3rd May 2017, 12:16

Sorry to burst your bubble, but I actually owned new full size Chevrolets and my parents owned Lincolns and Cadillacs. All V8 from that era. Not crap. That's your opinion. It's not just American flag, as we owned higher end imports as well. Maybe the build quality was higher on our full sizes. We always ordered V8s then. In the 60s and 70s my other relatives bought Plymouths, also full size V8s. The 383 engine was one my uncle always praised. Easily passed 100k highway driving.

If all these full size vehicles were crap, why were they were they put in as new government vehicles, company cars, fleets etc? I don't buy into your comments. It's not a flag thing; it was proven history and I was there. I have mixed ownership and like certain imports and domestics. This USA only was never the point. It's outstanding, well equipped, quality vehicles. I like European cars for a nice family car. I suspect maintenance cost will be heavier. But it's only money. You buy what you like. I only despise wasting free time going to dealerships. Some cars like new BMW are ones I won't even consider because of repairs. To each his own. If your parents couldn't make 50k on a new car back then, something sounds off. If the content is your point today, then why aren't they buying brand new domestics? I had bad experiences with some imports, but am not against 2017 new ones, with great amenities.

3rd May 2017, 18:33

We had one of those "crap" Buick LeSabres from 1985 (V8). Bought brand new, and racked up 115,000 miles in six years. It had two problems; the cassette player and the power antenna. What a piece of junk, wouldn't you agree?

4th May 2017, 09:48

We also also had a 67 Buick LeSabre V8; drove it well over 100k miles, several times to Florida. Sold it in 1972. Great reliable every day car in those years. Not a fancy body style, but ran very well and ice cold air. Amazing how our family escaped unscathed with issues with ours. There are people today that have bought some newer late model Toyotas too that have had some consecutive lemons in a row. A lot of recalls from a once reliable brand that slipped in overall quality. Who wants to run back and forth to the dealer so much with new cars?

5th May 2017, 09:38

Easiest solution I see after the comments is to buy either new or newer domestics, or older 80s-90s Hondas or Toyotas for far less issues and major recalls. I wouldn't worry about being a communist on car selection. There's so much abundance of cars currently for sale in the USA to ever fret over having only one flavor. The problem is getting service on some when traveling in outlying areas. You can always get the 200 mile towing with AAA I guess to take the odd model to get fixed.

7th May 2017, 01:08

Maybe he bought used rental cars.