9th Nov 2012, 12:53

Just curious as the why you feel you have to keep repeating yourself? We get it already. You think Toyotas are junk. Many of us don't. Can we move on now?

10th Nov 2012, 08:43

That is a decade ago. What about the recalls from the past 3 years.

I had a Durango with 300k miles as well. All highway miles. I had my oil changed monthly at Jiffy Lube, and another guy had a bit more than me. He had a Maxima. Time will tell if the 2009 up Toyotas hit it.

10th Nov 2012, 08:45

Didn't use to feel that way. What year and model do you have? Is it recent?

10th Nov 2012, 16:24

The Big Three most certainly have NOT had the "Lion's share" of recalls, unless the lion got a very small share. At present Toyota has had more recalls than every Big Three maker COMBINED since recalls were first instituted. Toyota has actually had more recalls than some car makers have made cars in their entire history. That hardly is an indication of high quality or concern for their buyers.

As for full-sized trucks, the Tundra, Titan and Ridgeline (which is NOT a real truck) have not and never will make a dent in truck sales. Companies and those using trucks in their work want heavy-duty, reliable trucks. My family's companies have used nothing but Ford, GM and Dodge (now Ram) trucks for decades. Going 200,000-300,000 miles without repairs is common. Companies can't afford to gamble profits on puny, shoddily built trucks. Down time is dollars. I know of no company anywhere in our area that uses import trucks, except maybe security companies that use Tacomas for patrols.

11th Nov 2012, 08:27

The guys commenting do not even own full sizes. It's someone else's or a car. I have owned full size trucks since the 80s. I had one new small truck, and moved up. I have bought full sizes, and moved many things, including our spinet piano, towed trailers, boats, pavers, on and on. It's not a commuter truck, it's to be utilized. I can drive a car all week, vs crap it up inside.

12th Nov 2012, 11:24

Sorry, but the Tundra is in fact a "real" truck. I know a lot of people got their feelings hurt that Toyota decided to build one, but that doesn't mean they aren't a legitimate truck just the same. Besides - the Big Three have had full size trucks for decades and decades, so of course they're going to reap the rewards of having more truck sales. That doesn't mean they're necessarily better.

Oh - and the truly ironic thing, is that compared to all of the other trucks out there, the Tundra has the highest percentage of American made parts that it's made out of. It is actually the most "American" truck you can buy today.

Lastly, and once more - the fact that Toyota is the top most reliable automaker as proven by the most recent reports, more or less settles the un-ending anti-Toyota rhetoric.

13th Nov 2012, 06:35

Apparently its sales declined to 83000. You explained the parts percentage, but did not indicate if you own a new one and what you use it for. As a full size truck owner myself, I go into the applications. If I were just taking a bike or my dog, I might buy a new Toyota 6 TRD. I drove it, and liked the hood treatment and the 110v outlet in the bed. But I tow, and am not paying insurance for a part time truck.

I do not like the Tundra. I like the Ford F Series and Silverados ride and strength. On comments from the Toyota camp, you rarely hear that they actually are the owner/driver of a Tundra. It's something else. They also do not discuss their application or real life ownership data. I would like to read owner reviews with service history. And at what mileage. I am reading little useful information, other than helpful recall warnings. I wonder if I am the only one that test drove a lot of different trucks. Some are driving a 15 year old truck, and are able to review the 2013 models!

13th Nov 2012, 08:32

Why would have somebody who has been driving a Silverado, Ram, or F-150 for many many years have their"feelings hurt" because Toyota decided to build a wannabe American truck? Personally I could care less.

13th Nov 2012, 10:30

There's two separate conversations going on at once here.

The first is more generalized, because as is typically the case, any Toyota review tends to draw the same generalized anti-Toyota, anti-import comments. Given that Toyota now sells more vehicles than anyone else on the planet, and has taken the title as the most reliable auto manufacturer, I believe that more or less settles that conversation.

The second is about the Tundra itself, and of course the myriads of comments basically proclaiming that it's not a "real" truck - or to put it another way - how dare Toyota make a full sized truck when the Big 3 have dominated that market for decades? Sales don't have anything to do with actual quality. Just because the Tundra might not sell as well as the other full size trucks, doesn't mean it's inferior. And again - My Dad has owned one of these for 11 years and it's been a perfectly good truck, doing what trucks do - like hauling equipment, a camper, and firewood. It does what it does, and does it well while being very reliable.

13th Nov 2012, 22:36

Very few of the comments are from actual Tundra owners, because there are really very few Tundras out there. They are extremely rare here, and the newer, larger ones are virtually non-existent.

14th Nov 2012, 11:32

And yet you do not own one, and have no applications for one. I suspect if the pro Toyota guy on here had the number one selling vehicle in America for over 20 years, it would be on every review and comment. The Tundra sales are miniscule compared to the Ford F Series. Why dwell on Camry sedan sales on a full size truck review? Even a Tacoma is not applicable. I would buy one of them if buying a small truck, but a GM or Ford full size. A guy that has owned a few Silverados bought brand new, likely has better application or utility to comment on.

I owned a brand new S10 extended with just a 4 banger. The side turned rear seats were cool, but it had severe limitations I learned. I could not fairly comment on a 2013 full size if that was my only ownership.

14th Nov 2012, 16:52

I see new Tundras on the freeways in fairly large abundance here. Who cares if they sell less than other brands? That means zilch.

15th Nov 2012, 12:47

Is it possible you live near a Tundra plant? Low sales means zilch. Say that to your boss!

16th Nov 2012, 10:56

No matter what, the anti-Toyota crowd will always find a way to try and deflect from the fact that Toyota simply builds a better product.

17th Nov 2012, 10:16

I can picture the media headlines. Millions more Toyotas recalled again this week. Toyota builds a better product. Convoluted logic at its best. We are done buying them... the single Toyota commenter can have ours.

17th Nov 2012, 16:48

Oh yeah. Nothing like those "reliable" Toyotas. They just added in yet another million recalls because the steering can fail. Of course Toyota has fewer repairs, they never spend any time on the road because they are all in the shop for recalls!!