22nd Mar 2007, 18:01

Looking at the Tundra and Camry reviews, (as well as having friends who have had bad experiences with both) I can't fathom how Toyota can stay in business. It seems every other one off the assembly line falls apart within a month. My domestics (2 GM and 1 Ford) have never given me one second of trouble. I think the new GM cars and trucks are some of the best in the world.

22nd Mar 2007, 21:28

Yeah, I'll admit that that particular Scion and the Element aren't that good looking either, but at least the styling is clean looking. It's a boxy utility vehicle, and that's obvious. You know what they're going for, just simplicity of design.

But the Nitro? What the hell is the idea there? It's a mess.

And the PT Cruiser, KIND of looks like some 40's or 50's car, but not really. And the one with the wood-panelled sides? What's the attraction there?

And the HHR looks so bad I don't even know what to say about it. I can't believe they sold ONE SINGLE HHR. It's that bad.

My aunt loved that damn PT Cruiser, and had one of the first ones in her little town. The paint peeled off of the rear door TWO WEEKS after she bought it. Somehow, believe it or not, her particular model had body panels that were painted, but not primered first. At least with the imports, you have quality control.

22nd Mar 2007, 21:29

Facts? Please do cite your facts. We'll be waiting a long time.

23rd Mar 2007, 12:14

05:06 Thanks for an accurate comment; they're few and far between here lately. But you can't present facts like those to these Big 3 fans; they'll ignore them, or tell you you're wrong and just completely fabricate their own facts as they wish were true to paint Ford, Dodge, and Chevy in a better light. The reality is that they're selling out to avoid going under because of many years of bad practice and bad business ethics leading too many years of poor automobiles.

23rd Mar 2007, 15:05

"What makes everyone assume that all of these new 'domestics' are going to be reliable? They never were."

So can you explain why every domestic vehicle my family has owned that was made since 1976 has passed 200,000 miles? These include Ford, GM, and Dodge all the way from 1976 to 1997. If you are so enraptured by Toyota and Honda, you must be used to having junk and just don't know what nice things are. I suppose I would feel sorry for you, except for your continued bashing of superior American products.

"The imports have always been great, nothing ever goes wrong, top notch like always."

Ha, this is hardly the case. Japanese cars have come a long way, but they were junk when they first arrived on these shores. And yet you admit that they have more recalls, while trumpeting how they are perfect? Talk about denial. How many miles on your Japanese car? Unless it's over 200,000 you haven't even earned the right to talk about American cars.

23rd Mar 2007, 16:14

5:06's comments might seem accurate on the surface, but the issue is many orders of magnitude more complex than that. The following link puts things in excellent perspective and echo my feelings on this, so I will not bother to articulate them here.


Buying Japanese cars, regardless of whether they are made in the US are not, is very damaging to the US economy. Any American concerned about the economic future of our country, who might be using (albeit with the right intentions) the fact that some Japanese cars are made in the US to rationalize their purchase of one, should give this an objective read.


23rd Mar 2007, 18:55

16:03 Where I live there are a number of large late model SUV's. If you live in a more affluent area you will see Navigators, Denalis, Escalades etc. everywhere. I have a family and have DVD's,navigation,Onstar, Ipod etc in mine. The family rides in comfort and are not in line to a chiropractor on the way back on a long trip. Not everyone wants an underpowered, cramped import if fuel is not a factor. I have driven a lot of vehicles owned imports and domestics and will take a full size domestic anyday. Ride in a new loaded full size domestic SUV and see where I am coming from. I also own a new loaded Silverado much superior in my opinion then a Tundra.

23rd Mar 2007, 19:59

21:29 He DID state the facts! The Big 3 are selling their labor out of the country. That is a FACT. Deal with it.

24th Mar 2007, 05:13

Regardless of where the parts, subassemblies etc come from it all comes down to test driving these vehicles. I test drove a Tundra and did not like it. I wonder how many commenters just drive a Toyota and do not realize what they are missing. I did not care for domestics in the eighties, but like them better now. The imports I have had up til lately kept getting worse. If you drive a 2007 F Series or Silverado and then this vehicle and a Titan as well behind the wheel you will immediately see the disadvantages.

24th Mar 2007, 06:47

19:59, take a look at the link in 16:14, and you will see the reason why what you cite is occurring. The issue is not nearly as superficial as your emotional comment suggests. Some drastic corrections to US "free trade" policies have to be made in order to correct the problem.

Unfortunately, the issue of "free trade" seems to have become more of a religion too many of its proponents, than a basic economic theory. To even hint that there might be something wrong is like attacking some of these people's personal faith. So I am not too optimistic that the problem will be solved. But if you (19:59) are an American, you should not be gloating about the serious problem you enthusiastically point out.

24th Mar 2007, 08:29

18:55 Lift your eyes out of your 'affluent', gated community and look at what's going on in the world.

Fuel is ALWAYS a factor now. The Denali, Escalade, and Navigator; three of the most pretentious, wasteful vehicles made today. It gives me a bad taste in my mouth every time I see some oblivious soccer mom driving one around with her one spoiled kid watching a DVD in the back. Thanks to her not caring about oil consumption, and probably the environment in general, her precious little brat will have to endure 125 degree summers and a shortage of water in his/her lifetime.

These vehicles should be immediately banned, and after 30 days, if you're caught driving one, you get fined and the vehicle goes straight to the crusher.

24th Mar 2007, 10:53

Give me a break. I live in one of the wealthiest areas of the country based on real estate prices and incomes, yet ALL I see around here are Priuses and other subcompacts.

And which imports are cramped and underpowered? Have you even sat in one much less looked at one?

I've ridden in a full size SUV and never been so scared in my life. The things feel like they are going to tip over at every turn and they certainly can't brake worth anything. And I couldn't stop laughing once we had to fill up.