3rd Nov 2007, 18:59

Consumer Reports holds some truth guys. You have to admit that GM and Ford have let some pretty big stinkers out onto the market. Toyota has just now put some stinkers out, but that was only for 2007, as I hear the problems were resolved. Now let everyone be calm and go and watch football again.

3rd Nov 2007, 22:58

11:01 My comment IS true, like it or not. GM and Ford have never made any vehicle that is comparable to a Toyota. That's just the way it is. If you actually research this without bias, you'd have no choice but to agree. There's decades of proof to back me up. Consumer Reports is just one small piece of the whole that proves me right.

4th Nov 2007, 06:30


I agree, let's be calm. Even though we may disagree with what another person is saying, we do not have to be disagreeable about it.

Certainly every manufacturer has put out stinkers, as you say, but Toyota has been putting out stinkers since long before 2007. The sludge problem has been going on since 1996, and began at the same time as has the evaporative emissions control problem. The evaporative emissions problem has been resolved, but I have not seen any evidence that the sludge problem has. The braking and suspension problems with the Tundra too, have been around since day one. Perhaps they have been resolved in the new model. Time will tell.

The camshaft snapping problem in the new Tundra v8 is just joining us for 2007, but Toyota was not able to conceal that problem, and/or blame it on its customers like they did for so long with the sludge problem. Toyota would like people to think it this is just an isolated incident of a lapse in Toyota quality, but it is not. Thousands of people have have had had Toyota engine failures throughout the late 90's and this decade thus far. Just take a look at Consumer Affairs and this website, and you will see many years of documented Toyota problems.

Now Toyota has finally had to cut production to try and get a handle on all of the problems, but that does not mean problems had not been occurring for years. It just means they finally feel compelled to do something about it because people are starting to realize Toyota's of late have not been living up to all the hype. I see nothing about their track record that gives me any reason to believe they will get their act together any time soon.

4th Nov 2007, 19:07

OK, explain to me why Ford has not recalled the cylinder heads on the 5.4 triton? What about GM recalling the plastic intake manifolds on many of its vehicles. Yeah the domestics are so much better.

5th Nov 2007, 11:23

The warranty is better on domestics, and it sounds like import or domestic you are going to need it.

11th Nov 2007, 04:10

Um, the domestic automakers may still have some catching up to do, but they're not "many" years behind as you say. As for their "little" concern over making fuel efficient vehicles, GM is now building hybrid versions of their full size SUV's. I don't see any Japanese automaker doing that yet, not with a large SUV anyway! I also don't see the domestic auto industry neglecting their car lines for the most part. There's been a lot of activity in the fiercely competitive mid-size segment recently.

You import fanatics might want to reconsider your willingness to write off the domestic auto industry. Things aren't what they used to be!

12th Nov 2007, 20:16

To 4:10; I don't think the mid-size car market is competitive at all; the Accord and Camry are still wiping the floor with everyone else, as usual. Only this year has GM finally began to consider making cars that someone might reasonably consider buying at today's gas prices. No way are they going to be a threat to people that have been buying Civics and Corollas for decades. The Aveo was a nice try, but it lacks all the refinement the can be found in a Civic or Corolla. I've driven the Aveo. It just feels like a small, cheap car, which is exactly what it is. The Civic is actually fun to drive, it corners well and engine is a pleasure to hear and feel. As usual, the GM product feels sloppy and cheap. They have a LONG way to go.

13th Nov 2007, 10:34

If you want to talk about recalls and flaws in automotive corporations, then I can't think of a worse case than that from GM. The single biggest problem GM has had, and continues to have is that they use Dexcool in their coolant systems.

This is the red, high mileage 150,000 mile stuff. Anyhow, the coolant has a tendency to collect and accumulate after 2-3 years on interior metal and plastic parts. As a result, it clogs heater cores, radiators, and narrow water outlets in the engine block. This is a major problem and as far as I know, GM hasn't recalled this despite the super-easy fix of simply changing the fluid.

So go on- bring up the 300 car recall from Toyota again... we're listening...

13th Nov 2007, 17:41

19:12 anything? Toyota does not even offer equivalent specs to my full size GM truck certainly not the payload or towing. Read the original Tundras reviewers comments and I am not seeing glowing praises afterwards on the list following as far as actual Tundra ownership. I look at full size truck specs and if a vehicle cannot perform as well on test drives and capability its totally worthless to me. This is a full size truck review lose the car comparisons and all the political banter. Lets see more Tundra, Titan, Ford F Series, Silverado owners comparisons that have owned 1 or 2 brand new ones within the past 5 years. No small trucks as well review equivalent or 3/4 ton models.

6th Feb 2008, 16:59

Something of interest for another topic. The tailgates on these are getting damaged with light loads such as fertilizer bags. How could this happen? Everyone including Consumer Reports is dogging Toyota over this Tundra AND the new Corolla...wow.

6th Feb 2008, 17:59

Any Toyota, the worst one ever built even, is many rungs up the ladder from a Ford or Chevy. I've owned them all. If someone told me they'd buy me a Ford truck, pay for it, and just let me drive it for free, I'd turn them down. I'd literally make the payments on my Toyota and still drive it instead of a free Ford. And Chevy trucks are even worse.

6th Feb 2008, 18:49

If mechanical is the direction that this is going, have an equivalent warranty standard 100,000 miles on Toyota. No since letting the manufacturer off the hook... match it in writing.

Has anyone commenting on here taken a Tundra and a new Silverado on a back winding road and compared the handling, room and comfort? Took me a few miles and I came back and bought GM.

I haven't spent a dime on repairs other than expected basic filter changes, fluids tires and brakes as well.

Again and again we get caught up in car conversations on a full size truck review. Even if it's a car comparison, drivability and handling come before settling with driving boring basic bland appliances I'm sorry to say.

I hit the car shows and the dealerships, and continue to test them thoroughly every 2-3 years. And buy not dream. That's a difference, and I do not live in the past.

Guess I enjoy driving too much to lower my expectations that a car is just a car to drive from point A to point B. More important, it doesn't break than to enjoy driving?

I'll take durability and drivability; both present with new domestic full size trucks.