4th Jan 2007, 16:15

SUVS are SUVs and none of them are good for America in any way. And if you think you're "saving the planet" by buying a Highlander Hybrid just keep in mind a recent auto test returned 14 mpg in one.

And I cannot fathom why anyone would consider a Hummer an aspirational vehicle.

4th Jan 2007, 16:46

A 2001 Hummer is probably selling for 5,000 dollars right now. Go down to the Ford dealer and you will find some in the used truck lot.

4th Jan 2007, 18:25

I'll take 3... 2001 H1 Hummers today...$5000 each. What is the exact street address and city? Please be very specific. I cannot believe your comment was not immediately removed. Look up H1 resale.

4th Jan 2007, 18:35

I went to Walmart and noticed a lot of thrifty imports throughout the lot... no where did I see SUV parking only. You can drive 2 hours to work in a thrifty import and burn more fuel a week that my SUV that has about 50 miles a week put on it. I am off here. I have no interest in purchasing a Highlander my only interest was when the original reviewer said this was high performance. It probably drew in a # of other car enthusiasts as well hoping to see something interesting.

4th Jan 2007, 19:52

FYI, a 2001 Hummer SUV (4-door with steel top) currently goes for around $47,000 in average condition.

4th Jan 2007, 20:24

I guess the whole thing about this review that strikes me as HILARIOUS is the title "A HIGH PERFORMANCE BARGAIN". It is a double oxymoron!! Obviously the reviewer has never driven anything more powerful than a mo-ped or ever shopped for anything automotive. The Highlander is the, slowest, most underpowered SUV made. We drove a 4-cylinder Escape that was faster than the Highlander V-6. It was absolutely TERRIFYING trying to merge onto a freeway in the Highlander. And as for it being a "bargain"?? You HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING!! It costs more than real SUV's with twice the performance and far more solid truck based construction (which provides far greater safety). In addition, it appears from all the comments that the Highlander is about as reliable as a Yugo and has so many safety defects it shouldn't be allowed on the road.

4th Jan 2007, 20:29

Talk about beating a dead horse with a stick. I do believe the only vehicle more hideous looking than the Hummer (GM garbage) has to be the Aztec.

4th Jan 2007, 21:02

Now I really want my Hummer H1. I ran to the bank and got $5000...oops $47,000 minimum for a 2001 sounds like another actual domestic enthusiast. I looked it up on Kelley Blue Book and of course you are correct. I hope to get rid of my car and someday own a really cool H1.

4th Jan 2007, 21:06

I think the early 80's Celica hatchbacks were hideous. That's when I switched to Honda. I had a brand new 1977 Celica GT and why they ever deviated from the Mustang styling is beyond me.

5th Jan 2007, 08:50

I used to think that until the Caliber came out. Talk about something a three year old designed.

5th Jan 2007, 08:53

I see, so your personal experience means SUVs are good for this country.

And I suggest you read the post carefully since you clearly did not read mine correctly. SUV owners think the word "Compact" means "SUV only".

5th Jan 2007, 10:23

Only thrifty imports at Wal-Mart?

Guess you'll have to explain why, at the 2006 OPEC conference, the keynote speaker started his address with "Let me assure everyone that Americans are still driving their SUVs to Wal-Mart". Reported in The Economist and other sources.

More proof of which country SUV owners are supporting.

5th Jan 2007, 11:06

Listen, NOBODY CARES! I see a majority of Subaru's and Volvo's at Wal Mart, you say that the parking lot is full of SUV's, the point is it's not just people who drive SUV's that shop there! So why do you keep saying that, because it isn't true! How many times do we have to repeat that?!

This conversation has completely gone off topic, and if it continues I'm afraid the moderator will delete all the comments! You'll never win the argument because you're in the minority, and most of the claims you make are totally unfounded and you don't present any proof for your accusations, (aka 'if you drive an SUV, you want to exploit America' Give me a break!) And by the way, can you tell us where that $5000 2001 Hummer was, because I'll be the first in line!

5th Jan 2007, 12:53

I think the only comments should be about 2001 Highlanders from now on. Its gotten pretty mental on here...Walmart, key speakers, Communism etc. None of this seems appealing to anyone considering this model. Please focus on actual owners that cover the weaknesses, pro and cons only. I can grab a USA Today for my world reports.

5th Jan 2007, 22:15

Considering the low quality of the 2001 Highlanders I doubt that many are left on the road to worry about having discussions about.

22nd Jun 2013, 19:16

I have just completed comparing a 2001 Toyota Highlander & a 2004 Chrysler Pacifica, Both were purchased new in their first year. It has taken 12 and 10 years respectively. Both vehicles have extremely low repair needs.

After each has 132,000 miles, the Chrysler wins by a whisker. The Pacifica's brakes out last the Highlander. The Toyota's rear calipers are ruined and the rotors did not last nearly as long. In the 1st 3 years, the Toyota needs less warranty, but Chrysler gave me a free loaner. The next 7 years they are equals. But the Chrysler wins by stopping power.

Still, they both are the 2 best cars my family has owned.


25th Jun 2013, 13:19

My nod goes to the Ford Edge. Handles well, is actually pretty fast, the comfort is there, and it's priced well. You can spend more, but the best bang per buck is the new Fords. I will have 100k on mine, under 3 years old. Fluids, tires, brakes and a battery. I suspect the battery was due to all the added electronics plugged in its 3 factory lighter sockets as a mobile office. The sound system is also outstanding.

A lot of people think my dark grey Edge is a BMW crossover. I don't like BMW at all, so I correct it quickly.

7th Jul 2015, 18:04

Yes, that's right. Those things all add to the excitement, and the fact that it drives like a dream.