24th Sep 2012, 07:23

Yeah, take a look at the '08 Escape reviews - their owner's seem to just love them - not!

24th Sep 2012, 08:03

Most of us pick the Ford Edge SEL All Wheel Drive. 72,000 miles under 2 years old. Just tires and frequent fluid changes. I am even on the same brakes! It's also quick and averages 21 MPG on the display.

24th Sep 2012, 08:17

"Most of us pick the Ford Edge SEL All Wheel Drive."

"Most of us?"

Ummm... both the Escape & the RAV4 outsell the Edge, as do many other SUVs & CUVs.

24th Sep 2012, 11:50

I also has a 2008 RAV-4 with lots of road noise. Even after changing the run flat tires, it made no difference.

25th Sep 2012, 15:58

The Ford Edge is just fine. Actually there is one in our family that replaced a Toyota based Vibe that blew the engine at 48,000 miles.

Yes, it was maintained.

26th Sep 2012, 12:46

My company has all Ford Edges as our now standard company vehicles. They. are a great choice. Some of my family have them as well.

27th Sep 2012, 20:42

My friend's girlfriend has one of these. She is not satisfied either with hers; it has been a lot of problems, recalls, and general poor quality. I hear her complain about it all the time, so you are not the only one feeling frustrated!

It's too bad, because Toyota used to make decent products. It seems like they just take advantage of their reputation now to sell disposable junk. I would never buy any Toyota made after 2000; that is when the quality went downhill.

28th Sep 2012, 10:10

Here we go again with the same "oh - Toyota's quality has magically dropped after 2000". Funny, seeing as how once again, Toyota is still at the top of the list reliability-wise, and in my family we have numerous post-2000 Toyotas that all have well past 250,000+ miles without any changes in reliability, which is to say they are just as reliable, if not more so, than the same as we owned in the 80's.

29th Sep 2012, 06:02

And that's you. Don't diminish others that have spent hard earned money and had major issues lately. You can speak from your experience, but not the many thousands of others.

29th Sep 2012, 10:35

Clearly others do in fact speak of their experiences, and hence why all you have to do is open a web browser, type in "Most reliable car brands", and conveniently see compiled lists of those brands as a result of various owner surveys. Toyota, Honda, Nissan, and Mazda basically top out the list of the most reliable brands. That isn't to say that none of their cars and trucks have issues: all car makers will make a few duds. But if you compile the math, the brands that show the highest rates of reliability, do so due to the median reliability surveys from a broad cross-spectrum of the consumer populace. Thus while it might very well be my personal opinion that Toyota makes a good product, I can also point out that the majority of people who own them do so as well, and hence my personal opinion is irrelevant: these surveys more or less make the point anyway. Otherwise they wouldn't be on the top of the reliability lists... would they?

29th Sep 2012, 12:35

Well, this review is about my 2008 RAV-4, and it pretty much sums it all up as to where Toyota quality has gone (straight to hell!).

30th Sep 2012, 19:48

One review about one dud Toyota doesn't indicate that the entire brand automatically makes nothing but bad cars. That's the wonderful thing about statistics: They take the mean median ownership experience of millions of owners, and the data is compiled. It's not about individual cars. It's about the combined experiences of those owners together. Some companies make more poorly built cars than others. It just so happens that Toyota makes less of "them".

1st Oct 2012, 08:14

We get you like your Toyota. Over and over and over and over and over, we get you like yours. We also read the original new Toyota commenter, also heading with recalls over and over and over and over. Get's like a broken record. You are not going to change anyone's buying pattern either way. It has to hit hard in the wallet at repair time to do that. Many people have a mindset anyway. I drive new domestics. Does anyone care what I drive honestly? Likely not.

1st Oct 2012, 17:39

Toyota has more recalls than any car maker in the history of the world. That is one "statistic" that is hard for die-hard Toyota fans to explain away.

2nd Oct 2012, 00:01

There is a lot more than one review about these "dud" Toyotas.

Just live with it, especially if yours is oh-so good, then what do you care?

3rd Oct 2012, 18:28

If you have to pay for a new engine in a late model Toyota, you may not brush it away with saying... Perhaps I bought a new dud!

4th Oct 2012, 10:14

It has nothing to do with whether I personally like Toyotas. That's not the case being made. Speaking of broken records, the exact same anti-Toyota comments basically dominate a large number of Toyota reviews here. That too gets pretty old.

But nevertheless, if in fact Toyota did build bad cars and trucks and they didn't sell well, then yes - maybe those making such negative claims would have a valid argument. That's the irony, because neither one of those are true. I find it absolutely pointless to constantly make negative comments about a brand that has for decades been proven to make good quality products.

4th Oct 2012, 17:17

Still, I would take a Toyota over ANY model Ford makes, including your beloved Fusion, which is rapidly becoming the Tempo of the 2000's.

5th Oct 2012, 08:25

This site is full of negative Toyota reviews, recalls and issues. If people have switched and are now pro domestic, it may be wise to be forewarned. Even you may buy a couple more new, have issues, and quit buying. We had no complaint for over 20 years. I was a diehard fan too. The mere fact we bought yet another may indicate we thought the first late model issues were a fluke. My recommendation is to find a low mileage used pre mid 90s vs a new one. If that's being negative, you are mistaken.

5th Oct 2012, 09:01

The "case being made" here is reviews like this one represent one of the thousands of owners who got screwed on their Toyota quality.

It has nothing to do with people making claims.

5th Oct 2012, 11:37

Let's see, you just indicated all Fords vs. the exciting Toyota lineup. My view is a complete 360 degrees opposite vs. yours. Let's see what would I pick as my recommendation - my Ford selection as you indicated the whole lineup. In order, my hottest picks would be as follows... of course they would be the newest 2013 models. A new Ford Shelby GT500 supercharged 650 HP, Ford Mustang Boss 302 with 444 HP of course with 6 speed manual. I especially like the Recaro seat package. Any of the upscale Lincoln lineup such as a 2013 Navigator, any one of the 2013 MK series, 2013 Explorer and lastly a Ford Edge SEL AWD crossover with 300HP. That's just the order I would pick, and I would be entirely satisfied and very enthusiastic over any one of the above!

5th Oct 2012, 16:16

A HUGE number of anti-Toyota comments here have nothing to do with the car in question or for anything specific for that matter. Most of the comments are rather vague and repetitive. Here are a few classics that show up time and again:

1: That all foreign or Japanese cars are automatically bad - of course with no mention of specific brands or models.

2: That somehow, Toyota quality has dropped in quality since 2000, despite the fact that quality reports show otherwise.

3: Some sort of made-up story about such-and-such friend of a friend who used to own a Toyota or Honda, but has now switched to domestics (again with no real mention of WHAT domestic that might be).

4: That Japanese cars (again note the lack of specifics) use inferior steel, skimpy materials, or have "sagging frames" or something also equally vague.

5: That they would much prefer their "Award-winning" (yet ironically foreign manufactured) American car over the supposed "inferior" (yet also ironically American made) "import".

6: Repeated mentions of initial quality reports as a means to suggest long-term reliability while ignoring the actual long-term reliability reports showing the cars they detest (those stinkin' foreign cars) on the top of that list.

I could go on and on, but that is really and truly the gist of what mostly appears on an awful lot of Toyota reviews.