeways; they almost always end up in the ditches stuck waiting for a tow truck to get them out. It is not uncommon to find one that has flipped over in a ten minute drive during slippery conditions.

A truck or SUV = a false sense of security. Without the help of stability control or traction control, these mammoth vehicles cannot rely on their weight (sucks for pickup drivers) or 4-wheel drive to safely transport their humans. Even all the gizmos cannot fool the acts of God!

1st Jan 2007, 05:41

I do not think Hummers are actually that expensive especially the H2. Check out the prices. I much prefer the Range Rover with the adjustable air suspension. I guess any high center of gravity vehicle may be prone if you drive like an idiot to turn one over. How about opening up you comments further... school buses?