17th Nov 2012, 18:00

This is a Tundra review, how could a truck that is known for defective brakes, rotting frames, misaligned bouncing beads, bad ball joints, charcoal canister, and a few broken cam shafts, be any "better" than its other competitors?

18th Nov 2012, 06:28

Its sales reflect it as well. Full size truck buyers are very selective and research their applications. I tow a boat worth nearly 3 times the cost of our new Silverado. I take reviews extremely seriously, as well as recalls. I don't drive a single old truck, and say anything produced in 2013 is the best. The broad based sweep of the brush comments, mainly involving a Corolla, are not affecting our new full size truck opinions and buying decision in any way.

Ever notice the Toyota commenters rarely if ever indicate if they own a new full size truck. Or it's someone else's. Watch the future comment trend, and see if our assumption is correct.

If you have a domestic full size, indicate that as well on each comment. If you are driving an old Camry, why not be up front about it. Or are you afraid we may realize it, as we already are aware!

18th Nov 2012, 12:20

As a loyal American, I am pleased to see the tide of public opinion turning overwhelmingly to new domestics. Since the mid 1970's, my family's companies have used full-sized domestic trucks and vans as well as Ford Rangers for light duty and service calls. There has never been a second thought given to cheaply built Japanese trucks, and there never will be. Running profitable businesses demands reliable trucks. Repairs and recalls every week contribute nothing to profits.

19th Nov 2012, 07:42

With all due respect (& I mean that sincerely), I do not believe being a "loyal American" has anything to do with what make or model motor vehicle you drive. In fact, I'm mortified that there are people who actually feel that way.

20th Nov 2012, 06:54

I agree with you, but prefer having a 3/4 Ton Silverado. The problem with your comment is it does not address the quality issues plaguing Toyota. I can't trust the quality, and have a new 3/4 Ton anyway. There is no issue for us anyway.

20th Nov 2012, 13:36

My comment wasn't in reference to the problems with Toyotas or any other brand. It just doesn't seem right to me to see it implied that "loyal Americans" drive only domestic cars when that is far from the case.

I happen to drive a domestic, however in the past I've also owned imports.

To illustrate my point, my dad was a highly decorated WWII veteran, and although he always owned domestics, he also owned an imported pick-up truck for his business. It was trouble-free and served him well for 14 years. He in no way was NOT a loyal American.

In my opinion, those who began throwing around terms such as loyal Americans while equating it to owning domestic vehicles are way off base, as I doubt they will ever endure what my dad and most of his generation endured, and many of those I knew from that generation did drive an import or two in their lifetimes.

If somebody wants to say: I've had a much better experience owning a Ford than I did owning a Honda - that's fine, but to equate it to whether it makes you a loyal American seems quite ridiculous to me.

Also it appears that at least one of the biggest detractors of Toyota on this site not only has not owned one, but is playing fancy free with the facts regarding reliability and recalls, when it appears that their brand of choice hasn't fared much better in the recall department themselves.

IMO that is hypocrisy, shortsightedness, and appears to be agenda driven. Just my opinion, of course.

20th Nov 2012, 15:33

There isn't any mystery here as to the sentiment expressed on some of these replies. That there are those who don't like "imported" cars and trucks, even if the cars and trucks they drive might very well be American cars made in Mexico, Canada, or in the US with a smattering of imported parts. As such a lot of misinformed comments are made. Toyota didn't just recently earn the title as the most reliable auto manufacture on the planet for nothing. So I suggest looking up the facts.

And sorry - but the Tundra has not only proven itself to be very reliable, but also an increasingly more serious contender in the full size truck contest.

Either way, this debate was over years ago.

21st Nov 2012, 11:15

I'll believe that the Tundra is a contender when I actually see a dually version available; that is if they're strong enough.

21st Nov 2012, 13:26

I agree, the debate was over a long ago. The #1 vehicle sold constantly for over 20 years in a row has been a full size truck. The Ford F Series. It has a time proven exceptional track record. The debate never even started, as the Toyota Tundra has never made it once.

Are we back on small cars again? Most full size truck owners I know also have full size SUVs, often used for towing as well. I will never ever be buying a Corolla.

22nd Nov 2012, 07:27

I am a loyal American that has both brand new imports and brand new domestics at the same time. So I absolutely agree with you. The best thing you can say to a friend or relative in the military is "Thank You". However that does not address the real problem on Toyota... I would rather see more direct focus on remedying the massive recalls and quality control issues with new Toyota vehicles. It's in the millions and coming very frequently. What is happening and why are people tolerating it? For years the quality was fine. Now it's pathetic. That more directly affects my buying decision than any other factor. If I cannot have faith in a new vehicle that I am buying right now, it's off the list. Something needs to be done. Or keep driving the older ones from the 90s. There's many others to consider if you are import only. And the new car dealerships will be more than glad to take your money this weekend. There's a lot of Black Friday specials. I am off this brand.

23rd Nov 2012, 16:24

Maintaining that a brand that has had over thirty million recalls is somehow better than domestic vehicles, just isn't rational. And the Tundra is not even in the running as a real truck, even if it wasn't plagued with recalls and mechanical problems.