3rd Feb 2008, 08:40

"Toyota owners expect 300,000 miles or more with regular maintenance..."

Really? The reviews I have been reading on Toyota lately would not inspire that kind of confidence. I have never had the types of problems with my vehicles (all domestic) Toyota owners are describing.

3rd Feb 2008, 15:13

13:42 I must have been the most unluckiest new vehicle owner... 2 new bad imports in a row.

It seems my luck has changed for the better with my new domestics. I never kept any new import ever 300,000 miles, let alone even half of that... usually after 100,000 miles I had timing belts, struts, front end components, brakes, heater cores, electrical issues, non working a/c, gas tank replacement, assorted rust for openers and wear on all components front to back.

You have to weigh repairs in your equation; is a $1000-2000 high mileage import vehicle value worth spending an equal amount on to prove some kind of durability theory? I wonder how many people even ever go 200-300,000 miles? I prefer not have a sudden $3000-4000 engine repair or trans replacements; that is something that one must prepare for. I wonder if we could get a tally on how many people are on here driving 300,000 miles.

My wife and young kids are not up to driving at night, bad winter weather, extreme summer heat stressing out every component etc. with dubious high mile vehicles. I suspect safety and peace of mind has more value, as well as not being stranded to and from work. But to each their own.

4th Feb 2008, 23:16

Even the usually biased Consumer Reports featured a Ford Ranger in its October 2007 issue that had made just shy of half a million miles with no engine or transmission problems.

That doesn't surprise me. Our company Rangers and F-150's routinely pass the 200,000 mile mark easily with no repairs, and several are now over 300,000 and going strong.

A friend's company that uses Chevy and Dodge trucks reports the same. Domestic trucks are by far the most reliable in the long run.

The myth of unreliable domestic vehicles is fuelled not by broken down domestic vehicles, but by advertising hype, exaggerations and ignorance.

My wife and I took a 4-mile drive down the freeway this evening to eat at a favorite restaurant. Just in that very short distance we passed one broken down vehicle on the roadside. It was a Toyota.

5th Feb 2008, 18:32

23:16 The 'myth' of domestics being unreliable is not myth, but in fact reality, fueled by the many millions of unfortunate consumers, like myself, that once made the mistake of owning them before we discovered that a Toyota, Honda, or Nissan is an infinitely better vehicle that lasts twice as long for just a little more money. Common sense dictates buying them.