17th Oct 2012, 12:33

I guess the follow-up question would be do you work on them as a certified Toyota technician, or are you just providing yet another opinion?

17th Oct 2012, 15:48

Of course it's a big deal if there is a mechanical issue that could put one's life in danger, and said part should be recalled. However, that in no way absolves the driver of responsibility to do everything they can if something does happen.

As far as safety issues go, it seems to me that sudden acceleration should be one of the most survivable, don't you think? What the hell is so hard to understand about putting the car in neutral? Do these people have no concept at all of how a car works? If, by some bizarre coincidence, you can't shift into neutral, you should turn the ignition off, then switch back to the On position and stop the car -- the worst here is that you will lose hydraulics, which isn't really that big of a deal. I would much rather have to deal with some sudden acceleration incident, than the aforementioned domestic defects whereby one loses complete control of steering because it's locked up, or the wheel has fallen off, or a rusted spring has caused a tire blowout.

Now, I have read a bit about Prius's having loss of brake issues. THAT is a worrisome defect.

18th Oct 2012, 07:51

So if Toyota mails millions of recall notices, you throw them away? I am sorry, if the manufacturer has you take it in to a Toyota dealership, you are not in a survey. It never ends!

18th Oct 2012, 08:38

Do you work on cars daily in a certified shop where you see many Toyotas all the time?

Or do you do favors for relatives and neighbors in your backyard? (that's the sense I seem to be getting here)

18th Oct 2012, 08:43

You don't have to be a certified Toyota tech.

Being ASE certified in a repair facility that specializes in domestic and foreign cars, gives you plenty of experience, not opinion.

18th Oct 2012, 13:16

Some victims of Toyota's runaway acceleration tried putting the cars in neutral, but the shift was jammed in drive because the computer won't allow shifting to neutral with the accelerator floored. My car has a similar feature. The very experienced highway patrolman who was killed with his family in a Toyota knew this well, but it didn't work for him either.

18th Oct 2012, 21:16

It's not a so-called mystery, it sounds to me that you do side work every now and then? If that's the case, then it is completely different than working in a full service center day in and day out, where you see 15-20 vehicles per day, THEN you will experience Toyota products with head gasket, sludge, transmission, brake and airbag malfunctions.

The more vehicles you work on every day, the greater chance you will service a Toyota with trouble (simple mathematics).

Now, before this turns into a huge argument, and it always does, take notes that I did not bash Toyota... The quality has dropped. Just calling it like I see it.

20th Oct 2012, 17:49

If you want to talk about wheels falling off, check this out:


Then tell me what kind of vehicle you see.

20th Oct 2012, 20:48

If this was a case of "import bashing", why don't people criticize the Honda? It's simple. Honda builds better quality cars and has not had more recalls than there are grains of sand on all the world's beaches. When cars are no longer reliable or well-built, people are going to point that out. Defending a brand that has become a trade-mark for incompetence doesn't seem sensible.

21st Oct 2012, 06:46

Thanks for the late model Toyota video. No thanks, I will drive my own car vs ride in that!

22nd Oct 2012, 07:26

I must admit, I was a little disappointed that at the end of the video, it didn't say "Fusion Guy Productions", that would have been perfect! ;)

Never was a fan of the Sequoia, apparently for good reason, but still wouldn't stop me from buying a Toyota if I was inclined to. I'm not, and probably never will be.

I remember a customer coming into my dad's store when I was a teenager, he put his full-size Ford in park and came in and bought a pack of Winstons. As he turned to leave, he saw his Ford driving away in reverse with his poor little miniature poodle looking out the window helplessly from the passenger seat - he went running after his car and it came to rest against a stone wall down the street. Thankfully nobody including his little dog was hurt - The humorous part was as he was running after his car, he threw his new pack of Winstons and his runaway Ford ran over them.

Now that would have made an interesting YouTube video. Of course there was no Internet back then. :)

22nd Oct 2012, 08:54

And in the end, Toyota still has more recalls than all of those put together.

22nd Oct 2012, 10:31

I'm not a fan of the Sequoia myself, definitely not as patriotic as a Jeep.

22nd Oct 2012, 10:39

I had the GM steering wheel campaign done on my Corvette at the time in 1998, and the sticker on the left wheel well. I never drive out of a parking lot with my wheel all the way at complete full turn, so it never happened. The new Vettes have been fine.

I love reading old issues from 80s to 90s for the most part on domestics. The Toyota owners have their hands full even the past 3 years. Is that a quality upward spiral in the right direction? I hardly think so.

I see domestics getting better and better. You can't live on last year's sales results. The high fuel costs may keep the #s up for a while.

22nd Oct 2012, 13:09

They won't listen to you though - if there is bad press against domestics, it's "biased", but when it's against an import, it's just more fodder for their propaganda. The truth is all manufacturers have had their problems, and the number one Toyota basher is going to hang one of his many hats on Toyota's recent issues and proudly proclaim that Ford is the new benchmark that all other brands are measured against, regardless of the facts. As they say, some folks just don't want to be confused by the facts, and others go to great lengths to create their own.

I love my domestics, but they've had recalls - I enjoyed many imports over the years as well. Live & let live...

22nd Oct 2012, 14:11

What was the point of your quick rush? How about a brief pause or empathy for the poor soul that was in the Toyota video. That's the part that bothers me the most. No would that owns a identical Toyota ever acknowledges a wrongdoing. It's rapid fire back that someone else had another problem. In the interim, the poor guy along the road in the Toyota does not get a single moment of recognition. He's simply forgot. I remember that as trait little kids would do with Johnny down the street did something wrong, and I am OK to carry on any way I feel. I see it as letting the manufacturer off the hook, and that video was totally unacceptable. I would be livid and would want my vehicle repaired. Not accept it as another brand once had bad springs! I will pay out of my own pocket to defend my purchase.