29th Feb 2008, 19:55

To comment 06:52: Our family has owned a 5-series BMW and several Fords. And yes, the Fords were as good as the BMW. Neither ever broke down, so how could anyone say one is better than the other? Because a car costs more, does not make it a better car. Ford actually has a higher reliability rating than BMW.

1st Mar 2008, 09:07

15:23 GM lost almost 40 billion dollars last year, the most ever in their history. Because they sell junk, people know it, and are buying Toyota's instead because they're far, far better. Period.

1st Mar 2008, 09:12

"Does that mean the Ford is as good a car as the BMW?"

This is not a good comparison. BMW does not have very good reliability once they get to be a few years old. As far as reliability, the reality is actually the opposite of what you're implying, and the Ford probably really is better from that standpoint.

2nd Mar 2008, 14:55

Nope. GM posted a loss of 40 billion because of early buy-outs offered to all salaried employees, while its sales were actually up compared to dropping Toyota sales.

Hmmm, I wonder how Toyota could be far, far better when Consumer Reports just came out with their Top 10 vehicles, and the Chevy Silverado beat out the Tundra for best pickup category because the Tundra had such poor reliability. Not only that, but the Toyota Yaris made the Worst 10 vehicles list. Uh-huh, Toyota is obviously far, far better --- at going into a tailspin.

Face it, the days of perceived Japanese infallibility are over (not that it was ever really there). If you want to keep fondly remembering the 1990's when Toyota may have been halfway decent, you'll find that in the current decade you're backing a loser. Exclamation point.

2nd Mar 2008, 22:03

Thank you very much commenter 17:01: I've seen literally dozens of challenges on this site to the commenter with the old Tacoma to provide some FACTS rather than "It's better because I say so". There has never been an answer to that challenge because there is no evidence to support it, as you so eloquently pointed out. On the positive side, the commenter has probably been responsible for lots of people actually checking the facts and buying domestics, so I guess his rants serve a purpose. Maybe he works for Ford??

3rd Mar 2008, 15:40

In spite of all the comments about Japanese imports being so reliable in the past, I never experienced that. We had 80's and 90's Hondas, Toyotas and Mazdas, and none of them were more reliable than our 70's or 80's Fords. The very worst car I ever had any experience with was a Honda.

4th Mar 2008, 15:33

My last 3 GM new vehicles have been much more reliable than my Acura (Honda) as well. I had Acura Legends in the 90's, and I agree the 90's are over; they were my best vehicles prior to 2000. The Legend was extremely well built and durable. What happened after is anyones guess.

My comments pertains to the past 7 1/2 years where my import quality and severe mechanical woes started. I would quite frankly also select a brand new full size Ford / Mercury before ever going back again and again and again to the import service shops. My time is too valuable to spend languishing in new dealer lounges waiting to hear the verdict. In all fairness I did receive complimentary car washes, but that was not enough. When you spend over 30k for each individual new vehicle, they should hold up, and my new domestics are far superior mechanically after 2000.

10th Apr 2008, 09:16

No... those commercials are so bad. It makes tonka trucks look good. lol Toyota is so bad. Period.

12th May 2008, 22:28

While Toyota is going downhill fast (especially their under-built Tundra), Ford and GM are on a roll. Critics are proclaiming the new F-150 to be the best ever (which is saying a lot for a truck that has already been best for 29 years). The new Silverado is a very plush and comfortable truck, while the new Dodge has a heritage of rugged reliability. If I ever saw one shred of real, objective evidence that Tundra was anywhere remotely near the quality of ANY of the Big Three, I might look at one. Until I see such evidence (and a better warranty from Toyota), I'm not going to waste my time looking at a real truck wannabe.

13th May 2008, 16:13

Why are we discussing Tacomas anyway on a Tundra review? Shouldn't they be on another area comparing to the smaller Rangers and Colorado or older S10's? Why on a full size review?

I am not buying Toyotas small rust prone underpowered truck import anyway that is crammed with uncomfortable seats. I am comparing to full size trucks, as this is the model size being discussed. At least let's hear more on Tundras and Titan ownership, and direct comparisons on same class vehicles. I love Ferraris, lets talk about them, after all it's a full size truck review and I am about as likely to buy one of them as a Tacoma.

I might buy a Tundra someday if it ever surpasses the domestic full sizes in all categories; the first capability and function.

13th May 2008, 16:15

Well, as a Toyota owner, until I see ANY shred of evidence that the Big 3 have started making anything but junk, I'll stick with Toyota.

Let me guess: you domestic owners say, 'look at the reviews'. Well, I have. Toyota has always been and still is rated at the very top, along with other imports only, not domestics. Japanese manufacturers have held the top spots for many years. Sorry if you Ford and Chevy guys don't like that; I wouldn't if I were you either, but I don't drive them because I've owned them before. Won't get burned again.

Who said GM was on a roll? Losing 39 billion is ON A ROLL?!? That's hilarious. As has been the trend for about a decade or two, smart consumers, when it comes time to buy a vehicle, will look to Toyota, Honda, or Nissan and automatically know better than to even consider any piece of junk the big 3 make, based on past experience and common mechanical sense.

14th May 2008, 17:41

16:15 so you own a Tundra? How would you rate it in comparison to the other full size trucks... are we going to address Toyotas current pension plan for its employees in the United States as well.

15th May 2008, 11:59

GM actually posted the loss because of buyouts offered to all salaried employees while its sales were actually up to Toyotas dropping sales. This has nothing to do with quality. However since quality is of importance to this commenter, then on Consumer Reports Top Ten the Silverado beat the Tundra over this very issue... poor reliability. Of the the Top 10 worse, the newcomer Yaris made the Top Ten Worse category. The days of the exceptional import reliability are over... No doubt this will have to be repeated, especially the GM posted loss...

I have found owning new GM's myself that they are far better with reliability and quality in the present than imports. I see the mechanical issues and decline in quality imports based on first hand late model ownership. That especially means the past few years not long ago. But no doubt we will hear about a 10 year old import over and over.

15th May 2008, 13:58

Comment 16:15 is simply in error.

Domestics currently hold the top ratings at Consumer Reports (the Ford Fusion is the highest rated car ever reviewed).

The Cadillac CTS is Motor Trend's Car of the year.

The Chevrolet Malibu is the American Car of the Year.

In 2007 the Pontiac Grand Prix won J.D. Powers Best large Sedan category (over the Toyota Avalon), and the Ford Mustang won top honors in the sport coupe category (beating out the Toyota Solara).

Car and Driver's 10 Best include fully 33% domestics (and NO Toyotas).

The highest mileage vehicle that Consumer Reports has reviewed is a Ford (Ranger regular cab XLT) with 488,000 miles with no engine or transmission replacements or major repairs. The Ford F-150 has been the world's best selling vehicle for THREE DECADES.

On the flip side, Toyota has made the 10 WORST list with its poorly built Yaris, and has been plagued with recalls, engine failures, safety issues and, as Consumer Reports puts it "an uncharacteristic lapse in quality".

The import fans are free to post all the erroneous and unsubstantiated myths they want to. Us domestic owners will just keep stating the FACTS.

29th Jan 2009, 10:23

"the Ford Fusion is the highest rated car ever reviewed"

I keep reading that on this site, but Consumer Reports own FAQ site only says that it is comparable with the best in the segment. That is a very fine record, but not the highest ever reviewed. It had excellent early reliability. Is that what this is based on?