22nd Oct 2012, 23:19

And a quick search of Toyota steering loss and problems will also open up a can of worms full of different articles, reports and stories. That's the beauty of the Internet my friend.

Seriously, we can go back and forth all day if you have that kind of time. The whole point of the matter everyone is trying to make is that Toyota quality has slipped; they too have a laundry list of potential dangerous recalls, and finally, they are no better than any other domestic or foreign car company.

Oh - and comment 7:26, what does "the Fusion guy" have to do with a comment that I posted?

23rd Oct 2012, 07:30

Yup - and YOU have every RIGHT to purchase what YOU prefer to drive, just as everyone else does.

What nobody has the right to do is to self-proclaim themselves to be the social conscience of the country, & attempt to tell everyone else what THEY should be driving.

23rd Oct 2012, 10:17

Yes, exhibiting a brief pause or empathy for that poor soul in the Toyota video would illustrate some compassion for a fellow late model Toyota owner. Ignoring someone else's serious plight that has the same product as you do is not very admirable. It's actually called deflection when one finds others to blame. I find it better to acknowledge and do something about a big issue such as this. Take on the fault, and group together and get it corrected.

23rd Oct 2012, 11:40

No one cares about patriotism anymore. We'd rather buy clearly inferior cars from Japanese manufacturers than support our own companies. No wonder our economy is in a mess.

23rd Oct 2012, 12:31

We are a GM family, don't leave us out. With all the major recalls and issues Toyota has had in the last few years no way do we want one. Engine, trans, air bags, braking for openers. We feel left out as the Ford owners maybe switched earlier than we did. They have a high quality lineup and that's coming from us!

23rd Oct 2012, 13:01

Just remember who brought up "Patriotism" and why...

23rd Oct 2012, 18:06

After watching the Toyota catastrophic video earlier, what are your impressions after seeing the aftermath on that specific model? Would appreciate your exact opinion of the Toyota, and would you recommend it. We can appreciate anyone can buy whatever they want. But we would like just a personal opinion from you, and why you would continue to recommend it from your perspective.

24th Oct 2012, 05:07

With massive recalls and not one bit of empathy exhibited, it's an even greater issue. Never once do you hear it's a shame, or others owning Toyotas should band together and insist on a resolution. You are buyers, so why accept the decline in quality the past few years? Why do you think many of us switched over? And by doing so we are at fault by this commenter. Does not make any sense to us. Some people keep on buying, and maybe hitting the wallet hard will convince them in time. The earlier Toyotas were better, at least on the lack of publicity then. People will get sick of it and switch if it keeps up. And no, I am not the Fusion guy, for whatever that means. I would go for a new Ford vs this brand though.

24th Oct 2012, 12:24

I don't think there should be any mystery what's going on here with these sort of comments. Simply put, there's a bunch of folks out there who got their feelings hurt that Toyota builds a better product and now (how dare they!) also build a full sized truck. Any and all recalls will of course be blown about 2000% out of proportion, while totally ignoring the enormous amount of recalls their own beloved so-called "Domestic" brands have had. All quality surveys are reports showing Toyota as a stalwart of quality and reliability will be conveniently never mentioned.

The facts remain. Want to bash Toyota just because you don't like imports? Go right ahead, but then ask yourself if doing so is really solving whatever problem you think you're trying to solve. The Camry is the best-selling car in America, and Toyota is rapidly gaining more market share, as well as maintaining its position as one of the most reliable brands you can buy. So keep it up. It isn't working.

24th Oct 2012, 18:15

I took the afternoon off to do a brake job on my wife's 10-year-old GM with 110,000 miles on it. The car has never had a brake job, transmission service, shocks, alignment or ANY repairs at all. I had been trying to check the brake pad wear after 50,000 miles every 12,000 miles or so, but it is hard to actually tell how much pad is left without actually removing them. I figured that at 110,000 miles they HAD to be pretty worn out. I removed a front wheel, tilted the caliper up and removed the old pads. I was amazed. I took the pads out and held one of them up to the new pads I had bought. There was less than 1/16 of an inch of wear on the old pads!! I knew Auto Zone would laugh themselves silly if I brought old pads back in for a deposit that only had 1/16 of an inch of wear, so I just popped the old pads back in and put the new ones back in the box. Just to be sure it wasn't some sort of fluke on that one side, I checked the pads on the other side as well.. Same thing. Virtually ZERO wear. That explained why I had not had to add any brake fluid in 110,000 miles either.

In fact since we have owned this car (which was bought new), I have never added a drop of transmission fluid, power steering fluid or anti-freeze. I have never had a transmission fluid change or radiator flush. GM doesn't recommend transmission service under normal conditions, and unless there are obvious signs of dilution or deterioration, I never change anti-freeze.

In comparing this car to imports we have owned, there simply IS no comparison. None of our imports even MADE 100,000 miles, let alone made it with no repairs. Our experience with Ford, GM and Chrysler has convinced us that looking outside of U.S. manufacturers for solid and reliable cars is a waste of time.

25th Oct 2012, 07:37

So are we being bashed as current domestic owners, or as a former recent Toyota owners? We are confused why we under being bashed.

My family quit buying new ones. Why do you think we switched? I don't know if you own a Camry or a full size truck. If you own a full size truck and buy off sales production as per your top selling comments... You should be driving the best selling full size truck, a Ford F Series. Have you ever driven one? I have driven a lot of new cars and trucks, and do buy.

The only vehicle I would remotely consider is the brand new Tacoma. It's not full size. I like the TRD package, the hood power bulge, and even the 110 outlet in the bed. I hate the awful mud flaps on Toyotas; get rid of that!

The recent Toyota reliability issues on new vehicles scare us though. Still tested one. Have you test driven any new domestics? I doubt it. But when you bash us, consider why we left Toyota and what would it take to get us back. Going on the attack without realizing you are criticizing former Toyota buyers. Maybe it hasn't sunk in yet.