1992 Toyota Paseo 1.5 from North America


Great first time car for anyone with a speed streak


Rear Brakes at 158000.

Sunroof Leaks a little bit around front clips.

Front Brakes and Rotors in need of replacement.

Front Struts in need of replacement.

Head Gaskets, and Piston Rings were just replaced by previous owner.

General Comments:

This is my first car, and I can definitely say it is the best car I have owned. Because of my experience, I will definitely stay in the Toyota family.

The car has great get-up-and-go for such a small engine. Enough power for it's light weight.

The cabin feels sporty, but with four people, it is kind of cramped.

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Review Date: 31st May, 2004

1992 Toyota Paseo 1.5L 5EFE from North America


Sporty and economical wonder


I was fortunate enough to have all records of this vehicle when I purchased it.

Timing belt, crankshaft and camshaft seals, water pump at 92,000 miles.

Transmission rebuilt, new clutch and throw out bearing at 96,000 miles.

Water pump at 106,000 miles.

Front rotors replaced at 115,000 miles.

Air conditioning retrofitted to newer type R-134 at 120,000 miles. Blows cool, but not cold. The air conditioning works better than leaving the windows open on a 90 plus degree day.

Windshield washer pump button is broken.

Fuel door spring is broken, makes for an interesting site at the gas station trying to get it open.

Crankshaft seal currently leaking again, will replace timing belt and seals again.

General Comments:

I drive about 100 miles per day round trip, the fuel usage on this type of car is why I purchased it. Plus, Toyota's reputation of having vehicles and engines that consistently run above 200,000 miles is another factor.

Has a great fun factor!! Sporty, quick, and responsive!!

The manual transmission feels lose, have driven other similar vehicles that had a much nicer feel when shifting.

Rear seat space is tiny, good for two small kids, but not on a longer road trip.

When I purchased this car, I had to drive it home, about 1100 miles. I averaged 38 miles to the gallon with the air conditioning on full blast and at speeds averaging 75-80 miles per hour for the trip. Never had a problem, other than oil leaking from the bad crankshaft seal.

I wished the Toyota Engineer's could have found a way to add another 5 gallons of fuel capacity to the tank.

I am a big guy, about 280 pounds, but only 5'11". I also have had a history of severe back pain. This car is actually pretty comfortable for me to drive! The 1100 mile trip I mentioned above was only done with three stops, were it not for needing fuel, I might have made it on one stop:-)

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Review Date: 4th September, 2003

1992 Toyota Paseo 1.5 liter from North America


I love the Paseo... a fun ride that's affordable!


The thermostat went bad in the spring. The fabric interior of the car has discolored from black to a charcoal gray. The rear struts were bad when I bought it as was the emergency brake cable.

General Comments:

I love my Paseo! It has enough power to get me through my 150 mile a day drive, but is economical enough where I can drive it during my "down time".The only real issue I have encountered is that there isn't enough room in the back seat. I never ride back there so that is of little consequence to me!I love the appearance of the vehicle... even though it is 11 years old, it still gets looks. I am going to be adding some things to the vehicle over the winter to make it look more "modern" but I'm happy with the way it looks as it is. If you get the chance to drive a Paseo, do so... you will be pleasantly surprised!

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Review Date: 14th August, 2003

1992 Toyota Paseo 1.5L 4 cylinder. from North America


Great gas mileage and performance too


So far only the clutch master cylinder has blown out, but it was faulty, not the car's fault, exhaust is also in need of replacement.

General Comments:

When I got the car the previous owner was getting ready to donate it to the fire department to burn, and I purchased it for $100, and it ran, but could not be driven. To bring the car back to life I replaced the front struts and brakes at all 4 corners and and a clutch master cylinder, and all new tires, it now still runs like a top after 140k miles on the chassis and 23k on the motor from the previous owner throwing 3 out of 4 rods through the block. For a 1.5 this car will pick right up and go, and I can hit rubber for 3 gears.

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Review Date: 29th July, 2003