1st Nov 2012, 09:32

Well guess what? As of just 2 days ago, a new report came out showing that the following 3 brands are the most reliable brands you can buy:

1: Scion

2: Toyota

3: Lexus

Incidentally all 3 brands are from Toyota. So once more facts basically prevail. I think that pretty much ends this debate.

1st Nov 2012, 14:41

What debate? This is a full size truck review, lest you forgot. #1 Full Size Truck is the Ford F Series in America.

Care to respond as to whom had the largest amount of recalls in the past year, statistic wise?

1st Nov 2012, 18:42

You're being optimistic and ignoring the other side's tendency to ignore facts.

1st Nov 2012, 21:37

Please. Give us a break!! Surveys put out by Toyota, showing Toyota as the most reliable cars, are a little suspect. You can find "experts" and "authorities" who will give anything a high rating for the right price. There are even "experts" who argue that man-made global warming is a hoax!! However, nothing can refute that undeniable fact that Toyota has recalled more cars than all domestic makers combined, since recalls were instituted. It amazes me that people go to such outrageous extremes to take business away from American industry.

2nd Nov 2012, 06:50

To add to your comment, the following 2 cars are the best selling in Germany. The VW Golf and the BMW 3 Series.

But actually since this is a full size truck review, we own a Ford F150 and a GM Silverado. They are very nice full size trucks. I actually prefer the Ford with the 4 doors. Towing is a very strong consideration. Full frame with plenty of power. MPG has improved as well since a decade ago. What's most surprising is the quiet, comfortable ride over distance. I can't tell you anything about Scions or Lexus, but I can offer recommendations on the new full size trucks.

2nd Nov 2012, 08:51

That doesn't erase the fact that the quality has dropped, and they are recalled every other week.

2nd Nov 2012, 10:10

Does anyone know what "1st Nov 2012, 18:42" is saying? I gathered he or she is indicating there is a vast, massive issue with all the Toyotas recalled in the past few years. Or that many are sick of it and are switching to domestics.

2nd Nov 2012, 10:16

Oh, but man made global warming is quite a fallacy. Look at the diehard believers and their "solutions" for the problem. They basically are saying that the only solution to the problem is to install a dictatorship to "solve" the problem and implement mass genocide as a "cure" for the planet.

2nd Nov 2012, 10:19

Oh - and I'm going to guess that if that same survey showed the Big 3 at the top, that it would be considered totally authentic and trustworthy. But since it shows Toyota brands at the top, it's immediately suspect?

Yep. Sorry, but this isn't the only time a survey has shown Toyota along with Honda, Subaru, and Nissan all within the top 5. This has been the case for literally decades now. Not that this will change anything in this so-called debate. I'm sure countless stories about distant cousins who owned a Toyota that fell apart driving off the dealer lot, or that someone has owned 40 cars and 20 of them were Toyotas that never made it to 20,000 miles, or that such-and-such person "heard" that Toyota's quality has fallen since 2000... and so on.

But this is pretty much an open and shut deal. Toyota makes the most reliable cars. That's it.

2nd Nov 2012, 16:07

Even TOYOTA admits their quality plummeted after 2000. 30 MILLION recalls don't spell quality, no matter how much you hate American industry and want to hurt our country.

As for global warming, just ask the people in New Jersey or New York right now. Sea levels are rapidly rising and storms are getting much stronger. Go ahead and bury your head in the sand, but soon that sand will be water-logged.

2nd Nov 2012, 21:47

This is a full size truck review. Why are you talking about cars? The big 3 make full sizes. And if you have a personal Tundra, fill us in. Do you tow or how you utilize it? It would be helpful to full size 2013 model buyers. I could review my new motorcycle on here, but I doubt any full size truck buyers would care.

3rd Nov 2012, 00:00

The most reliable cars?

Man, I wish you could actually experience what I went through with my 2009 Camry. Maybe then you wouldn't state the same defensive, denial comments over and over.

Oh - and please don't sit there and try to tell me I got a dud, I have heard that one 100 times too.

I now own an Altima; so far so good, but believe it or not, my best cars were 2 Buicks and a Mercury.

3rd Nov 2012, 10:01

You have a mindset figuring that the past is always going to be the future. Our family actually felt the same. You could buy a very reliable Honda or Toyota over and over. We didn't even shop or go to another dealer In the 80s, if it wasn't that the color changed, it was hard to tell we even had a new model with the repetitive styling.

My wife had a credit union special at work, and bought every 3 years, even though she worked only 8 miles away. But after 2000, needing a new transmission at 28,000 miles, when that had never happened before, started the red flags. So you trade one or 2 more times, retaining the import mindset that it was lemons. We received a call from the dealership, amazed that we quit buying from them. We didn't even mind paying retail, as it was the mindset and quality (or maybe more security) that we would have reliability. When you hit middle age, that is more important in many cases, or go out and buy something sporty as you can.

3rd Nov 2012, 12:19

18:42 and 10:16 comments are really out there. We are reviewing a full size truck. I can't even begin to comprehend these 2 comments. Am I alone in this assumption?

3rd Nov 2012, 14:51

Actually we have owned over 30, and I am sure many others have as well. Distant cousins, and a friend or friends, you have a point. Many people are 50 and over on here, called baby boomers. Many have owned a dozen or more imports, plus domestics as well. I had mostly used until 25 years old, and then we started buying many new ones. I don't disagree Toyotas were fine for us in the 70s, 80s and mid 90s. It's after that there were serious issues and recalls.

I do not know if you read or follow the media reports. It's not hearsay or distant cousins on the reports. Engine sludging, transmissions, braking, and air bags are actual issues. My take is the low production made in Japan models were better made. I recall never going back under the brief 12000 mile warranty at the time. Maybe you have owned 1 and it hasn't broke yet! But many have switched over quality issues that owned new Toyotas.

Think of it this way, if we were biased, why would we praise past ones? And what would prompt a switch? Quality!

3rd Nov 2012, 23:42

C'mon... listen to the guy several comments ago.

This review is about a TRUCK. If you want to debate, please make reference to TRUCKS.

Save the comments regarding CARS for the reviews about CARS, not TRUCKS.