15th Jul 2007, 06:03




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15th Jul 2007, 08:54

16:44 The real, honest information is being spoken. No, Japanese cars aren't perfect, they're simply a lot closer to it than American makes. Sorry if you can't handle the reality of this, but in typical, good old USA fashion, our automakers have not given much thought to long term quality, they just want to make a dollar right now, and who cares about the future?

Problem is, their 'future' is now. People are tired of buying GM, Ford, and Dodge junk; they've seen the repair shop too many times, and have had their wallets bled dry too many times. Meanwhile, Toyota and Honda spent the time and money to make a reliable, long-lasting product.

Now, they knew that they weren't going to make a lot of money right away, and they didn't. GM just kept pumping out Cavaliers that were slapped together as quickly as possible, and they made a lot of money. But now, the past has caught up with them both, good and bad.

Toyota made solid, one step at a time progress, never losing sight of quality or cutting corners, and now they are on top. GM and Ford have finally burned enough consumers that their reputation is burying them.

I'm not pro-Japanese, and not anti-American. I don't care if Toyota's are made here, in Sweden, in Iraq, or anywhere else. It makes no difference. The fact is that when I see a car with that symbol, or the word 'Toyota' on it, I know it's the best make of car or truck on the road, and that's what I'll continue to buy unless and until something even better comes along.

15th Jul 2007, 16:10

It is a well known fact that this engine is having stalling problems. I think Toyota has even been forced to recall it already.

16th Jul 2007, 17:59

Like it has been said, Toyota could have a recall on 100 cars and the domestic crowd will use this as facts that Toyota is going down hill, just as a government can get 'facts' to go to war. I believe only 30k Tundras are affected. So what is your point? The facts are still that 49% of domestic buyers would buy their Chevrolet or Ford again. What do you think about that?

17th Jul 2007, 13:24

To the original reviewer:

See about your states lemon laws in any case I would advise getting rid of this truck asap.

27th Jul 2007, 09:42

How in the world did a guy having a stalling problem provoke an anti-U.S. Government comment? If the stalling problem could be located, it would probably make an easy fix. Just because it's a Toyota doesn't mean it won't stall at lights. This could be a dangerous issue that could get this man killed if he tried pulling out in front of someone. This review does not deserve to go off in another heated debate about domestic vs. import. Heaven knows I've lead a few of them over in the 2002 Tundra reviews. (500+ comments) This guy made no bash against either side of the issue so he shouldn't be getting attacked. Just because the truck didn't stall in a test drive doesn't mean that it wouldn't start stalling 1000 miles later. These kind of problems emerge all at once and can go away all at once.

11th Sep 2007, 01:48

I have a Tundra; it is the best truck I have ever owned. Period.

2nd Nov 2007, 17:01

My neighbor recently bought a Tundra and he wants his Silverado back! He's had nothing but problems, including engine sludge, recalls, poor fit and finish, toy-like quality, sloppy handling... and these are only some of my neighbors complaints! I was wise enough to stick with my GMC; the only professional-grade truck offered at consumer-grade prices!

2nd Nov 2007, 17:05

10:42 Don't believe a word of it. Just another comment from a Ford guy that hasn't yet awoken to the fact that Toyota has been making better vehicles than Ford from day one. Before imports started selling well in the States, all of the domestic automobiles were REALLY bad. Why? There was no competition, so Ford, GM, and Dodge just kept pumping out junk as fast as they could and people kept having to buy it for lack of anything else.

Then in the '80s Honda and Toyota started making their way over here in a big way, and they were so much better than the Big 3 that it was embarrassing to Americans. Then the Big 3 scrambled in an attempt to catch up to Toyota and Honda, which they've been doing ever since.

First actually, they tried to bribe the US government to raise tariffs on imports so they wouldn't sell over here, and they (the big 3) could just keep making the same junk and not have to spend any money making a better vehicle. Same thing happened to Harley Davidson in the '80's. Honda bikes were so much better built it was a joke. Harley tried the tariff thing. It failed. So, Harley actually started making bikes that were decent to compete with far superior Japanese models.

Domestic automobiles have slowly improved, but are still many years behind in quality. They still show little concern with making fuel efficient vehicles, and that will ruin them eventually. They now have a couple of models like the Chevy Aveo and the Ford Focus, but they're ridiculous next to 30 years of engineering put into cars like the Corolla and Civic.

Toyota may be fairly new to the full size truck game, but as always, they're clearly making a better vehicle than the Big 3. Before you buy, look into these issues. Toyota is always a smarter buy than Ford, GM, or Dodge when it comes to anything in a half ton truck or lighter.

2nd Nov 2007, 19:12

I agree with the above comment. The Toyota is vastly superior to anything GM, Ford, or Dodge could ever hope to build. It is also more American as well; all you have to do is watch a Tundra commercial on TV to realize that.

3rd Nov 2007, 11:01

'people who are smart enough to buy a Toyota are also smart enough NOT to ever buy a Chevy'

That statement boggles the mind. You keep making these statements, yet your the only proof to back it up is Consumer Reports!

You can bury your head in the sand and just say the problems with Toyota's are just 'a story somebody made up', but I do know people who have had major problems with these cars!

You can say we're making this stuff up, but then what's to stop us from saying your stories about people with domestic cars are rubbish as well?

And I don't care what CR says, they'll tell you to buy anything that came from Japan.