15th Aug 2009, 00:27

I disagree with the European that mentioned the CV joints needing replacement for 60 euros in parts. He/she must of misunderstood. When they said the "transaxle" would cost three thousand dollars what they were talking about was the "transmission". On a front wheel drive car the axle and transmission are combined into one unit. So "transaxle" is equivalent to the noun "transmission". This is a common misconception world wide.

7th Jul 2010, 00:15

Let me put it this way, Corolla, one of the most efficient cars a consumer could buy, not hybrid that is. I own both a 02 Corolla and newer Prius, the corolla barely makes 30 MPG, in the winter it gets to about 27 MPG.

The Prius on the other hand achieved 58 MPG with mixed city highway driving, and regularly gets over 50 MPG. Not only is a Prius very well equipped, it has NAV, JBL, back up camera, bluetooth etc, it feels like a mid sized car and rides like such as well. The Corolla is as low on the car scale as one could go, well not really, could always get a Hyundai Accent. Yes it's reliable, but it's not cool, efficient enough or cheap to consider buying anymore. The Prius is only a few thousand more.

To the writer who posed about the OMNI and cars from the 70's that got 50 MPG, yes, they did. So did the Honda CRX HF, and guess what, the new Civics barely make 30 mpg. I'm saying that speaking of such car relics is irrelevant, they are all dead by now and I would honestly be ashamed to drive one.

7th Jul 2010, 16:08

I own a '96 Corolla with 180,000 miles. I regularly achieve 40 MPG, and in the winter about 35. Something is wrong with yours, or you just have a lead foot.

As for the Prius being only a few thousand more than the Corolla, well the Corolla costs $15,450 vs the Prius at $22,800. This is a $7,350 difference. That's a bit more than a few thousand. But I guess if you think a Prius is cool then it's worth the extra 7 grand.

The new Civic is rated at 36 MPG for the gas model, and 45 MPG for the hybrid. I also own an '08 Civic, not a hybrid, just a regular gasoline-powered model. I've gotten as much as 47 MPG with it.

I don't see the point of hybrids really. Beyond the fact that they have slightly lower emissions than regular cars, they don't get that much better gas mileage. Definitely not enough to justify how much more they cost compared to regular cars. If you ask me, diesel is the way to go. Small European cars like the Volkswagen Polo Diesel get as much as 73 MPG. That blows your hybrid out of the water.

25th Sep 2010, 20:07

I just bought a 2010 Prius. Almost got 2007 model, glad I didn't.

I love my Prius, my first one. I'm averaging 59 combined per gallon. I don't care that it cost me more. I had a 2007 Corolla; no comparison to my base model Prius.

I had 2007 Impala I traded. 50 dollars or more to fill up. Going on trip of 1500 miles; instead of 450 dollars one way, how does 85 dollars in my Prius sound?

I love not giving my money to the oil company. Instead I'm helping the banks with my own bail out (my loan). My bank wanted 13.9%, Toyota gave me 1.9% go figure.

My 2010 is like being in a futuristic vehicle. It's fun to drive, and not paying at the pump is making fuel savings; with all the mileage, it's over 200 a month easy, so say what you will, I'm loving it $$$$$$ all day long baby.