24th Aug 2007, 21:06

Everybody: we all know that Toyota trucks don't haul as much as an F-250 or any Ford truck larger than an F-250. Toyota chooses not to make trucks this size because they do not sell well. I think they've made the right choice, considering they are the #1 seller of automobiles worldwide.

However, when it comes to half ton trucks, or small trucks, Toyota can't be beaten. The Tundra is a better truck than any other on the market that is of the same size. And NOBODY makes a small truck that is even close to the Tacoma's. Period.

The Ranger sucks, the Colorado doesn't even deserve to be mentioned, and the Dakota's are gas guzzling garbage.

Everybody knows Toyota cars are the best; you can argue Honda is as good, and they might be, but GM, Ford, Dodge? Don't make me laugh. And in years to come Toyota will control the truck market also.

For all you guys that need to haul 20 million pounds of whatever; go buy a Ford. The rest of the world buys Toyota's before anything else, and the numbers back that statement up.

27th Aug 2007, 19:10

I'm sorry, but the numbers DO NOT backup that statement in the U.S.A. Why is it that the Camry is the most sold car in the U.S. and you people will use that as proof that the Camry is a good car, but the F-150 is the most sold automobile on EARTH and somehow the Tundra is clearly superior because it only sales 1/7 to that of the F-150 in the United States? I think you're right, if you need to haul a million pounds of whatever, or 10,000+ pounds of something else, get a domestic of any kind. They can all handle those numbers and have been handling those numbers for decades. If you need a big bed to get your groceries home or a lawnmower and couch (oooh heavy load), well then pay the extra 10,000 dollars for the yota.

28th Aug 2007, 22:24

Why buy a truck that is a compromise? I hated getting somewhere and either had to make 2 trips or even had to rent a larger truck at times. If it costs $10k more and recoups that in savings renovating my home, where otherwise a hatchback and a piece of rope would suffice, I'll take a nicer, more comfortable riding full size domestic truck with a 100,000 mile warranty.

29th Aug 2007, 16:18

22:24; How many times does it need to be said; you can't drive a warranty around. I don't care what else anyone here has to say about how much a Toyota can haul, or how many leaf springs it has, the fact is that Toyota engines are well known for running longer and getting more miles before any serious work needs to be done than any other make.

Argue it all you want to, that's the reputation they have and everyone knows it. ANYTHING will run to 100,000 miles with today's technology; 100,000 miles is nothing anymore. Then, your coveted warranty is up and you're stuck with a truck that WILL NOT last as long as the Toyota.

29th Aug 2007, 20:45

19:10 The $10,000 for the Toyota isn't 'extra' when I'll still be driving it after your Ford/Chevy/Dodge/anything else dies first and you have to buy a new one. That's why they cost more: you always pay more for a superior product that performs better and lasts longer no matter what it is. I'd pay less for the Ford if I didn't intend on keeping it past 120,000 or so miles. Since I'm not to keen on buying two Fords to equal the lifetime of one Toyota, I'll keep buying the Yota.

30th Aug 2007, 07:52

"...the fact is that Toyota engines are well known for running longer and getting more miles before any serious work needs to be done than any other make."

Isn't Toyota experiencing thousands of engine failures due to sludge? Was I imagining things when I read the new Tundra engines are snapping cam shafts? That seems like serious work needing to be done to me. Outside of routine maintenance, one instance of having to replace a water pump, and one instance of having to replace an alternator, I have never had a single problem with ANY of my domestics.

"...that's the reputation they have and everyone knows it."

No, I genuinely think Toyota's are garbage, based on nightmare after nightmare ownership experiences I have seen friends of mine have with them; with their cars not only experiencing minor problems, but having whole engines self-destruct, or their cars being so problematic day after day that they finally gave up and sold them. Sorry, but that's just what I have seen on multiple occasions. My experiences with Toyota "quality" have been so bad, that I just about gag every time I see one. So, you might want to evaluate your supposition that you know what everybody else is thinking. As a piece of advice, that is not a good mentality to go through life with.

30th Aug 2007, 19:39

07:52 Despite your make believe experiences with Toyota vehicles, and your comment, you know as well as I do that they are well known as a reputable company, and Ford and GM are not. It's that simple.

31st Aug 2007, 11:24

Since when are Ford and GM not reputable companies?! GM is the largest (or one of the largest) car makers in the world, and Ford sells more F150 pickups than Toyota does ANY car or truck. Your arguments are getting more and more desperate, and making less and less sense.

31st Aug 2007, 17:25

11:24 Boy are you in denial. I'll tell you 'since when' are GM and Ford not reputable; since about 1980 or so, when they started their now almost 30 year history of making complete garbage.

I will admit that they have gotten better in the last few years. I guess when people practically stopped buying their junk (except your beloved F-150, ha ha) they felt it in their wallets and finally decided to at least ATTEMPT to make anything decent.

Toyota on the other hand, has made everything top of the line for the last 30 years, and, gee whiz, people know it and have made them #1 in the world. Whether or not you believe it, most of the people in this country and the world DO believe this, because the sales reflect it. They've ALWAYS topped the domestics by far in any auto magazine. But then again, I'm sure you choose not to believe that fact also. Maybe they're 'biased' or something. Maybe they're biased against companies that make junk, like GM and Ford, to name two.

Toyota's Lexus division has held the TOP stop for 13 years running, and still holds it. Look up 'used cars to avoid' in consumer reports. It's almost always been ALL Big 3 vehicles and almost no Toyota's. Take a wild guess as to why that is. I can sit back and relax knowing that what I have said is true, while you can only call my comments 'ridiculous', and choose not to believe the truth.

31st Aug 2007, 17:31

I just love it when people come on here and make up total crap. The tone of voice you hear from anti-Toyota people are all the same. It goes like this: " Oh, FINALLY, a Toyota truck that has problems... See? I told you there had to be at least a few Toyotas with mechanical problems... so there!"

Or - I tell you whut'... I had a friend of a friend of a friend who told me that his friend had problems with his Toyota... So they MUST be bad trucks. Oh - and by the way - Buy American!

Now for all of you who are trying to demonize Toyota... how about hopping over the the F-150 section. Pretty interesting just how many dissatisfied owners there are there with BAD remarks.

The F-150 has been in production for decades versus the Tundra's 6 or 7 years. Pretty amazing that the reliability ratings of the Tundra are actually higher than the Ford's even though Ford has had way more time to " Get it right".