11th Oct 2012, 18:05

You can type the same comment with these statistics until your fingers fall off, and it still means nothing to the buyers who have gotten stiffed on their Toyota.

12th Oct 2012, 07:48

Funny thing is, it really only matters to those who look for reasons to bash one of the most reliable makes in automotive history.

What about all of the Ford recalls? What do they mean?

12th Oct 2012, 08:49

You read over and over Toyota actual owners commenting that it's a bland, ordinary and boring car, but it runs good after the recalls. I am sorry, it has zero appeal for me to buy an item with boring as a feature.

12th Oct 2012, 10:51

Well, those who obviously have some sort of agenda to go on and on about Toyota and their supposed "bad" quality, can type the same repeated stuff until their fingers fall off as well, but it still doesn't hide the fact that overall Toyota, and for that matter Honda, Nissan, Subaru, and Mazda are the top 5 more reliable automakers.

But here the thing: I mean - I hear an awful lot of these exact same comments made over and over about imports this, imports that, and yet I NEVER see these sort of comments made on anything other than Toyota, Honda, etc. In other words - the import brands that happen to be the most reliable.

Why is this puzzling? Because there are other "imported" brands that are in fact very unreliable and prone to having costly problems. So bad that some of these import brands are at the bottom of the quality lists, well below any of the Big 3 domestic producers. Yet I NEVER see these anti-import comments made on any of those brand's reviews.

So I just find it ironic and puzzling that there seems to be this non-stop attempt to discredit the most reliable brands of cars, using a generic claim that they're bad because they're imports, and then in turn totally not make these sort of comments on the imported brands that DO in fact have worse reliability records. So what is it? Why constantly try to disprove a good reputation earned by companies that make good products, and then totally ignore the brands that actually do have issues? What good is this doing? Obviously it isn't working, because otherwise the Camry and many of the other highly rated brands wouldn't be either the best-selling or some of the best selling cars in the US?

12th Oct 2012, 12:13

Exactly, I myself had a 2008 RAV-4. Road noise, steering problems and early water pump failure made me get rid of it real fast.

12th Oct 2012, 13:13

Wow, and what a recall it was! Friction in the power windows potentially causing smoke. This is so unbelievably dangerous, right up there with things like steering wheels locking while driving, wheels falling off, springs that break and make tires explode -- all things GM and Ford have given us.

The difference between Toyota and the domestics is that Toyota will do a recall for something like this, while the domestics won't. One of my personal favourites is with Chrysler's Sebring/Avenger, where the plastic on the transmission shifter might melt and make the shifter immovable. Brilliant engineering right there, but no recall to fix it. That's up to the owner.

12th Oct 2012, 13:33

It is a complete disgrace. Even more so is ignoring or brushing aside other Toyota owner's misfortunes. At the very least it would be nice to see at least one comment from this fanatic saying that he feels sorry for the 30 million recalls. It's usually quickly brushed aside as a few lemons.

And then the former top 10 list. Not everyone is content or should they be with recent ongoing quality control concerns with this brand. It's pathetic. Maybe the commenter might have some empathy or it's meaningless to them. It then gets a deflection that domestics were poor in the old days and they are finally better today. Too bad he cannot say the same.

12th Oct 2012, 15:56

As a former Ford employee, I know that for many decades Ford has issued recalls for things as insignificant as interior trim that might warp in the Sun, and/or possible defective ignition parts that might fail. I know because my own Ford was recalled at over 100,000 miles for these very problems. Neither had occurred, but Ford was willing to fix them. Even at 100,000 miles.

It took three Grand jury subpoenas to FORCE Toyota to fix life-threatening issues on MILLIONS of cars. So comment 13:13 way off base. No Japanese car company has ever done voluntary recalls without being forced to. Domestics have done so for half a century.

12th Oct 2012, 20:37

Have you ever complained about your own personal waste of time for the many Toyota recalls? You said they did them without complaint. Why the extreme tolerance towards your personal brand is my question number one?

And secondly, why do you continually ignore the same ownership comments from extremely agitated Toyota commenters. It's like a kid complaining that Johnny down the street did worse than I did. Never once are the other Toyota owner's issues ever acknowledged. It's domestics have wheels falling off, so my recall is not important.

13th Oct 2012, 14:17

One person posting the same comments over and over, still has nothing to do with ACTUAL people that had ACTUAL bad experiences.

13th Oct 2012, 14:33

There is a BIG difference between individual complaints for individual cars, versus making claims that an entire brand is a bad brand. Those who make valiant efforts to try and discredit Toyota, use these individual reviews to make sweeping statements, claiming that ALL Toyota cars are bad. This is clearly an agenda for some people, and not one based on facts or legitimate data. If Toyota actually made bad, unreliable cars, then they wouldn't be shown at the top of the reliability list. Plain and simple. Sure - Toyota has had recalls? Sure. But so too have all the other brands. Big deal.

And again - how come NONE of these anti-import comments show on anything other than Toyota and Honda reviews?

14th Oct 2012, 09:02

One theory might be that a person might just have some kind of interest (whatever that might be) in a competitor's products. As posting all of these anti-import (especially Toyota) comments appears to occur on a full-time basis. I'm not saying that is the case, but come on... somebody needs to find a new hobby.

It annoys the heck out of me, & I don't even own a Toyota or any other import for that matter.

14th Oct 2012, 09:27

We agree. One import fanatic likes to use the term "The Big 3". What a broad sweep of a brush that is. I saw complaints from 1980-1993 on domestics. My Toyota major issues are from the past 5 years!

15th Oct 2012, 10:27

My theory is that when someone like ourselves spends over 30 grand for a new car, and it fails repeatedly, it's going to be venting time. And when Carfax gets the report, even as a recall, it damages resale. If you have an engine replaced or a transmission, it is not positive.

It's not an enjoyable hobby to complain. The only satisfaction is warning someone else. Between using the Carfax and car salesmen saying they buy auction price, even if you have a 1 owner, low mileage, garaged example. My favorite was knocking more off due to their acid rain comment. Funny, I could not see it through the Meguiars wax and gloss enhancer on the hood. When it hits the wallet hard, one vents. No more imports.