3rd Jan 2007, 11:59

Why does someone that makes $500 an hour have to be always be practical with buying a vehicle. That answers it pretty rapidly.

3rd Jan 2007, 12:47

What you say may be true about a Honda having more room then a 7 series BMW, but it doesn't change what I said.

Just because YOU prefer those cars doesn't mean everybody else has to. You saw 5 people in a suburban, so what? I've been in a Durango with 5 other people plus tons of luggage! But who cares? And to say that if you drive an SUV you want to exploit America is about the dumbest comment (no offense) I've heard on here. That's like saying if you use a microwave to cook your lunch that you are exploiting Sears. In fact, driving an SUV does exactly the OPPOSITE because here in the USA we have a choice to drive the vehicle we want, without you ridiculing what type of car we drive!

And as far as me 'avoiding' the other comment, I did that to keep my comment short, so as not to derail the Toyota vs. US automakers discussion, so I'll keep my response short. When I see Wal Mart I see more Subaru's and Honda's there then SUV's, it just depends on when you go I guess. I don't like Wal Mart, I think they're business practices are distasteful and they use sweatshop products, but I know LOTS of liberals who shop there so I don't think it's a political boundary issue. And when you sit there and talk about how bad people are for buying foreign products then promote cars like the Honda Fit, then you're being two-sided. But this rabbit trail really has nothing to do with the discussion which was about Toyota vs. American cars.

3rd Jan 2007, 12:53

How about not driving imports at all? It sounds like you feel we need to be on trial. If I drive a Hummer why should I defend myself if its money I earned and it is sold legally in the U.S.A.? Why buy extravagant kitchens, televisions, etc. we can all eat off a hot plate and a picnic table. People buy what they like and can afford its the advantage of living in a free country. If I want to live in a Communistic country I may drive what others dictate.

3rd Jan 2007, 13:08

What if you are a volunteer on a reforestation project in the U.S.A. than cannot get their 2wd vehicle to the site? I love the random edicts only because they defense is over buying a Toyota SUV that in my opinion is not as nice as a GM.

So how many soccer moms are Communists driving what their husband purchased with good intentions?

3rd Jan 2007, 18:00

I see, so it's okay for the GOVERNMENT to subsidize your Hummer and even give you tons of tax breaks if you use it for business yet you're against communism.

Why don't you pay a gas guzzler tax, an Iraq tax (guess where the gas comes from), and lots of other taxes that SUPPORT your habit without you paying a dime.

3rd Jan 2007, 18:29

Some of us DON'T buy extravagant kitchens and televisions, that's the point! And the people who do are the same ones that buy Hummers and Navigators- they are the problem. The answer to this is not to say "I drive whatever I want, no matter how excessive it is, and there's nothing you can do about it." That attitude is what I am attacking here. We ALL need to exercise a little restraint and common sense, and the Hummer is a step in the wrong direction. If everyone, or even most people drove small cars, pollution goes down, gas prices go down because oil consumption goes down, etc.; get the ball rolling the right way. Yeah, I know that some of us need trucks, but most of us do not need SUV's. What the hell does suburban utility vehicle mean anyway? Americans love their cars, that probably will never change, but in just about every other country in the world that have automobiles, they are compact and efficient. They're just transportation, people, stop attaching your self-worth to how big and expensive a vehicle you can afford. Buy something efficient, help out your kids and grandkids by not burning up oil just because your ego thinks it needs a Hummer.

3rd Jan 2007, 19:35

My wife drives a large GM SUV and is generally the only person in it. Is that wasteful? Actually NO. Her large SUV actually gets BETTER mpg than the Highlander V-6, while providing tons more horsepower, and acceleration that doesn't get you run over trying to get on freeways (see NUMEROUS complaints about Highlander's poor acceleration). Unlike the Highlander, the brakes also work. In addition, I have more peace of mind knowing that she is far safer in her larger, better built vehicle and that in the case of road flooding (which we experience here occasionally) she can very easily drive her high-riding, truck based SUV through areas cars (or crossovers like the Highlander) can't go. My compact pickup actually gets worse mileage than her SUV, so how is it being wasteful or hurting the environment for her to drive a much safer vehicle?

3rd Jan 2007, 21:04

Wow, now we are comparing what great mileage SUVs get vs. other SUVs and trucks.

Kind of like a 300 lb person saying they are healthier than a 350 lb person.

3rd Jan 2007, 21:06

With that comment perhaps if we all buy domestic vehicles and make efforts to keep our spending in the U.S.A. consolidate our trips, car pool if we have a sensible SUV that can carry a group of passengers, turn our thermostat down, add insulation in our homes. In my opinion if you are doing that already you are on the right track. If my boss runs a very successful mfr. company that pays for a lot of electricity/utilities and misc. taxes in my state and allows me the opp'y to work with other employees that also work and pay taxes he can drive a Hummer,Cadillac whatever and take whatever year end vehicle allowances that the government legally allows. The government and state see a lot of tax. I would rather work for a company that still manufacturers in this country then to see all my fellow co workers become unemployed and have the work be lost overseas. We also support area businesses,buy homes pay taxes as a trickle down effect. If I become unemployed your taxes will have to support me. Again if my boss drives a Hummer we must be doing something right. I make an above average living by the way and appreciate not complain.

3rd Jan 2007, 22:44

To 18:00 and 18:29:

Who said that if you drive a Hummer you 'don't pay a dime'? Last time I checked the government puts hefty taxes on gasoline, so of course they pay for it.

And look, just because people in other countries drive tiny ugly cars that have less power then my lawnmower, that doesn't mean we have to! There is nothing wrong with somebody driving a Navigator or a Hummer! Just because YOU don't approve of it doesn't mean everybody has to think like you!! The whole world doesn't revolve around what is practical! Especially in the USA where people can work hard, prosper and then buy stuff they want, whether it's practical or not! I like SUV's because they are powerful, haul lots of people in luxury, and can go anywhere I want to. And if you like Toyota Corollas because they are... whatever you like about them then you have that right too, that's what's great about America!