29th Dec 2007, 12:32

7:26 this is a Tundra review not the little trucks. I hope we can someday post pics on here showing real applications. I left the Toyota showroom disappointed with Tundra... at any rate full size truck owners require real long term proof. It's not a car and it's not the eighties; you are in the largest segment of vehicles sold in America...

29th Dec 2007, 18:35

Having owned both a Dakota (AWESOME truck) and 4 Rangers (BETTER than awesome), and having a friend who has had to have me or my wife pick him up at the Toyota dealer's after his Tundra fell apart (which it did REPEATEDLY), I felt a comment was in order.

None of my small trucks (the Dakota or the 4 Rangers) ever had a SINGLE REPAIR. In the October 2007 issue of Consumer Reports you'll find an article on vehicles that make over 200,000 miles without a problem. The featured vehicle is a '94 Ford Ranger with just under a HALF MILLION MILES. The Tacoma is a really great little truck, and is rated as just as reliable as the Ranger. The Tundra, however, has never been a very good truck and has had far more than it's share of problems. Many of these problems have been VERY SERIOUS safety concerns, such as steering, brakes and front suspension problems.

I don't think a fair comparison can really be made between the smaller and much flimsier Tundra and any true full sized domestic truck from ANY of the Big Three. There just is no comparison to be made. I had thought the new Tundra might be an improvement over the disastrous first generation Tundras, but I have yet to see anything that would convince me that it is any more reliable. It has already displayed a number of problems.

30th Dec 2007, 14:58

This site, and all of the comments in it, prove nothing. Toyota makes better cars and trucks than the Big 3 do. Deal with it.

31st Dec 2007, 12:49

14:58 document your comments precisely and specifically. Start with warranty... GM has a 5 year 100,000 mile warranty willing to stand behind the quality of their newest vehicles. Be very specific on why your warranty is better, and not that they do not have. Don't let your mfr. off the hook on this.

31st Dec 2007, 13:39

14:58 If all the comments mean vitually nothing on this site as you indicated then what do your comments mean? Seriously, no one is going to buy anything based on a strangers comments unless you are kind enough to mail a 100% donation in full to buy the Toyota of my choice... but comments that are specific makes one certainly more educated to make an informed decision. The dealer is not going to willingly share that information; it seems, at least in our situation, it is best to evaluate several sources and definitely test drive a vehicle. I can condemn an entire manufacturer, but it does not mean I know every model and every application. If anything, making such comments loses absolutely all credibility.

31st Dec 2007, 15:37

12:49, Sure I'd be glad to elaborate. With today's technology in automobiles, even a manufacturer like GM can make a car run up to 100,000 miles. This isn't 1974 anymore, when that kind of mileage is a lot. So, considering the fact that most people realize that GM does in fact make low quality vehicles, GM knows they can't sell them on the merits of quality alone, since they are not known for quality. So, the only way they can sell them is by wrapping them in a long warranty, more or less telling people; 'look, we know we make junk, so here's a warranty for that piece of junk'. In this manner, they sucker in people who think that a 100,000 mile warranty will solve all the problems the car will have. 100,000 miles is only 5 or 6 years of moderate driving according to the national average. Then, at that point, just as those who have to make a car payment are done paying on it, the piece of junk is out of warranty and starts to break down. Then, those same people are either stuck with a piece of junk, or go out and buy another one.

On the other hand, Toyota IS known for making high quality vehicles, which is why the Big 3, which is a term that means nothing anymore, are losing market share to them. The people at Toyota don't have to trick their customers into buying a piece of junk with a warranty they probably won't honor, like GM does. Toyota owners know that they are getting a high quality vehicle that will last most likely at least 200-300,000 miles, if not more, unlike a GM, which will start falling apart just about the time the warranty is up. People know this. This is why Toyota and Honda have had the best selling cars in the country for many years running, and now Toyota truck sales are increasing while the domestics decrease.

4th Jan 2008, 21:31

Yes, comments such as 14:58 tend to drive people INTO the domestic camp. If a commenter can't back up a claim or provide any evidence, then "deal with it" carries absolutely no weight at all. Of course, if there is no evidence to give, I guess that is all that the import fan can offer. As for me, I'll take tried and proven GM, Ford or Chrysler vehicles and let the people stuck on the side of the road with a broken down Tundra "deal with it".

5th Jan 2008, 10:23

I have never owned a vehicle 200,000-300,000 miles and I have owned Toyota, Honda, Acura and Mercedes. I suspect import manufacturers would like to lure you into buying new vehicles on a regular basis as well not drive 300,000 miles. My experience is that any vehicle out of warranty can be quite costly. I have had imports with 3 years 36,000 miles and after 2 years its on us. If you do not believe this, go to the numerous Honda and Toyota owners that have had numerous transmission and engine problems, braking, air bags etc.

My Acura was the worst vehicle we had with transmissions and Carfax depreciating every mechanical visit at the dealer.

I owned 2 Mercedes and I could start commenting on dealer visits and unreal parts prices.

I'll take the 100,000 miles warranty free shuttle to and from work and not be riding on aged electronics, not starting, overheating, timing belts, heater cores, rust, worn out interiors, no a/c etc and my big expenses arrived 100,000 mile plus.

Even my kids are not into driving import vehicles like this the high parts costs, let alone the appearance of running high mile beater cars around.

I have found its cheaper for them to have a small payment with a new vehicle than being stranded and it's not especially safe as well. I wonder how many Toyota owners drive 300,000 miles and rely on them with a family to worry about.

5th Jan 2008, 11:43

21:31 The only thing Big 3 vehicles are proven to be is junk. Rated well below the imports for decades, with a precious few rare examples. If you're going to attack Toyota, one of the best automakers in the world, you'll need actual proof other than saying you've seen a Tundra broken down. Of course, all real proof, other than your opinion, supports my comment and backs up the obvious truth; imports are higher quality vehicles.